The Letter

A short piece of flash fiction.

The letter had set him off. He could usually control his temper, but that fucking letter had made his blood boil. The kitchen door felt the full force of his anger. He kicked and kicked until the hinges gave way and the door crashed to the floor.

Divorce, solicitor, unreasonable behaviour, temper, all just words in a letter. But they’d lit a spark and the spark had ignited a flame inside him.

Who the hell did she think she was, taking the kids away like that? His kids, telling him he had to ask permission when he wanted to see them, who the fuck made her in charge.

Brian, fucking Brian. That’s all she spoke about on the phone. “Brian thinks we should do this” or “Brian wants this to be sorted out amicably”. She even put in the letter that “Brian” thought it would be best for the kids if they didn’t meet up again face to face anymore and did all their talking through the solicitors.

Fucking Brian.

She’d even make a threat. If he tried to find out where she was, she’d tell the authorities about his temper and his mood swings and his drinking. She said he might be a danger to other people.


What was it she called him?  “A coward that hides behind his emotions through drink and anger.”

Yep that was it. What was she now, a fucking Psychiatrist?

He’d show her, oh yes, he’d show her who was a fucking coward.

He dressed and picked up a bag. Looked in the mirror and smiled. Not bad for forty six. Some women would give their right arm for a man like him.

But not her, she wanted fucking Brian.

He drove the eight miles to work. Parked his car and entered the large building. People smiled at him and nodded. People liked him, respected him. But not her, not the bitch, she only laughed at him. Even when they were still having sex and he was having his “problems”, she laughed. Called him a useless man.

Boy, was he going to show her what this useless man could do.

He walked along the corridor, passing by hundreds of strangers and entered his place of work. He took his seat. The man to his left smiled at him. He smiled back. He then did the boring things that he had to do before he started his main job. That done, he flicked a switch and spoke.

“Ladies and gentleman, my name is Captain Ward and I would like to welcome you aboard this 747 flight to Malaga….”



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