Day Six.

Ivan calls for help. 


Marbella was hot and sticky. At just after midnight the neon sign above the local pharmacy was showing the temperature as twenty three degrees.

Ivan was alone in the office of the Club Hacienda when his phone rang. He recognised the number.

“You are late Doctor. It is past midnight. I trust you have the results for me?”

A nervous voice spoke quickly.

“I’m sorry Mister Andonivski. I had to get the lab to stay open late so I could get the tests finished.”


“There was a high rate of flunitrazepan in Bepa’s bloods sir. That’s more commonly known as…”

Ivan interrupted him.

“I know what it is Doctor. It’s Rohypnol. Back in Russia we called it Mexican Valium. Because in that shit hole of a country it is prescribed for Insomnia. What else?”

 “Alcohol and traces of… cannabis.”

The doctor’s voice sounded shaky as he said the word cannabis. He didn’t want to be the first person to tell Ivan his daughter was smoking weed.

“I am well aware of my daughter’s use of marijuana doctor. But she is young, there is little I can do. Continue.”

“The effects of the flunitrazepan combined with alcohol and cannabis would have made your daughter feel light headed and drowsy very quickly. To most people she would have appeared drunk.”

“Thank you doctor.”

It was the answer that Ivan had been expecting. For some reason the Romanians had targeted Bepa. Kidnap maybe? If they had wanted to kill her they could have laced the vodka with something much more toxic.

He tried to put play the scenario in his mind. They get her drunk and high on Rohypnol, she staggers home, they wait till she reaches a quiet spot then they take her. No one sees, but then Robbie Jackson appears. He takes control, takes her home. He spoils their plans.

If his scenario is correct Robbie Jackson might well have been her saviour that night.

He called Demetrie.

“I am sorry to trouble you cousin but I have a problem here in Spain. Take the first flight out of Gatwick and bring some of your best men.”

Ivan needed to act quickly. He wanted to have as much information as possible before the family from England arrived. It would be a long night. The waiter from Bar Eduardo’s would have to be questioned much more thoroughly.


Demetrie, Kirill, Lev and three others caught the 06.40 out of Gatwick and arrived at Malaga just after 10.00am Spanish time. They were met at the airport by two of the family each driving a black Range Rover. They followed the coastal road and reached Marbella in one hour. During the journey Demetrie noticed that lev was wearing a new watch. A Rolex Submariner. He could tell a real watch from a fake from twenty yards. This was the real thing. Five or six thousand pounds at least. He begun to think he was paying his men a little too much money. He decided to bring up the subject.

“Lev, what time do you have?”

Without thinking Lev looked at his new timepiece.

“Nine twenty five.”

“Nice watch lev. Is it new?”

Lev looked at Kirill.

“It was given to me but someone who no longer had use for it sir.”

Demetrie smiled. He knew exactly what was meant by that statement.


They went straight to the club. Ivan greeted Demetrie warmly.

“Welcome cousin. It was good of you to get here so quickly.”

“We are family Ivan. You call, we come.”

Ivan had been busy. He had “Interviewed” the waiter personally. He had gained every single drop of information from him. He had spoken to the bar owner. An old Spanish man called Eduardo. He told him that a group of Romanians had offered to buy his bar. Had even offered him double the going rate. He had declined. Since then they had threatened him and his family many times.

At exactly 05.30 that morning Ivan bought Bar Eduardo’s from the old man. He gave him five times what it was worth. All in cash. As of midday today the family would be working the bar and waiting tables.

The old man was canny. Unknown to the waiter there were two cameras hidden above the tills. He had them installed so he could keep an eye on the money. But they covered a range of three metres in every direction. He had pictures of the two strangers.

Ivan sent these to the higher family in Russia. The results were back.

It was the worst news possible. The two guys were from Bucharest and were members of the Dudieni Clan. Their reputation was fierce. They once skinned a man alive. Carefully taking small pieces of skin off arms, legs and chest then wiping the wounds clean with bleach. It took eleven hours for the man to die. By this time there was less than ten percent of skin left on his body.

There were twelve men assembled. Ivan spoke loudly. He told them about Bepa and Eduardo’s. He showed them the photos and what the family in Russia had said. He waited for a reaction.

Demetrie stood up and spoke first.

“We have only one option. They must all die.”

Ivan smiled.

“Thank you cousin. I’m glad we all agree.”






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