Who Is Jack Winter ( Part 15)

On the way back to his office Jack stopped at the Cabinet Room. It was empty. The large cigar shaped boardroom table was impressive. Jack counted the chairs. Thirty six. But only twenty four had leather folders and name plates in front of them. He walked around it to find his place. He and the PM were seated next to each other on the left hand side of the table. Next to Jack was George Carson, the Home Secretary. He took George Carson’s name tag and swapped it with Harriet Knowles. That should really piss the old bastard off.
He made his way back to his own office. Once inside he poured himself a large whisky and took two more blues and greens. That should keep him going till lunch time. It would also make his mind as sharp as a butcher’s knife.
He re-entered the cabinet room at 07.45. Fifteen minutes early. He was surprised to see almost every seat taken. Only two were empty. His and the PM’s.
The cocktail of pills and whisky he’d taken just a few minutes earlier were having the desired effect. He felt on top of the world. He stood at the doorway and looked around the room. All eyes were on him. Time to get into character. Time to take control. He spoke loudly.
“Good morning everyone and thank you for being so punctual. The PM should be here shortly.”
In those few words he’d set the scene. Jack Winter had arrived.
He strode confidently to the middle of the table and took his seat. Sitting to his right, smiling, was Harriet Knowles. He slipped his right hand under the table and gave her knee a gentle squeeze.
Before he could move his hand up to her thigh, Harold Simpson breezed in accompanied by Maurice Wells. The PM took his seat next to Jack. Maurice took a seat behind them. The PM looked around the table then spoke.
“Good morning everyone. I won’t keep you away from your offices for too long, I’m sure you’re all anxious to get on with the job in hand. I’ll have one to one meetings with each of you in the weeks ahead but for now I want to share a few things with you.”
For the next twenty minutes the PM waffled on about the party being behind in the latest opinion polls and with the general election just a few months away how it was time for change. New blood and new ideas were needed. They would all face big challenges in the weeks ahead. But they had to be strong and remain loyal. Then Jack heard his name mentioned.
“What are your thoughts Jack?”
For some reason that even Jack couldn’t explain, he stood up. The blues and greens were working their magic. He suddenly felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. His brain was recalling great lines from films that he’d seen. Then everything fell into place.
“For me it’s simple. We must restore abundance amid an economic shortfall, we must secure peace in a time of global conflict, and we must sustain hope in a time of anxiety and fear. More than any time in recent history we must convince the people of this country that that is exactly what we intend to do. Starting right now. Remember, it’s the journey that’s never started that takes the longest to finish!”
He’d just recited lines from the American TV series, The West Wing and something that Gandalf said to Bilbo in The Hobbit. He gambled none of these wankers would have heard any of it before. He was right.
The PM was first to applaud. Then the rest of the cabinet followed.
“Well done Jack. That’s exactly the spirit I’m looking for.”
The PM closed his folder and stood up.
“On that inspiring note from Jack, I will leave you. Maurice will be in touch to arrange a more personal and private meeting in a few days’ time.”
The room emptied quickly. He noticed glances from The Home Secretary and the Chancellor. They weren’t exactly complimentary. He thought he heard the word imbecile. Jack knew that it was a posh word for wanker.
He whispered in Harriet’s ear.
“Don’t leave yet.”
Harriet remained seated until they were alone in the Cabinet room, then she turned to him and spoke quietly in case they were being overheard.
“Great speech Mr Winter. Or do I have to call you Deputy Prime Minister?”
Jack grinned and stared into Harriet’s eyes.
“You can call me anything or anytime you want. Anyway, education is key at the moment so we need to spend a lot of time together.”
Harriet started to blush. But kept her composure.
“Okay, I suppose that’s a good idea. But tell me Jack. Why do you keep staring at me?”
“I keep wondering what face you’ll pull when I’m giving you an orgasm.”
Her face was now the colour of a Post Office Pillar Box.
“And tell me Mister Winter. What makes you think you could do that?”
Jack continued staring into her eyes.
“Because I can eat a peach for hours!”
They were interrupted by the appearance of Maurice Wells at the doorway.
“Jack, sorry to interrupt, but can you spare me a few minutes?”
Jack stood up.
“Of course Maurice. I was just telling Harriet how important Education will be in the run up to the election.”
Harriet picked up her notes and tucked them away safely in her leather folder.
“Thank you Jack. You’ve given me a lot to think about.”
Making sure that Maurice couldn’t see. Jack gave her a wink. She left.
Maurice walked into the room and took a seat opposite Jack.
“Well done this morning Jack. Very impressive for your first cabinet meeting. The PM is very pleased with you. Now we need to bring you up to speed for the meetings with the US President the day after tomorrow. So tell me what do you know about Victor Kennedy?”
Jack sat back in his chair and began to recite everything he knew about the US President.
“He’s 52, a Republican, married with two sons. Used to be Governor of Wyoming. Has a Law degree. Big on social reform. Likes Country and Western music. Plays the banjo.”
Maurice waived his hand in front of his face as though he was dismissing everything Jack had just said.
“Listen Jack. The man’s a fucking cowboy. A gunslinger. Thinks he’s John Wayne. Believes that America should police the world. He’s a devious, nasty, two faced, womanising bully boy. If we’re not careful he’ll walk all over the PM just like Bush did with Blair!”
Jack kept a straight face but was secretly thinking that he and Mister Kennedy might have a lot in common…


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