The Men In THe Shadows ( Part 6 )

Jake. pic

Jake left the arches and took a slow walk home. His temple and cheek still stinging from the slap. For the first time since this whole thing started he was beginning to understand what was going on. The three heavies were obviously planning to steal the silver on Saturday night and desperately needed some inside information. That’s why they picked him. They’d done their homework and knew about the family needing money. They also knew that he was close to his mum and dad and wouldn’t risk them being hurt.
In his mind he’d given all three of the men names. He’d called them the “Three Amigos.” There was “squashed nose” of course, for obvious reasons, bald, big round face like a bowling ball, well over six foot but still the smallest of the three. There was the “Karate Kid”, he was the one that had knocked out Jake with some kind of punch to the back of the head and also the one that had just given him the slap and made his face sting. He was bigger than squashed nose, rugged face, lots of scars around his eyes and cheeks, definitely some kind of ex-boxer or cage fighter. Then there was “Quiet Man”, this guy had never spoken directly to Jake, he was the biggest of the lot, over twenty stone, six foot seven, cropped grey hair, he normally drove the Bentley. He looked like he might also be the most dangerous. He was the one that squashed nose had said would break his Dads legs. The three of them were smartly dressed. Always wore dark expensive looking suits with a coloured shirt. No tie.
He realised that he was now in deep. He was the fourth man whether he liked it or not. He’d given them valuable information and been well paid for it. His options were limited. He couldn’t risk getting in touch with the Police as he knew he was constantly being watched. He was sure that if he did anything that jeopardised the robbery squashed nose and his two mates would take their revenge on his family. His only choice was to see it through to the end.
Jake got home, had his tea, watched television in his room and was in bed before ten o’clock.
He woke up and decided to get to work early again, have a mug of tea with Stevie in the café and see if he could find out anything else about Saturday night.
Sure enough at ten to seven Stevie was in his usual seat in the corner of the café reading the Sun.
“Morning mate, buy you a tea?”
“Cheers Jake, early again? Got to stop meeting like this, people will think we’re a couple of gay boys.”
They both laughed, Jake ordered two teas and sat down opposite Stevie.
“Any more news on tomorrow night?”
“Funny you should ask that mate, but that little bird in accounts phoned me last night for a bit of phone sex. You know, both talk dirty, both get our rocks off and all that, always happy to oblige in that department.”
Normally Jake would have wanted every detail but was eager to find out about Saturday.
“Did she say anything about the job?”
“Fuck me Jake, don’t you want to know about the dirty talk?”
“Oh, yeh course, go on.”
Stevie went into great detail about their conversation. What he said he would do to her and what she said she wanted to do to him. Jake was sure he was making it up, he’d seen the little bird in accounts and she looked like butter wouldn’t melt. He played along with it.
“You are a dirty bastard Stevie, anyway, so, any news about the job then?”
“Well, after we’d both got our breath back she said that the rich Russian bloke was coming into the factory on Saturday night to have a look at how these expensive fitting were made. Old Mister Miller himself is also coming in to give him a tour of the factory. She said they were meeting up at ten thirty.”
Jake knew this would be important information for the three amigos. He was eager to find out more.
“Don’t suppose she knows the Russians name?”
Stevie looked confused.
“Why the fuck would you want to know that?”
Jake thought quickly.
“In case he’s famous. You know, like the guy who owns Chelsea.”
Stevie shook his head.
“No such luck. I’d never heard of him. Ivan Gregorvich I think she said.”
They finished their teas and made their way to the warehouse.
The new information made Jake feel a bit easier. He had something to tell the three amigos tonight and this new information might just make them think again. There were now more people involved. If the Russian millionaire was coming in it was likely that he might have his own bodyguards. Maybe this might be a reason to call the whole thing off.
At five thirty, he switched off his machine and headed towards the arches. He opened the steel door of the arch and walked in. As expected the three of them were there. Black suits, open necked shirts, two of them smiling but not the “Quiet man”, he looked as he always did, as though he was about to bite some ones face off!
Squashed nose pushed the dirty swivel chair in his direction.
“Hello Jake, take a seat, let’s have a chat about tomorrow night.”
Jake sat down eager to tell them his news.
“I’ve got some info for you. It might make you re-think your plans.”
This time “Karate Kid” made his way over to Jake and squatted beside him.
“What information might that be then Jake?”
Jake continued.
“Well, it seems that there’s some Russian bloke coming in as well, he’s the guy that’s ordered all these fittings, our boss is giving him a tour of the factory, I think he’s called Ivan Gregorvich or something. It’s likely he’ll have some bodyguards with him.”
Jake waited for a reaction.
Karate Kid stood up and looked at the other two. Then the three of them started laughing, even” Quiet man”, they thought something was hilarious!
Squashed nose walked over to Jake. A big smile on his face.
“Of course we know he’s coming. That’s the whole fucking point!”


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