The Men In The Shadows ( Part 7 )

Jake. pic

Jake was sitting on the greasy swivel chair with a look of utter confusion on his face.
Squashed nose looked at the other two.
“Shall we tell him? Bring his up to speed, put him out of his misery. Look at him, poor old sod, hasn’t got a fucking clue.”
Karate Kid stood up and walked over to squashed nose.
“Yep I think it’s time poor old Jake knew the full S.P.”
Quiet Man nodded.
Squashed nose took a deep breath and began.
“ You see it’s like this Jake, the three of us, well, we’re a business, a firm, a company if you like and just like any company we have customers. They ask for something and we supply it, good old supply and demand. Our company is a very established one, people from all over the world come to us for certain things because they know that we can deliver. Never let anyone down in all the time we’ve been set up, have we lads?”
The other two shook their heads.
“We’re in the REMOVAL business Jake. People want certain things removed and we remove them. But the thing that sets us apart from any other REMOVAL company is WHAT we remove. We remove PEOPLE Jake. It’s a very skilled job and a highly paid one as well.”
Jake was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, he could see where this was going.
Squashed nose continued.
“So, a few weeks back our COMPANY gets a call from Russia. It seems that this person in Russia wants to employ our services. They need someone removed. The person they want REMOVED has been a bit of a naughty boy in Russia and has decided to come to good old England in the hope that my client in Russia will forget able his misdemeanours. Buy my client is not the forgetful sort and decides to employ our COMPANY to remove him. With me so far Jake?”
Jake nodded then remembered to say the words.
“Yes, with you so far.”
“Good boy. Now this person who we have to REMOVE, is buying a big old Victorian House, right here in East London, one of the big four storey houses opposite Victoria Park, very nice, very posh. Now because he has bundles of cash he decides to have all his fitting made in silver, can you believe that Jake, fucking silver. Flash cunt.”
Jake shifted uncomfortably in his chair.
“He must be very rich.”
“Oh he is Jake, but not as rich as our client who wants him REMOVED. But we, the COMPANY have a problem, this person is a very cautious man, he is a very difficult man to pin down, he is always surrounded by lots of security, always changing his plans at the last minute, so we, the COMPANY have to be very clever, we have to know where he is going to be at a certain time and date so that we can REMOVE him, understand Jake?”
Jake did.
“Yes, that’s why I’m involved, so that I could tell you where and at what time he’s going to be at the warehouse.”
“You really are good at this Jake. You see, we’ve been watching him closely for quite some time now and when we found out that he wanted these special fittings we decided to find out who makes them. Who’s the best at it, cos this man only uses the best and of course it’s J.D. Miller and Sons just up the road from his new swanky house. We also know that this person wouldn’t allow someone to make these beautiful things without checking them out personally. So we decide to ASK someone from J.D. Miller to help us find out more about it, that person was you Jake, you’ve been absolutely fantastic so far. We now know that he’s going to be at your warehouse on Saturday night, what time Saturday Jake?”
“Half past ten.”
“You see Jake, you even know the time as well, brilliant work. Now we know all this we can start the REMOVAL process, understand?”
Jake answered slowly almost not believing he was saying the words.
“So Saturday night at the warehouse you’re not going to steal the silver you’re going to kill the Russian?”
Squashed Nose moved in close. His face only a couple of inches from Jakes.
“Oh no Jake, not us. You’re going to kill the Russian!”


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