The Men In The Shadows ( Part 8 )

Jake. pic

Jake heard the words but they didn’t sink in. Did Squashed Nose really just say that HE had to kill the Russian?
The arches were now deadly silent. The Three Amigos were now standing in a line in front of him. Just staring in his direction. Jakes voice trembled as he blurted out the words.
“I can’t kill anyone, I’m just a kid, I can’t do it, and I won’t do it!”
For the first time, the Quiet Man walked forward very slowly and sat on the floor beside Jake. Even though Jake was on a chair and Quiet man was on the floor, he was the same height as Jake. He turned and looked Jake straight in the eyes. He spoke quietly, yet precise.
“Yes you can Jake and yes you will. You see the alternative is just too nasty to contemplate. We mentioned about your Dad didn’t we, well that’s quite easy. He’ll be shot in both knees at close range. He won’t die from this, oh no, he’ll probably pass out with the pain but he won’t die. His knees will explode as the bullets hit them, no amount of surgery will be able to save his legs. They’ll have to be amputated from above the knee. He’ll be a cripple for the rest of his life your Mum will have to attend to his every need, that’s if she’s able to because she’ll also be in a bad way.”
Jake was terrified. Quiet Man spoke with such conviction that Jake believed every word he said.
Squashed Nose produced a half bottle of whiskey from his inside pocket.
“Here Jake take a swig of this, help you calm yourself then we’ll crack on with the plan.”
Jake took the bottle, removed the screw top and gulped down a large mouthful. It had the desired effect. He took a deep breath and softly said “Okay.”
Quiet Man stood up and resumed his place in the shadows at the back of the arches.
Squashed Nose continued.
“Right then, where were we? Oh yeh, you’re gonna kill the Russian. We know you’ve never done anything like this before Jake but it’s easy. You’ve been to the Fair right Jake?”
“Well you’ve obviously shot an air rifle then, you know at ducks or tin cans, well it’s exactly the same, you point the gun at the target and fire.”
Karate Kid took something out of his pocket and gave it to Squashed Nose. It was a hand gun.
Squashed Nose handled it gently as though it was a fine piece of art.
“This Jake is a Glock 19, my favourite hand gun. Did you know that it’s also the choice of most of the American Police? It takes 9millimetre bullets Jake, the same as the old Luger from the Second World War. But do you know what I really like about this gun Jake?”
“It’s so fucking easy to use, you just point it and shoot, this one holds fifteen rounds, so you can shoot 15 fucking times, even for you Jake that’s a walk in the park. Fifteen rounds will take you twenty seconds. Imagine how much damage you can do in twenty seconds Jake. You haven’t got to worry about cocking it or safety catches, just point and shoot over and over again.”
He handed Jake the gun.
Jake was surprised how light it was. He’d always thought they were supposed to be quite heavy. Squashed Nose seemed to read his mind.
“Light isn’t it Jake, that’s another thing I like about the Glock, weighs only five hundred grams. Of course it’s a bit heavier when fully loaded, but still lighter than most. Point it at me Jake and pull the trigger. Go on give it a go.”
Reluctantly Jake pointed the gun at Squashed Nose and squeezed the trigger, it clicked.
“You see Jake, easy peasy, you’re a natural!”
Squashed Nose took the gun from Jake and handed it back to Karate Kid. He whispered something into his ear then turned and spoke to Jake.
“Okay that’s enough for today. You’ll meet us here again tomorrow night an hour before you start work, we’ll go through the rest of the plan then. Understand?”
Jake remembered the rules and said the words.
“Yes I understand.”
“Now before you go, my very large friend would like to have a final word.”
The Quiet Man walked forward and stood very close next to Jake. He was a good ten inches taller and Jake had to strain his neck to look up to him. Once again he spoke quietly but firmly and his words had a “matter of fact” tone to them.
“Jake, don’t think about running or talking to anyone about this, for the next twenty four hours your house will be watched, your family followed wherever they go, one slip up Jake and I’ll be very annoyed and when I get annoyed I tend to go a bit crazy. So you’ll be a good boy won’t you Jake?”
Once again Jake was terrified by this guy. The other two he seemed to be able to deal with but Quiet Man was something different. He had an “aura” about him that just said “Psycho.”
“Yes, I’ll be a good boy.”
Squashed nose threw over an envelope and Jake caught it.
“Another two grand Jake as promised, more after the job’s done.”
Jake walked out of the railway arch. It was dark now and cold. He felt as though someone had just punched him in the stomach, he ached and felt sick. He ran home hoping to make it in time before he made a mess in his trousers.


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