The Men In The Shadows ( Part 10 )

Jake. pic

Jake finally gets to hear the whole plan. He knows exactly what he’s supposed to do and how it all ends. Or does he?

Jake started to panic, his voice trembling. The enormity of what was about to happen had finally kicked in.
“But what then, what happens after I shoot him? How do I….”
Squashed Nose moved close to Jake and grabbed him by the shoulders. For the first time his voice was calming.
“Jake, trust us. We aint gonna leave you with just your dick in your hand. That’s not our style. You’ll be okay.”
He looked over at the other two.
“I think we should tell him everything. We don’t want him in a state, do we.”
The three of them huddled together and spoke quietly. Jake could hear the odd word but none of it made sense, after a few minutes Karate Kid came over and spoke.
“Jake, we’ve decided to let you know the full details, just to put your mind at rest, that way you’ll feel more comfortable and more likely to get things right. Okay?”
Jake nodded but remembered the rules once again.
“Yes… please!”
Karate Kid continued.
“This is how it goes down Jake. Group 4 will drive straight into the warehouse with the silver. There will be two guards, the driver and one other. These guards are not armed. They will stay in their van while the metal is being made into fittings. Their job is to guard the metal on its way to the warehouse and then back again. They do not guard it while it’s in the warehouse, that’s not their responsibility. The Russian will have two body guards with him, they go everywhere with him, even the fucking toilet. We know how these guys work, we know the training they’ve had cos we’ve been on the same courses. They will stand at both entrances to the warehouse while he’s having his tour. That’s standard procedure. They will want to guard each entrance but at the same time have good visibility of their boss at all times. Your machine Jake is the only one in the warehouse that is not visible from both entrances and is also out of sight from the other two guys who operate the other two machines. Correct?”
Jake was impressed, how the fuck did these guys know all this? They were right, from where he stood at his machine he couldn’t see the two entrances and he had to walk two paces before he could see Stevie or Gerry. But Pisshead could see him from his office and there was CCTV. Jake had to let them know.
“Your right about everything apart from the Supervisor, Pisshead, he can see me from his office and what about the CCTV?”
Karate Kid laughed.
“Don’t worry about Pisshead Jake, he’s being taken care of. As we speak he’s in his favourite place, the pub, having a few beers before work. He’s just about to meet a mate of ours who will slip a little something into his beer. In about an hour’s time he will have the shits so bad that he’ll spend all night in the toilets. Trust me, Pisshead will not be a problem.”
Jake interrupted.
“But what about the CCTV. It’ll show me shooting the Russian.”
Karate Kid put his hand up in a gesture that made Jake stop talking.
“That’s sorted Jake. The cameras both inside and outside the warehouse run on their own electrical circuit. The box that contains all the fuses for each circuit, including the CCTV, is outside in the yard. One of us will open the box at 10.50 and pull out the fuse for the CCTV. Now, usually Pisshead would be in his office watching the monitors and he’d see someone tampering with the fuse box and sound the alarms. But Pisshead won’t be there Jake. He’ll have his trousers round his ankles and his head in his hands in the bogs! So no CCTV.”
Jake was eager to know more.
“So how does…”
He didn’t finish. Karate Kid interrupted him.
“Jake, Jake. I’m not done yet. We’ve planned this down to the minutest detail. According to our timings, the Russian will be with you and your machine at eleven o’clock. It definitely won’t be any later but could be slightly earlier. If he’s a few minutes early try to keep him with you till eleven. Ask him something, anything, just make sure that he’s with you at eleven then shoot him. He must be out of sight of his bodyguards at eleven. Understand?”

“Sure, I shoot him at exactly eleven o’clock, but if he’s with me at the machine any earlier I keep him there until it’s time”
Karate Kid continued.
“Yep, good boy, at ten seconds to eleven we will be outside in the yard, we will start shooting, this means that there will be confusion, confusion is good Jake, confusion means that the body guards won’t really know what’s going on. They will think that it’s an attempt to steal the silver, their instinct will be to run towards their boss to protect him, unfortunately he will already be dead, or dying, because you’ve just done the dirty deed. They will leave both entrances unguarded. We run in and take them out. There will be a lot of shouting and noise but it will end up with The Russian and both body guards REMOVED. We’ll take the gun off you during the confusion and then we leave, Group 4 will not want to get involved they’ll stay in their van, that’s what they’re trained to do. It will all be over in under sixty seconds. We leave, a few minutes later the old bill arrive and start asking questions, everyone will say that that three guys came in and shot the Russian and his bodyguards, you’re in the clear Jake. Simple!”
Although Jake was terrified by all this, the plan made sense; he could see that everyone would think it was someone else that killed the Russian and not him. But there were two things, two things Karate Kid had missed. The entrance doors were always locked as soon as everyone was inside and what about Mr Miller.”
“But the entrance doors are locked, how you gonna get in and what about Mr Miller, he’ll be with me when I shoot the Russian?”
Squashed Nose spoke from the back of the arches, he was holding up a bunch of keys.
“Your mate Pisshead is very careless when he’s having a few beers. We took these off him the other day when he was having his usual three hours in the pub, got them copied and then got them back to him, the dumb cunt never even knew they were missing. Think about it Jake, when the old bill start asking questions, who they gonna suspect, you, your two little mates or the guy that looks after the CCTV, which miraculously isn’t working, the same guy that has the keys to the entrances that for some reason are left open, the same guy who misses the whole thing because he has a mystery illness and is in the bogs when it all happens?”
Jake realised that this was true, Pisshead looked like the “inside man”.
“But what about Mr Miller”
Squashed Nose walked over to Jake. Ignoring his last question.
“Give me your watch Jake.”
Jake took off his watch and gave it to him. Squashed Nose fiddled with it and gave it back to him.”
“Okay Jake, your watch is now EXACTLY the same as ours, now off you go and remember what you’ve been told, at exactly eleven o’clock you shoot the Russian. The rest is down to us.”
Jake got up off the old swivel chair and began to walk towards the steel door of the arch.
Squashed nose shouted.
“Jake, I think you’ve forgotten something!”
Jake turned round.
“What have I forgotten?”
Squashed Nose laughed.
“How you gonna shoot the Russian without a fucking gun?”
Squashed Nose pulled the Glock 19 out of his pocket and gave it to Jake. He took it and tucked it into his jacket pocket.
Squashed Nose held Jake firmly by the shoulders.
“It’s loaded and ready to go, don’t forget what we told you Jake, just point it at him and keep firing, that all you need to do.”
Jake suddenly remembered about old Mr Miller.
“You didn’t answer my question about Mr Miller.”
Squashed Nose looked over to Jake.
“Unfortunately Jake, there always has to be a sacrifice.”


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