The Men In The Shadows ( Part 11 )

Jake. pic

Thirty minutes later and Jake was inside the warehouse by his machine. He’d changed into his overalls. He was always complaining that they were too big for him but tonight he was pleased they were. The Glock fitted perfectly under them without being seen. Stevie was there. He came over.
“Evening Jake. Why you looking so miserable. We’ve only got a few hours work in front of us and we’ll earn loads of money. Come on Jakey boy. Cheer up!”
Jake smiled.
“I’m fine. Just a bit tired that’s all. Is everyone here?”
“Yep, saw old Mr Miller turn up a few minutes ago. The metal’s next door at the smelt, Group 4 are with it. We should get our work in about an hour.”
“Any sign of the Russian guy yet?”
“Not yet, don’t suppose he’ll be here until we start our bit. Pisshead is here but reckons he’s got the shits, he’s been in the bog ever since he got here.”
They walked over to the coffee machine to get something to drink. The next hour passed slowly, there wasn’t much to do until they got their metal to work on. Stevie went off to prepare his machine and Jake did the same. It was tedious work but important. The machine had to be greased and oiled before it was switched on and it was the operator’s responsibility to ensure that it didn’t break down whilst in operation. At ten forty five, Jake started it up and once again checked the settings. The metal arrived and he had to make sure that a small block of silver looked like a door hinge by the time it left his machine.
He checked his watch every thirty seconds, it was now ten fifty. A small group of men walked into the warehouse, two of them stood beside the entrances just as Karate Kid said they would. The smallest of the group walked into Mr Miller’s office. Jake was sure that this man was “The Russian”.
At exactly ten fifty five Mr Miller came out of his office with the small guy and started to walk towards Jake. They stopped on the way and Mr Miller waived his arms around obviously trying to impress the Russian with the story of how he begun the business many years ago. The Russian just smiled. Two minutes later they were once again on their way to Jake. Jake could feel the sweat running down his face, he also realised that his hands were shaking. He felt sick but knew he had to carry on. The pair arrived at Jakes machine at exactly ten fifty eight. Mr Miller introduced him to the Russian.
“This is Jake. He runs the Moulding machine. He’s only been with us for a few months but is extremely skilled at his work.”
Jake tried to smile at Mr Miller but as hard as he tried it looked more like he was constipated.
The Russian said nothing and went to move on. Jake couldn’t let him go.
Ten fifty nine.
“Excuse me Sir, what room are the handles for?”
The Russian turned round and faced Jake. Mr Miller looked annoyed. He hadn’t expected anyone to actually talk. Ivan Gregorvich was intrigued.
“Why do you ask boy?”
Ten fifty nine and twenty seconds.
Jake was stalling for time.
“Just wondered, are they for a bathroom or bedroom?”
Ten fifty nine and thirty seconds.
Now the Russian looked confused.
“They are for every room in my house.”
Ten fifty five and forty seconds.
“I understand Sir. It’s nice to have nice things.”
Ten fifty nine and fifty seconds. Jake thought he heard a noise outside in the yard.
The Russian turned to walk away. Jake pulled the Glock from underneath his overalls. He pointed it at the Russians back, he fired, once, twice, three times. The Russian fell to the floor, Jake kept firing until he felt a sharp burning pain in his left shoulder. His knees buckled, he knew he was falling. Then nothing.


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