The Men In The Shadows ( Part 12)

Jake. pic

Jakes eyes opened but were out of focus. He could see shapes and lights in front of him but was unsure of what they were. He heard a voice.
“Mr Roberts, Jake Roberts, can you hear me?”
Jake tried to speak but no words came out, he looked around him, things were still muddled, confused.
The voice became louder.
“Mr Roberts can you hear me!”
Jake heard a man’s voice, it sounded loud and urgent. Once again he tried to speak. The words came slowly.
“Yes,…I… can…hear you.”
“Good, do you know where you are Mr Roberts?”
Jake was trying to think. He was trying desperately to remember. His voice was a whisper.
“In the …warehouse?”
He was aware of a dark shape leaning over him and a bright light shining into his eyes.
“No Mr Roberts, you’re in Hospital at Whitechapel. You have a gunshot wound, you’ve lost a lot of blood.”
Jake tried to speak again but no words came out. Then it went black. He felt as though he was floating in darkness. There was a high pitched noise around him, it sounded like a dentist’s drill, loud and piercing. He wanted to scream but his mouth made no sound. He kicked his legs as if he was treading water in the sea. He felt as though he was moving upwards. Above him in the distance he saw a faint light. He kicked harder and moved quickly towards it. With all his strength he pushed ahead, the light was getting brighter. He knew he was near the surface, just a few more kicks and he’d be there..
He opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He was in a room. A bright white room. He looked around him. He was in bed. There was a man standing beside him.
“Mr Roberts. Welcome back.”
For some reason the first words that came from Jake’s mouth were “Thank you.”
The man had grey hair and was wearing glasses. He moved close to Jake and spoke quietly.
“You had us worried there for a while Mr Roberts. You are in Whitechapel Hospital, you’ve had an operation and you need to rest.”
Jake’s mouth and throat were dry.
The man poured a small amount of water into a plastic cup and gently put it to Jake’s lips.
“Not too much Mr Roberts. Just a few sips.”
Jake was thankful for the water. He swallowed then closed his eyes.
When Jake woke up it was dark outside. There was a small light on in the corner of the room. He could see various equipment around him. He was connected to a drip and a machine that made a beeping sound. Beside him on the bed was what looked like a small microphone with a red top. He pressed it. Within seconds a young Nurse appeared.
“Ahh, Mr Roberts. Welcome to the land of the living. How you feeling?”
Jake wasn’t sure. He ached. He ignored the question.
“How long have I been here?”
“This is your fourth day. Today is Wednesday.”
Jake was trying to make sense of things.
“How did I get here?”
The nurse shrugged her shoulders.
“I’m afraid I can’t say any more, I have to notify certain people that you have regained consciousness.”
She smiled at Jake then left the room. A few minutes later a grey haired man wearing glasses appeared. Jake thought he looked familiar.
“Good morning Mr Roberts, my name is Doctor Treadwell, how are you feeling?”
Jake tried to sit up but felt a sharp pain in his shoulder and chest.
“Sore, very sore on my left side, what happened?”
“You were brought in early hours of Sunday morning. You had a gunshot wound to your left shoulder, this had caused your left lung to collapse and you had lost several pints of blood. You were lucky Mr Roberts, you were shot at close range and the bullet passed straight through.”
As the doctor said the words, Jake suddenly remembered everything. The three amigos, the Russian, the shooting. He couldn’t help thinking that the doctor’s choice of words was strange.
“Trust me Mr Roberts if the bullet had stayed in your body the infection would probably have killed you. You need to rest for several weeks till your body recovers then there will be some physio to get your shoulder muscles working again. There shouldn’t be any long term damage, but it’s important that you rest and take your medication.”
The Doctor hesitated for a moment then continued.
“There’s a couple of people outside that have been waiting for you to come round, I’ll show them in.”
Jake was relieved, perhaps everything had turned out okay after all. He was looking forward to seeing his Mum and Dad.
The Doctor returned but not with his parents. There were two men dressed smartly in suits, one stood at the foot of the bed and the other one stood beside Jake.
“Jake Roberts I am arresting you for the murder of Ivan Gregorvich, you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if…”
Jake didn’t hear anymore. He closed his eyes, he’d hoped that this nightmare had ended. Unfortunately it was just about to begin.


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