The Men In The Shadows ( Part 20 )

Jake. pic

Jake was feeling a bit worse for wear by the time he got home. Three pints with Geoff in Bermondsey, a pint in the Rugby Club and then four pints and two shots with Stevie had taken it’s toll. It was gone nine when he walked into his parent’s house. His Dad took one look at him and laughed.
“Looks like you’ve had a good day Jake. Mum’s at bingo, but there’s a bit of dinner in the oven if you want it?”
“No thanks Dad I think I’ll go straight up. Stevie’s got me a bit drunk!”
“No worries son, goodnight mate.”
Jake went up to his bedroom and was asleep in seconds.
As always his inner alarm clock went off at six o’clock. He was amazed he didn’t have a hangover. He couldn’t wait to update his lists. He leaned over and took three pieces of paper from the top drawer of his bedside cabinet. On the list titled Squashed Nose, he scribbled some notes to the bottom of the page.
“His name is Lenny Taylor, ex Rugby player for Barking, born in Bermondsey, now living in Marbella in Spain, need to contact Denice Warren at 28 Goresbrook Road Dagenham.”
Jake felt a sense of relief as he wrote this. It was all he’d thought about for ten long years, putting names to faces. There was a time when he’d even doubted his own sanity. What if he’d made it all up? What if his mind had been playing tricks on him? Maybe these guys weren’t real and they were all in his head, just like the Police had said. But that was a long time ago and in one of his darker moments.
Now his plan was simple, firstly find out who they were, then find out where they lived then decide how to take his revenge.
He looked at the second list, this was headed KARATE KID, the list was short.
Mid Forties.
Cropped grey hair
About 6 feet 4inches
Eighteen stone
Martial arts expert, perhaps a cage fighter?
East London / Essex accent
Lots of scars around his eyes and cheeks
He glanced over the list and then with a big smile on his face he added.
“His name is Paul Barrett, used to run martial arts gym in Barking behind the Bull pub, played Rugby for Barking with Lenny Taylor, they are mates.”
Once again he felt a sigh of relief, two down one to go.
The third list was for The Quiet Man. This list was much shorter as he very rarely spoke to Jake or the other two, only once did Jake hear him speak. The list read.
Grey cropped hair, mid forties
6 feet 7inches.
Over twenty stone.
Drove the Blue Bentley, possibly his?
Slight northern accent, Manchester / Derbyshire?
That was it. That was all he knew about Quiet Man. Even the bloke in the Rugby club didn’t know who he was, just that he drove a big flash motor.
Finding Quiet Man wouldn’t be easy. Jake was hoping that if he could find Lenny Taylor then maybe, just maybe he would lead them to the other two amigos.
But he knew he had to be patient. “One day at a time” was a saying in prison, and for things to start falling into place he needed to speak with his Uncle Tom.
At seven thirty Jake went downstairs to have breakfast with his Mum and Dad, once again Mum didn’t disappoint, big full English!
After eating and drinking two big mugs of tea, Jakes Dad let out a massive belch.
“That’s better.”
Jakes Mum was not impressed.
“Mister Roberts, that was disgusting!”
Jake laughed, she always called his Dad “Mister Roberts” when she was annoyed at him, the same way she always called him “Jake Roberts” when he was smaller and had done something wrong. His Dad took no notice of her.
“So Jake, what’s your plans today then?”
“Thought I’d go and see Uncle Tom”
Jakes Mum’s face lit up.
“About work Jake, you going to work with Uncle Tom?”
“Yeh, that’s one reason Mum, the other one is to ask if me and Stevie can have a long weekend at his place in Spain.”
The kitchen fell silent, there was an uneasy atmosphere. Jakes Dad broke the silence.
“That’s a really good idea Jake and it would be great for you to get a bit of sun on your back, but how you going to pay for it? Me and Mum can’t give you any money, we just don’t have it, what about the flights and spending money where’s that coming from?”
Jake, as always, had a story ready.
“It’s fine. Uncle Tom said I could use the apartment for free. Stevie has offered to pay for the flights and it’s really cheap out there at the moment. We should get by on about twenty quid a day. The probation officer gave me two hundred pounds when I came out, they give it to all released prisoners to help them get by until their in full time employment. So if we go for say four of five days, I’ll only need about a hundred quid.”
There was suddenly an air of relief in the kitchen. Jakes Mum gave him a cuddle.
“That’s lovely Jake, you deserve a few days somewhere nice and hot. You and Stevie have a great time. What about a passport?”
“Picking up the form today from the Post Office, getting my photos done and sending off tonight.”
Jakes Dad gave his son a wink.
“Looks like you’ve got it all worked out son, good for you.”
Jake left them smiling and happy. Now he had work to do. He had to see Uncle Tom about the apartment but he had to make a detour on the way. There was a favour he’d promised someone which would involve collecting a tidy sum of money…


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