The Men In The Shadows ( Part 25 )

Jake. pic

Jake sat thinking about his next move. Stevie was still snoring his head off in the next room. It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon.
He had to find a way of getting back to Mijas later that evening on his own. That wouldn’t be easy as Stevie would want to be involved in everything. Jake quickly thought up a plan. He would take a chance that Stevie’s memory of last night might be a bit vague.
Stevie emerged from the bedroom half an hour later. Jake looked up.
“Jesus Stevie you look like shit.”
“Thanks mate, what time is it?”
“Half four.”
“I need to eat something, what’s in the fridge?”
“Fuck, I’ll take a shower then we’ll go get a fry up or something?”
“Okay mate, sounds good.”
Stevie was in and out of the shower in minutes. He put on shorts and a tee shirt and the two of them left the apartment. Just up the road they found a small English bar and were soon tucking into an “all day full English breakfast”. When he’d finished licking his plate, Stevie rubbed his stomach.
“This is definitely the life Jake, sunshine, booze and good grub, what more could a man want?”
“So you’re feeling better then?”
“Back to normal mate, just needed to get something in me belly, could murder a pint now as well.”
Jake called over to the young waitress who was cleaning a table nearby.
“Two pints please love.”
Two pints of cold local beer arrived a few seconds later. Stevie took a mouthful and drank it down as though he’d been in a desert for the past few hours.
“Ah that’s better, so what’s the plan tonight then Jake, same again?”
“Well I’ve gotta meet that little bird first then I’ll see you later at the square?”
Stevie looked confused.
“What little bird?”
“The one I met last night, Jesus you must have been pissed, don’t you remember getting the hump because her mate didn’t fancy you?”
“We met these two birds, mine was game but yours was a bit snobby and didn’t want to know, you got the hump and walked off, I ran after you but not before I’d arranged to meet mine at seven thirty tonight in a little bar up the road, don’t you remember?”
“Not a fucking thing, what time was this?”
“Bout three this morning, you were wasted.”
“I remember up until about two then it’s all a blur, what time did we get back?”
“After six.”
“Fucking hell Jakey boy we had about nine solid hours on the lash. So this bird then, what’s she like?”
“Northern. Manc or something, but nice, about twenty five, thought I’d have a couple with her tonight see if I can get me leg over and maybe see if we can get a four ball up for tomorrow. Fancy it?”
“You bet, but I thought you said her mate was a bit snobby, can’t be doing with no snobby bird.”
“Look Stevie, you were pissed and out of order. I’ll see mine tonight and say you were sorry about the way you behaved and any chance of another go with her mate. It’s gotta be worth a try.”
Stevie nodded in agreement.
“Okay mate, what time shall I meet you in the square?”
“How about ten, by the big clock?”
“Suits me, I won’t be going anywhere till nine at the earliest.”
Jake looked at his watch, it was almost six.
“Okay I’m gonna go back, get changed then see this bird. I’ll catch up with you later.”
“Good luck mate, don’t forget, put a good word in for me.”
Jake laughed and walked off. The plan had worked and Stevie was none the wiser. He went back to the apartment, changed and got a cab from the same rank as earlier.
Jake was on his way.
It was six fifty when he entered the small Spanish bar opposite Lens, this time he sat inside by the window. He still had a great view of the bar and ordered a coffee. People came and went, it was the same as before, no one really stayed for a drink, they just went in and came out a few minutes later.
The barman at Lens was outside having a smoke when Jake saw him smile. He was looking along the road that lead out of town. Jake couldn’t see what he was smiling at from where he was sitting. The smile became a laugh and Jake saw him drop his cigarette and snub it out with his foot. Then Jake saw someone. Someone about fifty yards away. Big guy, black shorts, white short sleeved shirt, big bald head. It was squashed nose.
After ten long years Jake recognised him straightaway. He’d put on weight, a lot of it. The muscle had been replaced with fat. He was still a tall man but the muscular physique had gone. He was carrying a good three stone more than he should be. Most of it looked like it was around his waist. His beer belly was enormous.
Lenny Taylor man hugged the barman. They both laughed then went inside. Jake took a sip of his now luke warm coffee. His hand was shaking, not from fear but from the excitement of knowing that what he had dreamed of for the past ten years was soon to become a reality.
It was another thirty minutes before Lenny Taylor emerged from the darkness of Lens bar. His face was cheerful. He looked both ways along the street then turned right. Jake put a twenty euro note on the table and left.
Lenny was no more than fifty yards in front of him. He stopped once or twice to say hello to other bar owners, then kept walking. It looked as though he was heading for the beach. Jake waited for his moment, it had to be quiet, no one around, thank god it was out of season otherwise there would have been a lot more people on the streets. Tonight there were just a handful. Lenny turned into a small side street. A few walled villas on each side. Jake could see a bar at the end of the street, apart from that the area was deserted. Jake decided now was the time. He called out.
“Lenny, Lenny, hold on mate.”
Lenny Taylor turned round, he looked confused. Jake was less than twenty feet away.
“Len mate, wait up need to see you about that thing.”
All the time Jake was smiling. Lenny automatically smiled back, he recognised the face but wasn’t sure where from.
“What thing?”
Jake was now standing directly in front of Lenny.
“This thing!”
Jake snapped out his right arm, fast and with all the power he could, the knuckles of his hand connected to the bridge of Lenny’s nose, there was a crack. Lenny didn’t go down, instead he staggered backwards and started to sway from side to side. Jake followed up with a kick to Lenny’s left knee, another crack, this time Lenny fell heavily to the ground. He was on his back staring up at Jake, a look of pure shock in his eyes, he seemed unable to speak, he tried but no words came out only sounds, Jake could see blood coming from the back of his head.
Jakes pulse was racing.
“Remember me Lenny, from ten years ago, East London, the Russian, ring any bells?”
Lenny’s expression changed, he smiled, he tried to say something but once again only noises came out. Blood was flowing from his nose and he was having trouble breathing.
Jake raised Lenny’s head from the pavement slowly by his ears, then, over and over again crashed it down onto the concrete. After six or seven thuds Lenny’s eyes closed. There was now a mass of blood covering the street. Jake looked around, still no one in sight. Jake took Lenny’s gold Rolex, his sovereign ring and the large belcher chain from around his big fat neck. He went through the pockets. In his shorts there was a large bundle of cash, then he found the most important thing, his mobile phone.
He left Lenny and walked back the way he came, no hurry just a nice slow pace. Back on the main road a few people were strolling along the road but not that many. Jake went back to the taxi rank and got a cab to Fuengerola. He had a pint in a small bar then got another cab to Calahonda, from there he got the bus back to Benalmadena. He was back at the apartment by nine fifteen. Stevie had already left.
He took the SIM card out of Lenny’s phone and placed it in his. He scrolled through the names and numbers. He found a pen and pad in one of the drawers in the kitchen and wrote down all thirty six of them.
At ten o’clock he met Stevie under the big clock in the square. Stevie was anxious for news on Jakes date.
“How’d it go mate?”
“Did you bang her?”
“In a little side street.”
“Dirty bastard, you banged it in a side street?”
“Yep, banged its brains out in the street!”


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