The Men In The Shadows ( Part 26 )

Jake. pic

It was another night of getting Stevie pissed and Jake just pretending. They eventually got back to the apartment at six. By three minutes past Stevie was unconscious on his bed.
Jake was exhausted, but couldn’t afford to close his eyes in case he overslept. He had more work to do today.
It had been a calculated risk by taking Lenny’s watch, chain and rings. Jake wanted to give the police a number of options. The first was just a general mugging. Spain’s economy was in bad shape. Unemployment was high and one in five of the younger generation were out of work. An overweight older man wearing a few thousand pounds worth of gold and probably carrying a few hundred euros would be an easy target for three or four youths. The second would be the drug connection. The Police should quickly find out about Lens Bar’s reputation and might assume that he had been taken out to make way for the Russian and Albanian gangs that had also set up shop along the Costa Del Sol. While they were busy making enquiries about these options it was unlikely that they would delve too deeply into Lenny’s past. The last thing Jake wanted was for the Police to find out anything about Lenny’s old removal company.
He sat in his bedroom and picked up the scrap of paper containing the numbers he’d written down from Lenny’s mobile phone. He was convinced that somewhere on the list he would find what he was looking for. Surely Lenny would have the phone numbers of the other Three Amigo’s. He knew Karate Kid’s name was Paul Barrett but still had no idea who the quiet man was.
The list contained three Pauls. There was Paul, Paulie and Paul X. Next he started to look for obvious nick names. There was Big P, Tiger, Knuckles and Nutter. It could be any of them. He put the list away. He would have more time to go through it back home in a couple of days.
Now he had to get rid of the phone, watch, chain and ring. Permanently.
He left the apartment at seven thirty and headed for the Marina. He’d noticed when they first arrived a number of signs along the sea front advertising boat trips to “See The Dolphins”. They ran every hour and the first one left at 08.00am.
He arrived at the Marina with a few minutes to spare. There were only three other people waiting to board an expensive looking catamaran. A typical Spanish looking man wearing a sailor’s cap spoke to him in an almost perfect English accent.
“Come to see the Dolphins sir? Beautiful morning for it.”
“Yes mate, one hour trip is it?”
“Yes sir, one hour, twelve euros, obviously can’t guarantee about the dolphins but we’ll do our best. Come on board and sit where you like.”
Jake climbed aboard and made his way to the front of the boat well away from the other three passengers.
It was a beautiful morning, clear blue sky and already eighteen degrees. The boat set off and moved slowly out of the harbour. Twenty minutes later they were well out at sea and everyone’s eyes were looking for the elusive dolphins. Jake had the phone, watch and chain in a small plastic bag and when he was sure that no one noticed he lowered it over the side. He let go and watched it start its journey to the bottom of the ocean. The weight of the gold watch and chain quickly made the bag sink out of sight. Now he could relax. For the next thirty minutes he slept soundly until the captain shook him gently.
“Sir, sir, the trip is over we are back at the marina.”
Jake woke and smiled.
“Thanks mate, best trip ever.”
The captain looked confused as they hadn’t spotted a single dolphin. But he’d been taking tourists out for over twenty years and they never ceased to surprise him.
Jake returned to the apartment, fell onto his bed and was asleep in minutes.
It seemed he had just closed his eyes when Stevie woke him.
“Come on Jakey boy, we’ve only got a couple of days left, can’t sleep all day. Fucking lazy bones.”
“What’s the time?”
“Quarter past two. Let’s go and get something to eat.”
Jake showered and dressed and the two of them walked the short distance to a local bar. Five euros got them each a full English breakfast and a pint of the local beer.
The next two days just flew by. Jake could now be more relaxed. His first job was done and he was confident of finding at least one of the other two Amigos. When they eventually landed at Gatwick they were both exhausted. It was mid- afternoon when he finally got back to East London. After saying hello to his mum and dad he went to bed and slept solidly till the alarm clock in his head went off at 06.00am.
He made a list of everything he would need to help him in the next part of his journey. He would need another mobile phone, a cheap pay as you go would do. He would need a laptop and internet access. Oh yes and quite possibly a hand gun…


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