The Men In The Shadows ( Part 27 )

Jake. pic

Jake had a cup of tea with Mum and Dad and then went into town. He bought everything on the list except the hand gun. He guessed PC World might just have a problem with that request. But, as always, Jake had a plan on how to get one. But for now that could wait.
He made his way to the pub. It was now after twelve. He got himself a pint and sat in a quiet corner while he set up the laptop.
He took the phone list out of his pocket and scanned it thoroughly. Somewhere on this list should be the names of at least one of the three amigos. He could discount a third of them straightaway. Names like Aunty Pat, Cousin Dave, Easyjet, Club Paradise, Billy’s Bar etc. So now he was left with twenty two names. He would concentrate firstly on the three Pauls and then go through the nick names.
He called the first Paul. The phone rang and was answered by someone with a northern accent.
“Is that Paul Barrett?”
“No mate.”
“Sorry, wrong number.”
Jake hung up. Okay, one down two more Paul’s to go.
He dialled Paul X. It was answered by a female.
“Paul’s phone.”
“Can I speak with Paul Barrett please?”
“No Paul Barret here love. This is Paul Jennings mobile.”
“Oh sorry. Must have the wrong Paul. Thanks anyway.”
Jake hung up and tried the last of the Pauls. Paulie.
The call was answered but no one spoke. Jake could sense someone on the other end was waiting for him to speak first.
“Hello, is that Paul Barrett?”
A man answered. London accent.
“Who’s this?”
“Is that Paul Barrett, I’m a friend of Lenny Taylor.”
The voice changed from aggressive to inquisitive.
“Lenny Taylor? What about Lenny Taylor?”
Jake carried on very politely.
“Sorry Paul, I work with him in Spain, this is Paul Barrett?”
“Yeh, what do you want?”
“I’m so sorry to call you but I’m trying to contact as many of Lenny’s friends as possible, I’m afraid Lenny has passed away.”
Now the voice became concerned.
“You’re fucking joking me, Big Lenny Taylor, gone?”
“I’m afraid so, I’m just going through his phone numbers and trying to let everyone know.”
“What was it, heart attack or something?”
“No, looks like a mugging that went wrong, that’s all the Police are saying at the moment.”
“Fuck me, he was as hard as nails was Lenny, you’d need to be a brave cunt to tackle Lenny.”
“I know, but you know what Lenny was like. He’d never back off would he, might have been a few of them.”
“Cunts, poor old Lenny.”
Jake kept it going.
“Lenny spoke of you often said you used to be in business together back in the day.”
Jake heard the voice on the other end of the phone chuckle.
“Yeh, something like that. So when’s the funeral?”
“We’re not sure yet, the Police still need to do their bit but I’m going to send out all the details to everyone as soon as it’s arranged, if you give me your address Paul I’ll send them through as soon as it’s all sorted.”
“Spain or England?”
“England, I was thinking maybe we’d sort out a get together or something at the old rugby Club that you all used. I think Lenny would have liked that.”
“Yeh he would have. Loved his rugby did Lenny. Okay send the details to me at 146 Ridgepoint Road, Bexleyheath, Kent.”
Jake wanted to jump up and down with excitement but contained himself.
“Thanks Paul, just one other thing. Lenny always mentioned another guy whenever he spoke about you. Always talked about the laughs the three of you used to have. Said something about the three of you being in a REMOVAL business, can you remember his name. I’d love to invite him as well if I can.”
The voice once again gave a chuckle.
“Yeh, that was the sort of thing that Lenny would come out with. We dissolved the company about ten years ago now. His name was Charlie. Charlie Spinks. I haven’t heard from Charlie in over seven years. No idea where he is now.”
Another box ticked for Jake. He carried on as calmly as he could.
“That’s it, Charlie, he mentioned you and him a lot, I’ll see if I can track him down, thanks for all your help Paul, I’ll be in touch.”
“Yeh, no problem, it’s a shame about Lenny, always thought he was indestructible, what’s your name son?”
Jake hesitated for a moment.
“Tony, Tony Watts.”
“Cheers Tone, let me know the arrangements and I’ll make sure I’m there.”
Jake switched off the phone and took a sip of his beer.
He sat back in his chair and thought about his first few weeks of freedom. He’d achieved more than he could have possibly hoped for. He now knew all three amigo’s names. Lenny Taylor was Squashed Nose and he’d been dealt with, Paul Barrett was the Karate Kid and had just been duped into giving away his home address and Charlie Spinks was the Quiet man. It was time to plan the next part of his journey.


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