The Men In The Shadows ( Part 28 )

Jake. pic

Jake finished his pint and began thinking about how to tackle Paul Barrett .Bexleyheath wasn’t too far away but Jake knew he would have to be careful. This wasn’t Spain. He knew Bexleyheath, it was a relatively new town. Every street would have CCTV so there was no way he could tackle Barrett as he had done Lenny Taylor. He would have to be clever, things would need to planned precisely.
He had time, not too much, but some. He was confident that Paul Barrett wouldn’t be contacting anyone in Spain and also that no one in Spain would be contacting him. He hadn’t seen Lenny for years. He would be waiting for information about the funeral from someone called Tony Watts either by phone or through the post.
Jake had used the new Pay As You Go phone to contact Paul so if that phone rang it could only be Karate Kid.
Now he needed to make sure that Paul wouldn’t get suspicious if he found out about Lenny from another source, like the internet.
The laptop was up and running and Jake had a wireless connection. He googled “Lenny Taylor Spain”. It was there. The headlines were various ranging from “London man killed in street mugging” to “Costa Del Sol gangs in drug war.” Jake read them all. There was nothing here that he need worry about, in fact if Paul Barrett did read these it backed up everything that Jake had told him.
Next he googled. “Paul Barrett Bexleyheath.” There was one article.
“Local Businessman Opens health Club” The article went on to say that local property developer Paul Barrett had recently opened a Health Club and Spa in Bexleyheath. It said that he owned a significant number of properties in the Kent area.
Jake always wondered how much the Three Amigos got for the REMOVAL of the Russian businessman. He was sure it would have been substantial. Lenny had retired out to Spain and bought a villa and bar, Paul Barrett had obviously decided to invest his share in property and become very wealthy indeed.
Next he put Paul Barrett’s address into Google maps. He zoomed in and looked at the street view. Just has Jake had thought. It was massive. It was difficult to see just how big it was because it stood back a long way from the road. There were iron gates and railings and what looked like a long drive way that led to an impressive house.
He looked up and saw Stevie standing in front of him.
“Fuck me, what, you won the lottery?”
Jake realised he was sitting there with a top of the range laptop with its new box beside him. He thought quickly.
“Wished I had mate. It’s a coming home present from Uncle Tom. I told him I did computer studies in nick so he thought it would come in handy.”
Only part of that sentence was true of course. Jake had done Computer studies while he was in Littlehey and knew his way round most of the programs. Stevie believed every word.
“You lucky bastard, that’s got to be worth a grand at least.”
“Eight hundred quid in PC World, I know, I googled it!”
They both laughed. Stevie went off to the bar to get the beers. When he came back he looked confused. Jake noticed him keep looking back towards the bar. Then he saw Gary Hamilton with a pint in his hand and smiling at them.
“What’s up Stevie. That wanker bothering you again?”
Stevie shook his head.
“No, quite the opposite. He just shook my hand and said sorry if he’d been out of order in the past. Said he wanted to make up for it and paid for these two beers.”
Jake wanted to laugh but kept a straight face.
“There you go Stevie. You must have faith in human nature. Maybe he’s found religion or something.”
“No way. Not Gary Hamilton. He’s a fucking nutter and hates my guts. Why would he suddenly be all friendly and want to buy us drinks. It don’t make any sense.”
Jake wanted to change the subject. He didn’t want Stevie to know about he and Gary’s little chat in the toilets a week earlier.
“Look, some people change. You know, get a bit older and wiser. Forget about it.”
Jake looked over at Gary and raised his glass. Gary did the same.
“You see Stevie, it’s all good. You stay here, I’ll go over and thank him for the beers.”
Jake stood up and walked over to the bar. Gary looked worried. He’d had eleven stitches in the back of his head and still wasn’t quite sure what had happened in the toilets the previous week. He put down his beer and stretched out his hand for Jake to shake. Jake did.
“I’ve sorted it out with Stevie. We’re all good now. I did what you said.”
His voice was quiet and slightly shaky. Jake squeezed his hand.
“Good. Now I need you to do something for me. You’ll be well paid for it.”
“I need a gun. A Glock 19 if possible. Don’t let me down Gary…”


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