The Men In The Shadows ( Part 30 )

Jake. pic

Jake took a punt and it payed off. Paul Barrett was staying for two nights at The Drysdales Country House, just two miles outside of Hunstanton. How did he know? Well it was simple. Paul Barrett was a wealthy man, not the kind of man that would stay at any old bed and breakfast place. He googled “Hotels in Hunstanton”. There were none with five stars. But there were three with four stars. He called them and pretended to be Paul Barrett. He said he couldn’t remember which nights next week he’d booked in for and could they confirm it. The first one said they had no reservation for Paul Barrett. But the second one was most helpful. They confirmed his reservation for next Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They even told Jake that he was staying in room 209. God he loved efficient service!
He was also certain that Paul Barrett would be alone. He’d said that “He” would be in Norfolk on business. He hadn’t said “We”. The Hotel had also confirmed a reservation for Mr Paul Barrett, not Mr and Mrs Paul Barrett.
Gary Hamilton had turned up trumps. The Glock 19 cost him twelve hundred quid. He handed over the money and made Gary swear never to mention it again…or else. Gary seemed happy to go along with that arrangement.
He now had his target, his location and his weapon.
It was now time to put the plan into action. He’d already told his mum and dad about the laptop. He said that it was given to him by his probation officer as part of the Government’s commitment in getting ex-cons back into work. He’d convinced them that he was trying to get a job in IT. They knew he’d done computer studies in prison so accepted the information without question.
At 7.45am on Monday morning he walked into the kitchen pretending to be talking to his probation officer on the phone. His mum and dad were, as usual, sitting at the table. They both looked up and smiled but said nothing as they could see he was talking and didn’t want to interrupt.
“Wow, that’s great news. Don’t worry about the short notice. I’m just pleased to have the opportunity. Hold on a second and I’ll get a pen and paper.”
Before Jake could ask, his mum had gone to one of the kitchen drawers and removed a notepad and pen. She put them on the table in front of Jake.
He started writing and talking at the same time.
“So the course starts tomorrow in Norwich. It’s a two day seminar and I’m booked into the hotel overnight. That’s great news. Thank you very much.”
Jakes parents waited in anticipation. Dad spoke first.
“Well go on then. What’s the great news?”
Jake took a deep breath, then blurted everything out in one go.
“They want me to go on a two day course in Norwich. It starts tomorrow. So I’ve got to get up there this afternoon. It’s on Computer Science. It was fully booked but someone’s pulled out at the last minute so the probation officer put my name forward because of my interest in IT. They’ve booked me into a Hotel for tonight and tomorrow night. Everything’s paid for.”
Jakes mum started to cry. She walked over and gave him a hug.
“Oh Jake, that’s fantastic news. We’re so proud of you. You really are getting your life back together.”
Dad gave Jake the thumps up.
“Great news son, great news.”
Jakes mum pulled away and made him sit down.
“Right, first you need a proper breakfast inside you then you need to go and start packing. Let me know if there’s anything you want ironed.”
Within minutes Jake had an enormous cooked breakfast in front of him. He felt guilty about telling them yet another pack of lies, but the thought of taking his revenge on Karate Kid was something he’d dreamed of for ten long years and he was almost there.
He caught the 14.50 train out of London Liverpool Street. Two hours later the train was pulling into Norwich Station. He had a few things to get and then he needed to find a Hotel. Nothing fancy but then again nothing too out of the way.
His first call was to a clothes shop. “Trek and Trail” catered for everything a hiker could want. He bought boots, thermal underwear, rucksack, waterproof jacket and a woolly hat. Nearby was a two star hotel called The Phoenix. He booked in under the name of Michael Roberts and paid cash for two nights. He made a point of telling the receptionist that he was a keen walker and wanted the hotel as a base for a couple of days while he explored the area. She gave him some local maps and wished him well. The room was nothing special but it was clean and tidy and the bed looked comfortable.
His plan for tomorrow was simple. He’d take a taxi to Swaffham, which was a thirty minute journey. He’d tell the driver that he was from Essex and had just come in from London that morning and was looking forward to exploring the countryside around the area. From there he’d get the local train to Kings Lynn. Then another cab to Dersingham. This time he’d tell the driver that he was staying in Kings Lynn for a few days and was on a walking holiday. He’d say that he’d heard the walking was good around Dersingham and was looking forward to discovering the local area. From there he’d take a train to Hunstanton. He’d give himself plenty of time between journeys.
When he got to his destination, he knew exactly how he would deal with Paul Barrett.


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