The Men In The Shadows ( Part 33 )

Jake. pic

The alarm clock in Jakes head went off at 06.30. He switched on the television. There was still no news about Paul Barrett. That was a good thing. He went down for his cooked breakfast. It was buffet style. He had two of everything. For some reason he had a raging appetite.
On his way back to the room he stopped at reception and spoke to the girl that had checked him in.
“Look, I’m sorry but I have to leave a day early. Everything’s fine with the room but I had a phone call last night to say my Mum’s not well. So I’ll be checking out this morning.”
The young girl frowned.
“I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll arrange a refund for tonight.”
Jake was taken aback. He wasn’t expecting that.
“No it’s fine, honestly. You’ve been great and I’ll definitely stay here again in the future. The walking has been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed it.”
“Ahh that’s very kind of you.”
Jake continued to stroll to his room. Once there he put on the clothes that he’d arrived in and put everything else into his travel bag. He left at 08.30.
On the way to the station he opened his bag and took out one of his walking boots. He threw it into a skip that was on a nearby street. The second boot was chucked into an overgrown front garden of a derelict house close by. He caught the 09.20 train out of Norwich. Whilst on the train he took apart his Pay As You Go mobile phone. He’d used this for every call he’d made to Karate Kid and Drysdales. The sim card he crushed then threw onto the tracks at Liverpool Street Station. The other two parts he put into separate waste paper bins outside. As he walked along Bishopsgate he saw a homeless bloke sitting by a cash machine.
“Hi mate. Haven’t got any spare change but do you fancy this instead?”
Jake pulled out the waterproof jacket from his bag and gave it to him.
The young guy put it on straightaway and couldn’t thank Jake enough.
“Wow, thanks mate.”
Jake laughed then hailed a cab. On the way he asked the cabbie to do him a favour.
“Excuse me mate. Could we take a bit of a detour and go via the Isle Of Dogs?”
The cab driver shrugged his shoulders.
“Yeh mate whatever you want. You’re paying.”
Jake smiled.
“Thanks mate. It’s just that it’s my old grandad’s birthday today. Well kind of. He’s dead now but he used to work on the docks and every year I throw a penny into the Thames for him. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a family tradition.”
Now the cab driver smiled.
“Lovely thought son. Really nice touch.”
The cab stopped where the Thames meets the first dock at Limehouse. Jake got out and looked over the wall down at the river below. He removed the Glock from his coat and quickly threw it into the water. He returned to the cab.
“Thanks mate. Means a lot to me that does.”
“No problem son. As I said. Nice touch.”
Fifteen minutes later and the cab was dropping Jake off at the community allotments about a mile from his house. He left one of his gloves on the back seat of the cab. The other he dropped in the road as the cab pulled away. He paid the driver thirty five quid and entered the allotment site. As usual the communal fire where all the old blokes burnt their rubbish was blazing away. No one took any notice as Jake placed the rucksack and thermals onto it and then slowly walked away.
It was after midday and Jake couldn’t decide whether to go for a pint in his local or go straight home. The pint won.
He saw Stevie sitting in his usual spot reading The Sun. Jake bought two pints and walked over.
“Fancy seeing you here. What. Lunch hour?”
Stevie laughed.
“No lunch hours for me anymore Jake. I’m fucking management. I come and go as I please.”
Jake handed Stevie his beer and sat down opposite. He could see that Stevie was gagging to ask him something.
“So what was this course all about then?”
For a few seconds Jake didn’t know what to say. How the fuck did Stevie know about it?
“Sorry mate, what was that?”
“This fucking big shot course you’ve been on. I called at your Mum and Dads house yesterday and they said you’d been selected for some fucking computer science thing?”
Jakes brain went into overload. As usual it came up with a great story.
“Oh that? That was all bollocks. You know that bird I met in Spain. The one that I shagged in a side street?”
Now Stevie was interested. He leaned forward.
“Yeh. Go on.”
“Well she phoned me. She lives in Norwich. Has her own flat. Asked if I fancied going to stay for a couple of days. So I thought fuck it. Why not? But couldn’t tell Mum and Dad that I was going up there for a shag, could I? So came up with the computer science course story.”
Stevie nearly spat out his beer.
“You are one devious bastard Jake Roberts. And? Did you shag it senseless?”
Jake took a sip of his beer.
“Stevie. I fucking nailed it. I took it into the woods, pulled out my thing and ripped into it. The look on its face was priceless.”
They chinked glasses.


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