The Sin Of Father Jacobs.


Father Jacobs loved his position within the Church. It gave him the opportunity to indulge his one and only vice. He called it his “release.”

He no longer saw it as a sin or something to be ashamed of. But more of a reward for his tireless devotion to others. He didn’t partake of it very often, just once a week. He knew that if it wasn’t controlled it could become a major problem. For some priests it had become an addiction. They had over indulged and the Church sent them away to have treatment in secret.  It was a taboo subject and rarely talked about. Some within the Church hierarchy frowned upon it and that’s why Father Jacobs thought it best kept secret.

He knew that there were others who had the same craving. Once when he was at Seminary he’d walked in on three of his colleagues late one night who were in the middle of indulging themselves. They asked if he’d like to join them. But on that occasion he felt guilty and declined. He’d always regretted that decision. It would have been nice to experience it with others.

It happened on Sundays.

He conducted Mass. During the service he would begin to feel an ache and desire within his whole body. A feeling that would climax in his “release” once service had finished.

After the reading of the scriptures and psalms, came the liturgal banquet where the congregation would take part in receiving the Lords Body and Blood.

Men, woman and children would kneel before him and receive their blessing and take the offerings he gave them. Sometimes he couldn’t help but lick his lips in anticipation of what was to come.

When service was over he would retreat to his private chambers and begin his own decadent ceremony.

He would take off his robes very slowly, putting them carefully to one side. He didn’t want them to get in the way. He’d made that mistake once before and had never been able to get rid of the stains. No amount of cleaning had worked and he’d ended up ordering new gowns.

Naked was best. If he was clumsy and made a mess, he could simply wash himself under the shower and no one would be any the wiser. Once his door was locked he would begin.

It took an hour from start to finish. When it was over Father Jacobs would return to the afternoon congregation with a huge smile on his face. Leaving behind in his private chambers an empty bottle of Chateauneuf De Pape.

Red wine was his only vice, and drinking a whole bottle on a Sunday was his “release.”






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