The Lights In The Sky.


There had been strange lights in the sky before. But never like this. This was more like Morse code for Aliens.

A short burst of two lights, then a pause, then only one light, then a pause, then two again, then one. It had been going on for hours. It was low in the cloudy night sky and Sheila had been staring at them for a good half hour.

Her next door neighbour, Brenda, appeared with a cup of coffee in her hand. She walked over to Sheila, just the garden fence between them.

“What do you think it is?”

Sheila shrugged her shoulders.

“Dunno. UFO’s maybe?”

Brenda looked excited.

“Do you really think so Sheila. UFO’s?”

She turned her head and shouted towards the house.

“Jim, Jim, quick get out here. We’ve got UFO’s!”

A balding middle aged man appeared from the patio doors and walked over to them.

“Where? Where’s these UFO’s?”

They both pointed to a low section of sky just above the horizon. Brenda couldn’t get the words out quick enough.

“There Jim. Look, flashing lights in some kind of sequence. They’re communicating with each other.”

The lights continued to flash. Two lights, then only one. Then a long pause and then two again.”

Jim agreed.

“Yep, definitely some kind of signalling going on there. Perhaps it’s a sign to other crafts that it’s safe to land. We might soon come under attack. Just like in War Of The Worlds.”

The two women looked at each other in horror. Brenda spoke first.

“We should call someone. The Police maybe. Or, or The Fire Brigade.”

Jim looked at his wife and shook his head.

“What on earth would the fire brigade do? Their ladders would never be long enough to reach the Space Ships. No, we should call the Police. I’ll do it!”

Jim disappeared into the house leaving the two women alone in the darkness. They continued watching the lights in the sky. Five minutes later Jim came back.

“They’ve taken all the details down and said if they get a chance they’ll call round. But as it’s a Saturday they’re pretty busy in the Town Centre.”

Sheila was amazed.

“We’re about to be invaded and all they can think about is a few drunks outside the Bulls Head pub. Disgraceful if you ask me. Makes me wonder why we pay our taxes.”

Brenda suddenly had another idea.

“What if they’ve come in peace Jim and the signalling is for us to reply to. Shall I get that big torch of yours from the shed and start signalling back?”

Jim wasn’t impressed.

“Don’t be silly Brenda. You’ll give away our position. If they are going to attack we’ll be the first place they’ll start to bomb into oblivion. No let’s just keep our eye on things until the Police come.”


Two miles away, car enthusiast Frank Parker was beginning to lose his temper.  He threw his spanner on the floor in disgust just as his wife Carol came out with a cup of hot tea.

“What’s the matter love?”

Frank took the tea and blew on it to cool it down.

“Three hours I’ve been working on this bloody car out in the cold and I still can’t get the headlights to work properly. Every time I switch them on they go straight to main beam and then one of them stops working and starts up again a few seconds later. Must be a loose connection somewhere. It’ll never pass the MOT at this rate!”




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