Something’s Wrong.


She’d woken at 2am feeling scared and apprehensive. She lay there just staring at the ceiling almost too terrified to move. An hour later and she felt like crying but didn’t know why. Something deep inside her was afraid. But of what? She had no idea.  It was a feeling that overwhelmed her. For some unexplained reason all she wanted to do was scream.

Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. She just knew it. She sat up and reached for the phone.

She called her mum just in case.

“Mum? You okay?”

“Jenny? It’s three in the morning!”

“I know Mum. But I just had this feeling something was wrong.”

“Everything’s fine love. Now go back to sleep.”

“What about Dad?”

“He’s sound asleep beside me. Now go to sleep. Maybe you just had a bad dream.”

She tried but her mind was racing. A feeling of dread consumed every cell in her body.

She called her brother Ian. A confused voice answered.


“Ian, it’s me Jenny. You okay?”

“Yeh. Why wouldn’t I be?”

There was a long pause and she suddenly felt stupid.

“It’s okay. I just had this feeling, that’s all. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

She hung up.  Her hands trembling.

She got up and went downstairs. The house was silent. Even her dog was asleep and cuddled up on his bed in the kitchen. She checked all the doors. They were all locked up tight.

Pulling back the curtains of the front room window, she peered into the darkness of the narrow street outside. It was empty apart from an urban fox in next doors garden looking for food. She went back to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. It was impossible to drink as her shaking hands spilt most of it on the floor.

Whatever was about to happen was close. She just knew it!

At 4.30am, and with her heart rate at its most extreme, she took two Kalms tablets from her handbag and swallowed them without water. Maybe they would help. She took three deep breaths then sat down in front of the television and switched it on.

And that’s when she realised what was happening. She heard the words being spoken.

“Trump has won Florida. It’s now certain he will become the next President Of The United States”

The scream she’d held in for the past two hours suddenly erupted!




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