Hello Mum ( Letters Part 1)


A story told in four letters. The first two are below. the final two will be tomorrow.

Hello Mum,

Happy Birthday for last month. Sorry I didn’t send a card, but you know what its like, we’re all so very busy. Anyway, happy 70th.

I was going to get you some flowers delivered, but couldn’t remember what ones you liked. I seem to recall you hated Roses or was it Daffodils? Not to worry, I’ll bring some round next time we visit.

Hows Dad? I heard he’d had a fall, something to do with his knee? I’m sure your doting on him hand and foot, making him endless cups of tea like you always do.

I keep meaning to give you a ring but there’s a problem with our phone at home and the mobiles always playing up. Some nonsense about network connection, but you wouldn’t understand all that jargon, so thought i’d send you a nice letter instead. Much better than nattering away on a bloody telephone for hours.

Your Grandson Stevie is 18 next week and wants a new car! They grow up so fast and want the world these days. He just doesn’t seem to understand the value of money that boy. The car he’s seen is seven thousand pounds. Where on earth does he think we’re going to get that kind of money from?

So I was just wondering, as its his 18th, whether you’d like to contribute. He’d really love it!

We can put in a maximum of two thousand and maybe you could put up the rest?

Thanks Mum. You’ve got our Bank details haven’t you.

Anyway, got to fly, got a yoga lesson in half an hour.

Shame you don’t live closer or we’d always be round to see you, but its a good 15 minutes by car, and the new traffic light system by Tesco’s can be a nightmare in rush hour.

Thanks Mum.


The Reply….

Hi Sweetheart,

Got your letter yesterday. I’ve been trying to call you ever since but keep getting the voicemail or answer machine, but then again I do know how busy you are these days.

Don’t worry about the flowers, they were Lillys by the way, they always make me think of funerals.

Dads knees got a lot worse. He now has to use a stick all the time, even around the house. But he’s being brave and keeps saying that you have to expect these things as you get older.

I do wish you and Dad would sort out your differences and get along better. It seems so silly to fall out over money. I know you’ll pay us back what we lent you for the kitchen extension six years ago. I understand these things take time, but you know your Father, he’s always been impatient.

Little Stevie popped over this morning, what a suprise. He’s such a good boy and so handsome, he’s going to break hearts is that one. Can’t beleive he’s 18 next week. He said he is going out with his mates to celebrate on his birthday but wanted me and Dad to come over for Sunday lunch the week after. I said I’d have to run it past you first to just to make sure, as I know how busy you are.

By the way, I spoke to him about the car. You got it wrong, silly. The car he wants is only three thousand pounds. So I remember in your letter you said you were putting two thousand towards it, so I gave him a cheque for a thousand. I made the cheque out in his name so that if he changes his mind he can spend it on what he wants.

Hope that’s okay.

I paid the invoice for your Yoga lessons this morning. I notice there’s an extra charge now for Pillates twice a week. You really are keeping fit!

Love you.

Mum xxxxxxx




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