Hello Mum. ( Letters Part 2)


The final two letters in this story. The first from the Daughter and the reply is a bit of a surprise.


Hello Mum,

Hope you’re well. Just a quick note to let you know that Stevie got his car. It wasn’t the one he had his eye on, that turned out to be too expensive, but he’s really pleased with this one. It’s made him realise now just how things cost, insurance, MOT, petrol etc, but I know you’ll help out from time to time. He does so love his Nan and Grandad.

Saw you in Asda on Monday, you and Dad were at the checkout putting your shopping in the trolley. I was going to come over and say hello but I had pilates booked and was already running late. Besides, you looked as though you were having a bit of a row, hope everything’s okay?

Got to cancel Sunday lunch unfortunately. This week has been manic.What with Pilates, Yoga and now Tennis lessons, I just haven’t had the time to do any housework. I know we have young Katia from Poland in for a few days a week to help out, but I seem to be exhausted. Us woman heh? Always on the go. The men don’t know they’re born do they?

Speaking of men, Brian’s got a promotion at work. He’s now Sales Director ( or something like that) for Europe. It means he’ll be away quite a lot, so the time we can all spend together as a family is going to be even more important now. But god knows how we’re going to afford a proper holiday this year. We’ve seen a fabulous apartment in Barbados that we could rent for a fortnight but not sure we’ll have the funds available. Don’t suppose you could have a word with Dad for me…please.

If we could add it on to the money we owe you for the kitchen extension then we could sort out some kind of repayment plan.

Love you mum.


P.S. Stevie may pop round tommorow to show off his new car. If you could give him a few pounds for petrol etc, that would really help.


The reply…


Hello Joan,

Got your letter this morning, by coincidence I was writing this as the post arrived.

Bad news I’m afraid, Mum had a massive stroke on Monday and has been in Hospital ever since. I’ve tried to call you over the past few days but just get machines, and you know me, I won’t talk to machines.

She’s in a bad way, can’t move or talk. Her eyes are open but there’s a kind of vacant look.To be honest I don’t think she knows who I am or even if I’m there.

Doctors say that she could remain like this for a long time. I’ve been at the Hospital every day to be with her, bit of a nightmare journey, two buses and then I get a cab for the last bit. Because of my dodgey leg I gave up driving some time ago, Mums done all the driving for the past six months.

We saw you in Asda. Mum insisted we go even though she wasn’t feeling all that well. You know what she’s like, didn’t want to turn up for Sunday lunch empty handed. Thought you might have come over and said hello, but Mum said you were probably too busy and in the end we had a bit of a row about it. She had the stroke in Asda car park. Doctors said that it may have been the strain of carrying the heavy bags to the car. I can’t carry a thing these days because of my damn leg.

Anyway, doesn’t matter about Sunday lunch now, although she was looking forward to it so much. She’d been going on and on about it for days. Even made a Trifle, she knows how much Stevie loves her Trifle.

Don’t worry about the money you owe us for the Kitchen, lets call it quits and move on. But as far as anything else is concerned I think all our money now will be going on Mum. She’s going to need round the clock care and these things cost a fortune. But only the best for your Mum. Even if I have to sell the house and all our possesions, I’ve made her a promise that she’ll have the very best.

Call me when you can and I’ll give you the Hospital details. If your not too busy maybe you could pop in and see her.

Goodbye Joan.




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