Missing Years. ( Part 24)


A stocky man in his mid-thirties put away his mobile phone and walked slowly towards the big house in Gidea Park. He walked around the back, climbed over the garden fence and tried the handle of the back door, it was locked. He took a bunch of keys from his pocket and within a few seconds he was standing in the kitchen. The house was in darkness, the residents in their beds. He started to climb the stairs, one by one, gently, so that none of them made a sound as he put his weight on them. He reached the landing at the top, took a few more steps and turned the handle of the first bedroom door. In the bed in front of him was a sleeping woman. He walked towards her, towards……….Laura Samuels.


DCI Spencer was back in his office at the station. The clock on the wall was reminding him that it was almost one o’clock in the morning and he should be home in bed. But there was too much information running through his mind and he knew that sleep would be impossible. From the top drawer of his desk he pulled out a half full bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and poured himself a mug full. As the harsh sharp taste hit his throat he started to relax. It had been one hell of a day. He started to go through the day’s events and tried to make sense of them.

Ray Samuels had spoken to the media and suddenly he was some kind of national treasure, the peoples champion. He said he wanted to change the way the world was run by a series of peaceful protests. But he was also threatening that there was more to come. No longer was he the angel faced, blue eyed boy. Now he was something completely different. Something much more powerful. Something quite scary.

Then there was Swan. He had suddenly become a nasty piece of work, fanatical about stopping Ray Samuels at any cost. He was up to something, something bad, possibly something unspeakable. He didn’t like the way Swan operated. He thought about his own career, he’d always been a good copper, not always popular, but fair. He’d joined the force to help people not hurt or destroy them. After he’d done his time on the beat he’d spent a few years with the murder squad. Promotion came quickly but never at the cost of others. Swan was different. He was ruthless. Maybe that’s why he was now a Commander. But he was a powerful man that reported only to Ministers. Spencer knew he would have to watch his step.

He sat back in his chair and finished the tumbler, then poured himself another, hoping that it might help the bad thoughts go away. It didn’t.


Stacey Samuels needed to pee, she needed to pee urgently. Too many cups of tea during the day had made her wake up at 1.00am and get out of bed and walk towards the bathroom.

As she walked past her Mums bedroom she noticed that the door was open, this was unusual. Mum always closed her door when she went to bed, it had become a ritual, she said it was the only place she could really be alone. Stacey looked in, her Mum was in the bed, no Jim tonight, he was away on business. She walked towards the bed. Her Mum was very still, peaceful.

She leaned over and whispered.

“Mum, you okay, Mum?

There was no answer. She spoke louder.

“Mum, Mum, wake up, you okay?”

Still no answer. She started to shake her mum by the shoulder. Laura didn’t respond.

“Mum, mum, please wake up, please Mum, please!”

She ran into her own room found her mobile and dialled 999.


Swan was in his study at home when he got the call on his mobile. A voice on the other end said carefully.

“It’s done Sir.”

Swan hung up and sat down.

He didn’t know why, but he felt angry. An anger that he’d never experienced before. Ray Samuels seemed to have awakened something within him that he didn’t know he possessed. It was as if he didn’t care anymore, he just knew what he had to do. Laura was the first step, the first step in making Samuels see sense. The people above him had told him that he needed to stop Samuels at any cost. They of course hadn’t been specific, they never were, but he knew what they meant. So the first step in accomplishing his objective was done. Ray Samuels would see sense now. He sniffed the air. He could smell damp.


Stacey was shaking, she was at her Mums side still begging her to wake up, she was holding her Mums hand, it was still warm but she couldn’t feel a pulse, she heard a noise downstairs.

“Up here, please quickly, it’s my Mum she’s not breathing.”

She heard footsteps on the stairs and then a deep and familiar voice.

“It’s okay Stacey it’s me, Ray.”

Ray entered the bedroom and walked over to where Stacey was cradling her mum. She looked confused.

“But how did you know?”

Ray smiled at her

“I just knew. Now leave me with your Mum for a few minutes will you. Close the door.”

Stacey started to cry. The tears were uncontrollable.

“The ambulance is on its way Ray. It’ll be here in a minute. I think she’s gone, I think she’s gone!”

Ray held her tight by the arms. He looked into her eyes with a deep stare.

“Stacey, listen to me, leave me and your Mum for a few minutes, please. Now go!”

Stacey did as she was told and ran from the room closing the door behind her.

Ray knelt beside Laura. He held her right hand and put his other hand on her forehead. A few seconds passed and Ray suddenly felt new warmth to Laura’s hand, he could hear her breathing again. She was unconscious but she was alive.

He heard noises outside the bedroom; Stacey came in followed by two paramedics.

“It’s okay Sir, we’ll take it from here.”

Ray stood up and Stacey ran to him, fearing the worst. Before she could say anything Ray whispered to her.

“She’s fine Stacey, she’ll be fine.”

“But I thought she’d gone Ray, I thought we’d lost her?”

“Just for a short while but she’s back now, she’ll be fine”

Laura was taken into the ambulance, still unconscious but breathing unaided. Stacey went with her. Ray stayed behind, he said there was something he had to do and then he would follow on.

He picked up the telephone in the hallway and dialled a number that he read from a business card.

A man answered. Ray spoke very slowly.

“For every life that comes back one has to be taken. I’m afraid they are the rules. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Goodbye Commander.”

He hung up the phone.

Fifty miles away, Commander Swan put down the phone, slightly confused. The smell of damp was now at its strongest. It was then that he felt the sudden pain in the left side of his body. It travelled along his arm and into his chest, it felt like he was being pushed down by a tremendous weight that was caving in his chest. He started to fall. He was dead before he hit the floor.



Missing Years. ( Part 23)


Trevor Wilson had just a few days to gather more strength. The strength came from others’ lives. With each life he took he gained power, he liked this form, this human vessel, he could achieve great things within it.

He left his room and wandered the local streets. It was dark, he liked the darkness, he was powerful in the dark, these mortals were scared of it and that made them weak. He followed one of them to a housing estate and there he pounced, took the life with a single blow, dragged its form into the darkness so he could devour it. He felt the energy flow through his body, the power within him was almost complete. One more tonight and he’d be ready. Ready for the battle to commence.

Spencer and Swan drove in silence to see Ray Samuels. Both knowing what was at stake. Swan was adamant that Spencer should keep his mouth shut and let him do the talking. Twenty minutes later they arrived at the Samuels house. They pushed and shoved their way through the crowds and were welcomed in by Eddie. He showed them into the front room.

“Ray’s upstairs. He’ll be down in a minute. I think he was expecting someone to call.”

Eddie left them and once again they sat in silence.

Ray entered the room. Both Swan and Spencer noticed a difference in his appearance. The fresh young face was still there, so were the deep blue eyes, but his whole demeanour had changed. It was as if he grown in size and he looked more muscular. He spoke. His voice had certain deepness to it. It sounded powerful.

“So Commander Swan, what have you come to see me about, what was so urgent that it had to be today and at this time of night?”

There was sarcasm to his voice. It was as if he already knew why they where there. He glanced at the clock on the wall. It was twenty past eleven.

Swan spoke.

“Ray, look, I’m going to be brutally honest with you, we want you to reconsider this plan for Tuesday, I’m here to help you make that decision.”

Ray smiled.

“And how will you do that Commander?”

“By telling you the facts, off the record of course. You’ve come back from god knows where, you need time to settle in again, take your time before you make any rash decisions. It would be in your best interests to re-think your position.”

Spencer interrupted, knowing where Swan was heading.

“Ray, all we’re saying is it’s not the right time. Not yet, as the Commander says take some time to get things sorted out, have a holiday, do some travelling, but don’t go ahead with next Tuesday. Think of the effect it could have, the chaos it could cause. If you REALLY want to do something, then why not get people to give £5 each to a charity, you choose it, we could call it the Ray Samuels Foundation, it would raise millions. Think of the good you could do with that, think of the lives you could save with that money.”

Ray looked at them both and shook his head.

“That’s been done before and nothing has changed, if anything it’s got worse. Charities only try to help the problem once it’s already happened, what I’m trying to do is stop the problem from happening in the first place. Look at organisations like Red Cross, they do a great job, but they’re always trying to clean up someone else’s mess. The real problem is the people who cause the mess in the first place, if we get rid of those, who knows, one day we might not need these charity organisations.”

Swan took a deep breath and changed his tone.

“You’re being naïve Ray, you know as well as I do that people in power won’t let that happen, you do know that don’t you?”

Ray laughed at Swan.

“Of course I do Commander, I’m not stupid, why do you think I’m here, what do you really think is happening here?”

Swan stood up and glared at Ray.

“Go on then. You tell me!”

For a brief second Spencer thought Swan was going to throw a punch, instead he stood with his face just a few inches from Rays. There was an edgy silence for a few seconds before Ray smiled. Then he spoke again.

“Okay, I’ll explain it in the simplest terms so that even you can understand it Commander Swan. I am here for a reason. That reason has now become clear to me, this world WILL change, trust me, it is you who is being naïve Commander, by thinking everything has to stay the same. People are crying out for something, something to believe in, SOMEONE, to believe in, not Politicians, not Kings and Queens or Presidents, just SOMEONE. They want someone to tell them that THEY can change the world. That’s where I come in. I’m here to let them know that they can, all they need is a little push, that little push comes from me. Tuesday is just the start, you wait and see, just the start of something much, much bigger!”

Swan noticed that when Ray spoke the final words he seemed to grow in stature. He decided it was time to increase the pressure.

“Things could get nasty Ray, very nasty. I’m already hearing that a few of the papers are thinking of running stories that will discredit you, saying that you’re a fake and only out for money. Then of course there’s the relationship you have with Stacey, your daughter, you seem to be very CLOSE, that won’t go down well, will it, you wouldn’t want your family to get hurt now would you.”

Ray glared at Swan. The stare lasted for a full ten seconds. Spencer noticed a complete change in Ray. This once nice, quiet, inoffensive young man looked as though he was about to erupt. Then he spoke, his voice boomed and filled the room.

“Get out of my father’s house. Go and do your dirty deeds for a handful of silver. Shame on you.”

Spencer and Swan made a swift exit, as they walked to their car, Spencer looked at Swan.

“That didn’t go well. What now?”

Swan wasn’t listening, he was busy dialling a number on his mobile. The call was answered. Swan spoke slowly and carefully.

“Okay, you can go ahead, get it done, get it done quickly.”

Missing Years. ( Part 22)



The rest of the day was complete mayhem. Ray decided to say the whole thing again word for word an hour later. But this time in three different languages. French, Spanish and Mandarin. It was the lead story on every TV News station around the globe. All sorts of questions were being asked about Ray Samuels. The main ones were, who was he, why was he here and should people follow his lead?

Stacey stayed with Ray till mid-afternoon then decided she should leave.

“Ray, I’m going now. I’ll be at Mums if you need me.”

He stood up and gave her a hug.

“Of course Stacey, your Mum will be worried about everything, trust me, I know, she always was.”

They laughed and Stacey left. She blew him a kiss as she closed the front door.

Eddie came into the room.

“So, what happens now son, what happens between now and Tuesday? It’s only five days away.”

Ray was looking out of the window at the hoards of people now gathered outside. The crowds were getting bigger. More people were arriving all the time.

“We get ready Dad, ready for what’s coming.They’ll try to stop me, I know that, but as the Bible tells us in Corinthians. Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”

DCI Spencer was sitting opposite Commander Swan, Spencer couldn’t help noticing that Swan looked like he was about to kill someone.

“Okay, I’ve calmed down now, although I think you’re a bloody incompetent fool for not knowing what he was going to say. We have to make sure that he doesn’t go through with this madness on Tuesday.”

Spencer ignored the remark. He wasn’t going to apologise for something he had no control over.

“Sir, I’m not sure if we can stop it, besides what harm can it do?”

“You really are an idiot Spencer, my sources tell me that this interview today was watched by approximately 100 million people around the globe. That’s more viewers than the fucking Superbowl in America, and it’s being repeated every hour on the two biggest stations worldwide. Now if only 10% of them, and that’s a conservative estimate, decide to down tools on Tuesday it will be utter chaos, not just here but around the world. Imagine if just half a dozen of these nutters are air traffic controllers or airline pilots or train drivers, what happens then?”

He didn’t wait for an answer.

“I’ll bloody well tell you what happens then, no trains, no flights that’s what. Whole airlines grounded, no public transport, the knock on effect is enormous. What about bloody Doctors and Nurses as well, what about brokers, traders, internet workers, the fucking world economy comes to a halt. We suddenly have Anarchy. It would be the first time in HISTORY that the entire World goes on strike! Thats fucking what!.”

Spencer suddenly realised the enormity of the situation.

“Sorry Sir, I didn’t realise.”

Swan continued with his rant.

“Did you see the bloody reaction from all around the world, they clapped him, they bloody well clapped him. He’s becoming some kind of modern day hero come to save the fucking world!”

“But sir, what can we do to stop it. It’s too late now, he’s already made his statement?”

Swan took a deep breath and a sip of his black coffee, then sat back in his chair.

“As I see it, we have four option. The first is that we try our best to persuade him not to go ahead. We play nice. Appeal to his better nature. Try to convince him that the thirty minute strike would be a bad thing for the world not a good one. The second option is to smear or blackmail him. Tell him we’ll plant some very nasty stories about him in the press over the next few days. I’ve got people working on that already. We could raid his house and find pornographic material hidden under his bed containing images of children. You get the idea Spencer. Third option is we offer him a huge sum of money just to shut up and go away somewhere. Personally I don’t think that one would work.”

Spencer was waiting for Swan to continue. He didn’t he just sat there thinking. Spencer couldn’t wait any longer, he asked the question.

“And if he decides to still go ahead, what’s the fourth option?”

Swan gave him one of his looks.

“Don’t be so naïve Spencer, you know perfectly well what the fourth option is. Surely I don’t need to spell it out for you?”


Trevor Wilson was dressed in suit, shirt and tie. He looked every bit the normal City gent. He bought his tube ticket like everyone else, sat among the commuters just like everyone else, got off the train at Barking and left the station. Behind Barking station was a small 10 room hotel. He booked in and paid cash for three nights. He was close now, very close, he could almost smell it. He could plan from here, gain strength, take more lives. Lives were cheap here. He would grow even stronger, then it would be his time.

Ray was sitting with Eddie when suddenly he sat up straight and began to look around. He had a strange contorted grin on his face that Eddie had never seen before.

“He’s close Dad, very close”

Missing Years. ( Part 21)


Stacey arrived at her granddads house to find an army of press and TV crews parked outside. There was even a small campsite set up on a grass verge at the end of the street. She pushed and shoved her way through the crowd, ran up the pathway and knocked heavily on the door.

Eddie opened the door to his granddaughter. She walked in and Eddie quickly closed the door behind her.

“Hello darling, I thought you might come over.”

She gave him a hug.

“Where’s Dad? Is he okay?”

Eddie looked up to the ceiling.

“He’s upstairs getting ready.”

She looked at her granddad and smiled.

“So? What’s he going to say?”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders.

“Honestly Stacey, I’ve got no idea. He keeps saying that it’s time to speak and let people know what’s happening. But what that is, I really don’t know. He’s changing Stacey, right before my very eyes. He’s…changing.”

Stacey gave him a strange look.

“What does that mean?”

Eddie shook his head.

“I can’t explain it. But he just seems different.”

Stacey gave her Granddad another hug.

“Of course he’s different, he’s been away for twenty two years!”

She laughed, then went upstairs to see her dad. She knocked on the bedroom door.

“Dad, it’s me Stacey, can I come in?”

Ray called out.

“It’s open, Stacey.”

Stacey went into the bedroom. It was the first time she’d seen Ray since the press conference the day before, she thought he looked amazing. She had feelings for him that she was trying to resist. Feelings that a daughter shouldn’t have for her father.

“You look very smart Dad.”

Ray was sitting on the bed but stood up when he saw his daughter.

“Stacey, it doesn’t feel right you calling me Dad.  I’m not comfortable with it, just call me Ray, would that be okay?”

She was relieved, she also felt uncomfortable calling him Dad. He was practically the same age for Christ’s sake. Calling him Ray felt better, more natural.

“I agree, from now on, you’ll always be my Ray.”

They smiled at each other, each one thinking the same thing but not daring to say it.

“So, RAY, what are you going to say, what do you have to tell us all?”

“You’ll see, very soon, you’ll see. But, something tells me you need to be careful, someone may try to harm me and if they can’t get to me, they may try to get to the people who are close to me. I have a feeling that Tom Lucas was killed because he and I were close and he was trying to protect me.”

Stacey looked confused.

“But Tom was in a car accident, that’s all. He just made a mistake at the roundabout.”

Ray took her in his arms and held her close, then whispered to her.

“Please just be careful, I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

He held her for a few minutes then stood up again.

“Okay, time to get on with it.”

Eddie had been waiting downstairs not wanting to disturb them. Ray came down with Stacey close behind.

“Ready son?”

Ray nodded.


Ray opened the door and walked down the garden path. He stood by the gate and asked if they were all ready. They were. Cameras started to film. There was an eerie silence. Ray began.

“In 1982, I went for a run. It turned out to be the longest run in history. It lasted for twenty two years. I have no memory of what happened to me during that time, I have no answer to the question of why I haven’t aged in that time, why I can speak other languages or why I can recite every word from the Bible. All I know is that I’m back. I believe that I am back for a reason.  During those twenty two years I was away, many things have happened in this world. Not all of them for the good. There have been millions of people killed around the world, some because they’re beliefs are different to others, some due to greed and some due to evil deeds by evil people. This has led to millions more dying of hunger and thirst. Millions of children have died during this time through no fault of their own. None of this can be right. Someone is angry and has sent many a warning but has been ignored. It’s time to change, change the way we live, change the way we think, change our attitude towards others. If you believe in the things that I am saying, then join me, join me in a protest to those in power. Stand up with me and say we’ve had enough, this is our time and it should be a time of peace and unity. In five day’s time, on Tuesday 4th January at exactly 14.00 GMT, I want everyone that agrees with my views to take thirty minutes to reflect on the way we live our lives. Just thirty minutes to think about change, thirty minutes to sit and think, put down your tools, turn off your computers, just sit and reflect. Think about the way you want the world to change, everyone in every country around the world take thirty minutes to reflect. It doesn’t matter what religion you have or what faith you believe, it’s not about that, it’s about changing the world for the sake of good. Thank you.”

At first there was complete silence, then something happened. A young woman camera operator started to clap, slowly at first, then louder, others started to join in, until the hundreds outside the house were all putting their hands together. It seemed to last forever.

Ray walked back into the house, some people behind him had now began to chant his name, RAY, RAY, RAY.

Eddie closed the door; both he and Stacey were in tears as they looked at Ray. He seemed to have some kind of aura, a presence about him that they’d never seen before. Stacey began to think that her Granddad was right. Ray really was something special. He WAS changing.

Eddie looked at his son and said softly.

“He spoke and the people listened.”


Trevor Wilson watched the whole thing on a television in a cafe in Camden Town. When it finished, people around him also started to clap and cheer.  He spoke in a low voice barely speaking at all, more of a whisper. But with a large grin on his face.

“They are so weak. They think it’s their time, stupid people. Who do they think they are? They will learn. We will make them see again. This is our time.”


At Romford Police station, DCI Spencer was watching it on the television in the meeting room, there was also a stunned silence around him, everyone looking at him to say something but before he could, his phone rang, it was Commander Swan. He wasn’t pleased.

“I thought I told you to keep a fucking eye on him. He’s going to cause chaos. The Prime Minister is going fucking mad. I’m coming over, we need to stop this fucking Ray Samuels!”




Missing Years. ( Part 20)


DCI Spencer decided to try a different angle to help him get close to Ray. Maybe he should get to know the wife and daughter. If he befriended them, that would surely get him close to Ray Samuels. He knew they’d both be at Laura’s home, not wanting to go out because of the press harassment. He pulled up outside the large house. There were about six or seven reporters sat in their cars drinking coffee, far too cold to get out of their cars. He walked up the driveway, it was just after midday.

Stacey opened the door, she looked surprised to see him.

“Hello Inspector, didn’t expect to see you back so soon, come in and go through to the lounge, Mums in there.”

“Thank you Stacey, just wanted to make sure you’re both okay, that’s all.”

“Dad’s just been on the phone, isn’t it a shame about poor Tom Lucas?”

“Yes, terrible shame, I didn’t know him well, but he seemed such a nice man. I saw your Dad this morning, he was a bit upset, as you would expect.”

Laura was sitting in a chair beside a large open fire.

“Hello Inspector, have you come to tell us about poor Tom Lucas?”

“Well, that was part of the reason for the visit, but Stacey tells me that you’ve already heard the sad news. But I also wanted to make sure you’re both okay with everything and to see if there’s anything you need.”

“That’s very kind of you. Cup of tea or coffee?”

“Black coffee please, no sugar.”

Laura went into the kitchen to get all three of them some coffee, Stacey motioned to Spencer to sit down.

“What do you make of all this Inspector, you know, about my Dad, what do you think is really going on?”

Spencer shrugged his shoulders.

“Stacey, I honestly wish I knew, but I’m just as in the dark as you are. I just know the facts that’s all, but if I’m honest, I have this gut feeling that I can’t explain. I think something is going to happen but I have no idea what.”

“You do know my Granddad thinks my Dad’s some kind of Saviour of mankind, don’t you?”

Spencer smiled.

“I know Stacey. Nothing really makes sense yet. Your Dad is definitely different that’s for sure. He seems to be able to do things that he couldn’t do before he disappeared, why that is we don’t know yet. But in time I’m sure we will.”

Laura came back with the coffee.

This is a good start thought Spencer. They like me.


Ray and Eddie were sitting talking in the kitchen.

“So what was it like Ray, this feeling you had, what do you think it all means, who’s coming?”

“It was like an electric shock going through me and I instantly knew that something was coming. It was like something somewhere had woken up and was on its way, something dark. I didn’t see its face but I feel like I know it.”

They looked at each other. Ray stood up and spoke aloud.

“In the Book of Peter he told us, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Well Dad, I think he just found someone.”

Eddie seemed surprised at what Ray had said. He quoted something else from the Bible.

“Submit yourself to god, resist the devil and he will flee from you. That’s what we learn in the book of James.”

Ray went over to the window and looked out at the crowds of people.

“It’s time. Time I spoke.”


Trevor Wilson had never been a violent man, but he liked this new feeling, it was easy taking lives, the feeling made him powerful, no longer a weakling, he was now in control.

The first one was simple enough. A young man on his way home, late, walking along by the arches behind Kings Cross, he’d hit him from behind with a piece of brick he’d found in the alley. It felt good as he saw him fall, even better when he tasted that lovely flesh, drunk that sweet blood. He also had a lot of money on him, enough for Trevor to rent a small room at a nearby seedy hotel, buy some scissors and a razor. He cleaned himself up then went out again. The second one was just as easy, another late straggler on their way home. An older man. This time he just leapt at him from the shadows, slowly squeezed his neck until he could feel that joyous moment when his life dissolved and somehow became his. It made him stronger. More money, money now to buy new clothes. Back to the hotel to change into those clothes and make himself look like everyone else. Then he would be ready, ready to claim his rightful place at the side of the new King. This was their time.


Laura and Stacey were watching the early morning television news, it was still dark outside, both hadn’t been able to sleep and both had been up since 5.00am.

“Mum, I’d like to see Dad today, that’s okay isn’t it?”

Laura smiled.

“Stacey, you’re a grown woman, you can do whatever you want.”

“Do you want to come with me? I’m sure Dad would be pleased to see you”

Laura shook her head. The smile quickly disappeared.

“No Stacey. It’s difficult for me. I love your Dad, more than anything in the world. But I realise it’s not the same for him. It can’t be. Let’s face it, he’s still a young man and I’m in my fifties, he sees me as more of a mother figure and that hurts. So I’d rather keep my distance for now, you do understand don’t you? Besides it’s not fair on Jim.”

Stacey smiled at her mum, knowing just how hard this must be for her.

“Of course I do Mum”

They were both interrupted by the newsreader on the television.

“We have just heard that miracle man Ray Samuels is to read a statement out today at 09.00am this morning. We will be showing it live in just over an hour’s time.”

Stacey looked at her Mum.

“I’m going now, I think I should be there with Dad and Granddad.”

Spencer rang Swan.

“It’s happening Commander, Ray Samuels is going to speak to all the TV Networks at 09.00am this morning. He says he has something important to tell us all!”



Missing Years. ( Part 19)


Trevor Wilson was a homeless man. He’d slept rough on the streets of London for over ten years. During that time he’d done everything he needed to survive. Most of which he wasn’t proud of but it had to be done to stay alive. He had no family left that he knew of. His parents were long gone now, both died from the booze, both in their fifties.

He was married once but that seemed like a lifetime ago. In fact it didn’t even seem like his lifetime, it felt like it belonged to someone else.

Today he was begging by the cash machine outside Kings Cross Station. He was on his third bottle of the day, cheap but strong Cider. All thanks to some yuppie that had given him a crisp twenty pound note earlier in the day. He knew he should have bought something to eat but bollocks to that, the Cider would be better. It would help him sleep and maybe forget how useless his life had become.

One of the other lads had told him that tonight was going to be the coldest night of the year so far. It would be important to keep warm. He finished his bottle of cider, looked in his pocket and found he had only two pounds forty left. If he could just get a little bit more, he could get one more bottle to see him through for the night. He spotted his prey.

“Excuse me governor, can you give me a couple of quid for my bus fare home. Just a couple of quid. Please guv, just so I can get home.”

The middle aged man looked at him with pity. How on earth do people end up like this? He looks in his sixties but he’s probably only mid thirties. He put his hand in his pocket and took out a fistful of coins.

“Look, I know you don’t want it for bus fare, here’s some change, use it to get something to eat, no booze or drugs, promise?”

“Trevor nodded, thank you sir, you’re a kind man, I’ll go and buy something to eat straightaway, thank you so much.”

The man gave him the change out of his pocket, there was around six pounds.

Trevor took it and smiled. Just a little bit more and he could get a cheap bottle of brandy, that really would keep him keep warm on this coldest of nights. Food? Bollocks to food, he couldn’t remember when he last ate, two or three days probably. He needed a piss badly. He went round the back of the railway station and urinated up against the wall in the alley. It was pitch black in the alley; he didn’t notice that his urine was a rich red colour. He went back to the station, and kept begging for another hour.


Swan had felt uneasy since his recent conversation with James Conroy. He now had more questions running through his mind. What if Ray Samuels wasn’t what everyone first thought? What if he had another agenda, one that no one had spotted yet? What would he demand and what could he be capable of?

All questions that he needed answers to. Ray Samuels was either a good guy or a bad one. All things at the moment pointed to him being a good one. But he needed to be sure. He called Spencer.

“Have you seen Ray Samuels today?”

“Yes Sir, I saw him early this morning”

“And? What’s his plan? What’s his next move?”

Spencer noticed urgency in the Commanders voice.

“I’m not sure Sir, he was obviously a bit upset about Tom Lucas. He seemed to think that it wasn’t an accident and that someone may be responsible”

Swan didn’t like was he was hearing.

“Like who for god’s sake, did he say?”

“No Sir, but his Dad said he had a theory. But didn’t want to tell me what it was.”

“Listen Spencer, now that Lucas has gone, I want you to stay close to the Samuels family. Do you hear me, get to know them, be a bloody nuisance if you have to, but get to know what they’re up to. I’ve got people watching from the outside but we need to get close from the inside. We don’t want any surprises. Understand?”

Spencer knew this wasn’t a request, this was an order.

“Yes sir, I’ll do what I can”

Swan hung up the phone.

Spencer was agitated and slightly worried. The last person who had tried to get close to Ray Samuels was dead and now he was being asked to take his place. He knew he would have to tread carefully over the next few days.


Trevor Wilson had enough to buy his cheap bottle of brandy and found a spot where he could get his head down for the night. It was the small alley way just off of York Way, behind Kings Cross Station. The same alley where he had relieved himself earlier in the day. It was damp and cold and stank of stale piss. All he had to cover him were two cardboard boxes that he’d managed to get from the man at the off licence. But he had faith in his Brandy. He was confident that it would keep the cold away. He took a large swig and although it felt good, he also felt a sharp pain in his left side of his body and a stinging sensation in his groin. The temperature was now at minus four, some parts of his body were exposed as his clothes were beginning to thin and fall apart at the seams. He felt tired, it was as if his whole body was beginning to go numb. His pulse began to slow and his breathing became shallow. His life was slipping away. His final dream was in darkness and then he heard a deep low voice.

“You are mine now, you belong to me. This is my time, I need your form, your being, I need to take shape once more, you are mine now.”

He took a final breath and his life passed.

Then… he felt a sharp shock throughout his body, like he had just touched a live railway track. He opened his eyes, he had a purpose, he knew what he had to do.

At exactly the same time Ray Samuels was in his father’s kitchen, he let out a loud scream. It felt like someone had just fired electricity into his body.

Eddie Samuels ran into the kitchen and found Ray slumped over the kitchen sink.

“What’s wrong Ray, what is it?”

Ray Samuels turned and looked at his father. He was smiling.

“Something’s coming Dad, something’s coming.”



Missing Years. ( Part 18)


It was 6.00am and DCI Spencer was picking up as many different daily newspapers as he could on his way to see Ray Samuels. The red tops were running the Ray Samuels story on their front pages. Most also had it on pages two and three. Even the Times had it as their main story. The headline of the Sun was “Miracle Man” whilst the Mirror went for “22 Missing Years”. The Tsunami had suddenly become yesterday’s news.

Spencer had heard about the demise of Tom Lucas late the night before. He couldn’t sleep. He kept wondering if it was simply an accident or something more sinister. It seemed too much of a coincidence. Sleep didn’t come and instead he spent the night in his office going over and over the Ray Samuels paperwork. But by 5.00am he still hadn’t come to any conclusions so decided to go home and get changed. He wanted to tell Ray personally about Tom Lucas, he didn’t want him hearing it from some other source.

He arrived at Eddie Samuels’s house just after 7.00am. There were journalists everywhere, none of them yet knowing that the man who found Ray was now dead. He could only imagine what conspiracy theories they would come up with.

He walked past a dozen or so people all asking if he had anything to add to yesterday’s statement, he declined and kept walking. He noticed that on the small grass verge at the end of the street, tents and banners were being erected. One of the banners had been hand painted and in big red letters were written “He has returned, Gods chosen one.”

Ray saw him coming up the path and opened the door. He seemed surprised.

“You’re early Inspector, come to keep an eye on me?”

Spencer stood quiet for a few seconds then replied.

“No Ray, unfortunately I’ve got some bad news. Can I come in?”

Ray could sense that something was wrong. He ushered Spencer into the hallway.

“What is it? What’s happened?”

Spencer blurted it out in one sentence.

“Tom Lucas was killed yesterday, he was involved in a car accident just up a few miles up the road.”

Ray sat down and lowered his head, just as Eddie Samuels walked into the room.

“What’s happened?”

Ray spoke.

“Tom Lucas was killed yesterday in a car accident.”

Eddie put his hands together and said a prayer.

“He was a good and kind man who helped my son, Lord please accept him into your kingdom, amen.”

Although not a religious man, DCI Spencer found himself closing his eyes and saying Amen as well.

Eddie went to the kitchen and came back with three cups of coffee.

“Where did it happen Inspector?”

“Just up the road about a mile away at the roundabout at Gallows Corner. He was on his way to see Ray.”

Eddie was intrigued.

“What was he coming to see Ray about?”

Spencer took a mouthful of coffee and replied.

“Well, after the press conference, we just thought it would be a good idea to make sure you weren’t being pestered. Tom wanted to come over and help in any way he could.”

“So he was coming to protect Ray?”

Spencer nodded.

“I suppose so. Why?”

Eddie put down his coffee.

“I have my own theories Inspector. But I’ll keep them to myself for now.”

Ray had kept quiet up till now.

“I think I know what you mean Dad. Tom was on his way here to protect me and someone or something didn’t want him to. That’s why he had an ACCIDENT.”

There was an element of sarcasm to Ray’s voice. Spencer wasn’t sure what it meant, but wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

“Look Ray, it WAS an accident. You know what that Roundabouts like, even twenty years ago it was a nightmare, traffic coming from all directions, Tom was new to the area, he just misjudged it, that’s all, it was an accident. Nothing more.”

Ray wasn’t convinced.

“Maybe, thanks for letting me know, I’ll be in touch if I need any help in the future. Goodbye Inspector”

Ray stood up. DCI Spencer knew it was time to go, he politely said goodbye and left.

Eddie Samuels sat down next to his son.

“You’re right Ray, we need to be careful from now on. Tom’s death was no accident, I’m sure of that, it’s too much of a coincidence. He was told to protect you and that’s what got him killed. By who? I’m not sure. But we must remember what the good book says. He will come in many forms.”

Ray stood up and went to the window. His whole personality seemed to have changed. It was as if he’d suddenly made up his mind about something.

“Perhaps it’s time I made a proper statement to the press. Let them know the REAL truth. You know, about the Bible and being able to speak new languages. What do you think Dad?”

“Not yet son, but soon.”

Commander Swan received the call about Tom Lucas from Spencer late last night, he too had been unable to sleep, he was sure it was just an accident but something that James had said earlier at the Reform club now had him wondering. He said that we could see some nasty things start to happen and within an hour Tom Lucas was dead. He’d made some calls to find out more about the accident. Tom Lucas had been decapitated. It was difficult to see how being hit by a truck side on could cause such an injury. He was already sitting at his desk. It was just after 07.00am. The phone rang.

“Alan, its James. Sorry it’s early but couldn’t sleep last night after our chat yesterday I’ve been going through a lot of things in my mind.  There was something that we didn’t discuss yesterday, something that you might also want to bear in mind.”

Swan was anxious for the information.

“Go on James, what is it?”

“Well the Bible also says that evil comes in many forms, it will trick us, it says that evil may come with the face of an Angel. In laymen’s terms Ray Samuels may not be a saviour after all, he may be something quite the opposite.”




Missing Years. ( Part 17)


Commander Swan walked up the few short steps that took him to the entrance of the impressive building and was met by the Porter.

“Good afternoon Commander, nice to see you again, let me take your coat Sir.”

“Thank you John, has my guest arrived yet?”

“Yes Sir, he was a little early so I’ve put him upstairs in the Library. It’s nice and quiet up there today. He’s having a gin and tonic.”

“Thank you John, would you bring one up for me as well?”

“Of course Sir, Bombay Sapphire?”


Swan walked into the large atrium with its beautiful marble floor and up the grand staircase of the Reform Club at 104 Pall Mall and found Professor James Conroy sitting in a large winged Chesterfield armchair.

James Conroy was Head of Religious Studies at Oxford University. He and Swan had served together in Special Forces many years before. They hadn’t seen each other in nearly six years. Swans face lit up when he saw his old friend.

“James, great to see you, good journey?”

“Yes, I got here much quicker than expected. The Porter brought me a gin and tonic to keep me company, I was looking for a newspaper to read but apparently they’re not allowed?”

Swan pulled up a chair beside him.

“No, no papers or mobiles allowed in the Reform, so best put yours on silent if you haven’t already”

James Conroy smiled.

“Already done, this didn’t look the sort of place where you want a mobile going off!”

The Porter brought Swan his usual, large Bombay Sapphire Gin with tonic water, slice of lime and a handful of crushed ice. He took a long sip then put the glass down on the table in front of him.

Conroy waited for him to swallow his drink then spoke first.

“So Alan, I take it this meeting you set up is about Ray Samuels?”

Swan wasn’t used to hearing his Christian name used in conversation and was also impressed that James had worked out why he’d asked to see him.

“You always were quick off the mark James, yes I wanted to get your thoughts on what has happened so far and what we might expect to come.”

“In which case Alan you’d best tell me everything there is to know. And please, no secrets, if I’m to give you my honest thoughts, I need to know everything.”

Swan smiled. James knew him too well.

“Okay, okay. No secrets. I promise.”

Swan then recounted the story so far, the visions, the disappearance and then reappearance of Ray Samuels and of course the Spanish incident earlier that day.

James Conroy was staring at Swan with a look of absolute joy on his face.

“This is amazing Alan, absolutely amazing. I heard the story on the radio as I was driving down, at first I thought it was an early April fool’s joke or some kind of newspaper prank so I changed the channel to Radio 4, but it was on there as well. Everyone was talking about it. All of them coming up with weird and wonderful theories, but now you’ve told me everything, it’s bloody amazing.”

“Yes I thought you’d like it, right up your street.”

Swan pressed a button on the wall beside him, as if by magic a waiter appeared within seconds, Swan ordered two more drinks.

“So what I want to know James is what does it all mean, you know, in religious terms.”

James Conroy sat back in his chair and stroked his chin with his right hand.

“Well, just about every religion talks about someone or something coming to save the world. It’s possibly the only thing they can all agree on. However, anyone that has tried to change the world has met with an early demise. If you look through the history books it’s littered with leaders or saviours, whatever you want to call them and not one of them has lived to see their work through. If you think about it, even in our lifetime it’s been the case, Martin Luther King, JFK even some would say John Lennon, all tried to change things and all met with an early death.”

Swan listened carefully.

“But none of them quite in the same league as Ray Samuels. Here’s a man that’s doing things that he simply shouldn’t be able to do.”

Conroy agreed.

“That’s my point Alan, all the people I mentioned were, shall we say, normal people and yet they were all killed because of their views on the way we should live our lives. Now Ray Samuels is something out of the ordinary, he certainly isn’t normal, so he’s probably in even greater danger of an early grave.”

“But who from, who would want to get rid of him?”

“Are you kidding Alan, just about everyone! As I said, every religion has a belief about a saviour, but it has to be the one they want it to be, not some white middle class Baptist boy from Romford. It just doesn’t fit their criteria. Think about it, do you really think that Catholics and Muslims would want the new saviour to be Ray Samuels?”

They both took a swig of their gin and tonics. James Conroy continued.

“It’s not just religious leaders either Alan that won’t welcome him, its world governments, no one wants the world order to change. They like it the way it is, even with all its flaws. Governments don’t want someone coming along and trying to change the way they run things. Imagine if he does become a leader of some kind, followed by millions around the world. Imagine the power he would have, imagine what he could influence. He could influence the way people vote, he could put people in power and remove them just as easily, the people in charge won’t like that Alan, you should know that better than anyone.”

Swan knew exactly what he meant. Already the Home Secretary was very worried about Ray Samuels and if he was then it was definitely coming from the man above him as well.

“Well we’ve got people watching him around the clock, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open and see what he does next.”

“There’s one other thing as well Alan, something to consider. Let’s go down the route that Ray Samuels IS some kind of second coming. Some sort of mystic or prophet sent from up above. Then according to all the scriptures there will also be a force of evil coming as well. The Bible is a book of great stories but they all centre around right and wrong or good versus evil, for every force of good there is a force of evil. There is a god but there is also a devil, so if Mr Samuels is a god, where is the devil?”

Swan was confused.

“So what does that mean?”

“According to the many books on the subject, if we have a new god among us we will certainly have a force of evil here as well. We don’t know what form it will take but we might just expect to start seeing some nasty things happen around the world. For example, Ray Samuels appeared on 26th December, correct?”

Swan nodded.

“Yes, early hours of the morning.”

Conroy continued with another question.

“What time?”

Swan thought for a second.

“A local Doctor picked him up around 3.00am. Found him wandering around suffering from hyperthermia.”

Conroy couldn’t wait to explain further.

“So it’s logical to assume that he’d been out in the cold for an hour or so before he was picked up?”

Swan agreed.

“Yes, I suppose so. Why?”

Conroy continued.

“The Tsunami in the Indian ocean occurred at exactly 1.00am, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Possibly exactly the same time that Ray Samuels reappeared. Coincidence?”

Commander Swan hadn’t thought of that. He took another sip of Gin and tonic.



Tom Lucas got the news from Spencer about Ray. He was okay with it, it would make a nice change to be away from the dreary life of Buxton for a while, besides he liked Ray, he felt close to him and in some way wanted to protect him. It didn’t feel like spying at all.

He was on his way to see Ray, driving along the A12, listening to his favourite Country and Western music, the sun was shining, the world was good today.

He was coming up to the roundabout at Gallows Corner in Romford, another five minutes and he would be at Eddie Samuels home, he put his foot down softly on the brake as he entered the roundabout, nothing happened, he noticed a damp, putrid smell in the car and then a shadow on the back seat, he never saw the seven and a half ton vehicle as it hit him side on, he died instantly.



Missing Years. ( Part 16)


DCI Spencer was with Commander Swan in a small office on the top floor of Romford Police Station.

It was two hours since the press conference; Ray had gone home with his Dad followed by a mass of journalists and film crews. Spencer poured himself a coffee and sat down.

“Well I thought that went well. God help him now though, the press will be all over him like a rash. They won’t leave him alone till they get what they want. Poor sod. I wonder what headline they’ll come up with for tomorrow’s paper?”

Swan gave him a stern look.

“Something bizarre I’m sure. I even overheard one guy say he thought he might be a Russian spy! By the way, you shouldn’t have allowed that last question, when you say it’s over, it’s damn well over, no more question!”

Spencer was apologetic.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t think it would do any harm, I felt a bit sorry for the Spanish lady, she’d been trying to get a question in for ages.”

Swan shook his head.

“Spanish, that’s all we needed. Suddenly he can speak fluent Spanish. I’m betting he can speak bloody French, Italian and Chinese as well!”

Spencer smiled but secretly thought it possible that Ray Samuels could now speak every language known to man.

“So what’s the plan now Sir? Leave him alone and just get on with our work?”

For the first time Spencer saw the Commander smile.

“Are you mad Spencer? Now, the real work starts. We’ve got to keep our eye on Mr Samuels. Make sure he doesn’t get up to any mischief. I want Lucas to stay close to him, they seem to have bonded over the past few days, make sure that Lucas becomes his mate and then he can report back to you and then you to me. I’ve spoken to his Superintendent and we can have him for as long as we like. Tell him that he’s to stay with us for a few weeks jus to make sure Ray settles down okay. He can stay at The Travel Lodge.”

“Okay Sir, he can share my office. He’s a nice man. He’s been with the force for more than twenty years.”

Swan gave him one of his looks.

“So have I, but it doesn’t make me a nice man.”

Spencer agreed, he’d only seen Swan smile once in the past forty eight hours, never seen him eat, drink or even use the bathroom. The man was a bloody machine.

Swan stood up and put on his coat.

“Here’s my card with my work and mobile number. I’m going to put my home number on there as well. Call me every day with an update, doesn’t matter what time of day. And remember, I will also have people keeping an eye on our Mr Samuels.”

Swan brushed past Spencer and left the office.

Spencer sat down and finished his coffee. He was still trying to take it all in. A hell of a lot had happened over the past seventy two hours. He was certain there were still plenty more surprises to come.


Ray was sitting in his Dad’s house in the living room, he felt exhausted. Eddie had drawn the curtains so that they couldn’t be seen by the mass of people outside.

“It’s like a bloody circus out there son. There’s been 36 business cards put through the letterbox, everyone from the BBC to some Greek television company. It seems everyone wants a bit of you son.”

“It’s not their fault Dad; they’re just doing their job.”

“Well they should go and do it somewhere else and give us a bit of peace and quiet.”

The both laughed, comfortable in each other’s company.

Ray loved the house, he had great memories of growing up there. Nothing had changed since he left home at eighteen to go to University. There was the same furniture, carpets, curtains and Mums old nick nacks on the sideboard. It was just perfect, he felt like a kid again.

Eddie jumped out of the chair as though he was a twenty year old again.

“Tell you what Ray, I’m gonna cook us something nice for dinner. Your old favourite. Bangers, mash and onion gravy. Fancy it?”

Ray laughed.

“Thanks Dad, I’ll look forward to it, but I think we need to talk first, there are a few things that are happening to me, things I don’t understand.”

Eddie sat down on the old sofa opposite Ray.

“When I answered that last question today I was speaking Spanish. Yet I’ve never had a lesson in my life, it just happened, just like when I picked up the Bible, I just knew it. Something must have happened to me while I was away. I think there’s a lot more I can do as well. Things that will become apparent as time goes on. I’m beginning to think you’re right about one thing Dad, I am here to do something. I’m not sure what at the moment. But something important.”

“I told you son, you’re special, you’ll see, you have a purpose here, I’m sure it’ll all become clear soon.”

Eddie got up and went into the kitchen. Ray leaned back in the armchair and fell into a deep sleep. The dream came quickly.

He was running, running along a familiar road, there was rain in the air and a damp smell. He tripped on something and began to fall, he seemed to be falling a long way for a long time, then he stopped and lay still, unable to move. Something was coming, something dark and damp, closer and closer until it was over him, leaning in close. He couldn’t open his eyes but could feel hot breath on his face, then a voice, a deep and heavy voice spoke.

“They will not win this battle, it is our time, not theirs, this is our time.”

Ray opened his eyes, he was sweating and shaking, he’d done as Tom had told him. He’d let the thing speak, but now he wished he hadn’t.

Meanwhile a long way away something very dark was stirring.



Missing Years. ( Part 15)


December 28th 2004. It was still just 48 hours since Ray Samuels had been found wandering along a deserted road in the early hours of the morning in Buxton Derbyshire. Things had moved fast. He was back in his home town and had been re-united with his family and today everything was in place for the press conference.

Tom Lucas and DCI Spencer had left the Travel Lodge along with Ray, Laura, Stacey and Eddie Samuels. They arrived at Romford Police Station at 07.20.

They met with Commander Swan in a large room that had been cleared overnight ready for the conference. Swan took control.

“Welcome everyone, today is very important for all of us, I want to make sure that everything goes according to plan and the whole thing doesn’t turn in to some kind of farce. So I need everyone to be clear what we are here to do today. DCI Spencer will hold the press conference, he will be the one that tells the press about Ray’s disappearance in 1982, he will then tell how Ray was found in Derbyshire. He will go through the tests that we carried out to establish that it is indeed Ray Samuels. There will be pictures of Ray being shown on a large screen behind him; these will be the same pictures that we released back in 1982 when Ray went missing.  No one is to speak while DCI Spencer is going through this. He will then take questions, the first round of questions are to be answered only by DCI Spencer. After this he will ask Ray to say a few words and answer some questions.  There may be a few questions aimed at Laura and Stacey, answer them if you can, if you do not want to answer them just ask DCI Spencer to answer them. We do not want it to last more than twenty to thirty minutes. Is everyone clear on what is going to happen?”

Everyone nodded. Swan continued.

“Good. Ray, when this finishes, the press will want you to give them your story. They’ll all want it, there’ll be a frenzy, each paper trying to get you to do an exclusive. Take your time before you decide. My advice would be to go away for a few days and let everything sink in before you make any decisions. Laura and Stacey, you’ll also be asked the same from the press. They may even decide to camp outside your house, they’ll follow you when you go out, for the next few weeks you will be unable to lead a normal life. You should be prepared for that.”

Eddie Samuels spoke up.

“Everything has been decided, Ray’s coming home with me. He’ll stay with me for as long as he wants, he’ll be safe with me. Stacey, why don’t you stay with your Mum for a while?”

Laura and Stacey agreed.

Swan continued.

“Good, that’s all set then. We have about an hour now before it starts. Grab some coffee and something to eat from the table in the corner. I’ll see you back here in an hour.”

Swan left the room and beckoned Spencer to go with him.

Ray held Laura’s hand and smiled.

“It’s all going to be fine Laura, you’ll see. It’s best if Stacey stays with you for a while, the press will drive her mad, she’ll be much better off with you. Have you spoken with Jim yet?”

“Yes, I spoke with him last night, he’s been great, he understands, you’ll like him Ray, he’s a nice man.”

“If you like him, so do I.”

They smiled at each other and Ray lent forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t passionate, more the kind of kiss that a boy gives his Mum.

“I do love you Ray, you know that don’t you, it’s just…”

He put his fingers against her lips to stop her saying any more.

“I know Laura, I know.”

Stacey saw the two of them and smiled, it was great to have her Dad back, even if he was the same age as her. How bizarre was that? But she had a problem, he was gorgeous, the most gorgeous man she had ever seen, how could she come to terms with this. She was completely smitten by her old man.

The room was full of people by 08.30, there were at least twenty newspapers covering the story and at least four of them were from abroad. There were also three film crews there as well, BBC, ITV and SKY were all covered. Swan had done his job well, every paper and every main television company were there. They didn’t know what to expect but they knew it was something big.

They all took their seats and at exactly 09.00 it began.

DCI Spencer started.

“Thank you all for coming today, we wanted to let you know of recent events regarding a missing person from back in 1982. Ray Samuels went missing while going out for a long run, today I can confirm that he has been found safe and sound.”

Ray Samuels walked in to the room and sat next to DCI Spencer. There was a stunned silence as he entered the room interrupted only by a large number of camera clicks going off.

He was closely followed by Laura and Stacey. They took their seats either side of Ray.

An excited journalist sitting at the front suddenly jumped up and spoke.

“But he looks the same as he did when he went missing. Why hasn’t he aged?”

Spencer replied.

“That’s still a mystery to us. Mr Samuels has no recollection of the events but we’re hoping that in time his memory will return and he’ll be able to give us more information.”

Another journalist stood up.

“So Mr Samuels went missing in 1982 and was found twenty two years later, yet hasn’t aged at all?”

Again Spencer answered.

“That seems to be the case, yes,”

Then the room went ballistic. There were cameras clicking, people shouting out questions from every corner of the room. Spencer put his hands up and shouted.

“Please, please, one at a time!”

A young woman spoke.

“Mr Samuels, how do you explain your appearance?”

Spencer nodded to Ray that it was okay to speak.

“I’m afraid I can’t, one minute I was running in Romford, the next thing I remember was being picked up by a Doctor in Derbyshire.”

“DCI Spencer, how certain are you that this is indeed the same Mr Ray Samuels?”

“Trust me, we have done all the necessary tests, we are one hundred per-cent sure.”

Questions started to come fast and furious. Spencer handled them well and kept control. Laura and Stacey were asked how they felt about Rays return. They kept their answers short and to the point. After about twenty minutes Spencer spoke up.

“Okay everyone, that’s it for now. A full press release has been prepared and a copy is available on the main desk, thank you”

“Signor please, please signor just one more question, I am from CANAL television in Spain, one more question please.”

It was a small Spanish lady from a far corner of the room.

“Okay, but this is the last one.”

Spencer sat down again.

“I apologise for my English, it is not very good. Ray, how does it feel to be back with your wife after being away for such a long time.?”

She was right, her English was poor, she spoke very slowly and quietly.

Then something happened that no one was expecting, not even Ray himself. He answered her question. But in perfect fluent Spanish.

Eddie Samuels stood at the back of the room. He had his head down low and eyes closed. He was clutching his Bible and speaking the same words over and over again. It was a passage from the Bible.

“He that is baptized shall be saved, in God’s name he will speak, speak with new tongues.”