Missing Years. ( Part 12)


Commander Swan received the call he’d had been dreading. Someone else knows about Ray Samuels return. Worse than that, it was his religious nut of a father. Eddie Samuels.

Tom Lucas called earlier and gave him the news. He had to accept it but wasn’t happy. The northern plod was a halfwit. So much for keeping Ray Samuels under wraps. He told Lucas to keep both junior and senior Samuels at number 37 in the Travel Lodge and THIS TIME make sure that neither of them go anywhere.

He sat in the small office at the station and in walked Spencer. Spencer noticed the angry look on Swans face.

“Everything Okay Sir?”

“No it fucking isn’t, that idiot Lucas has only gone and let Ray Samuels meet his Dad!”

Spencer’s jaw almost hit the floor.

“You’re joking, how did that happen?”

“According to Lucas, they were having a drink in the pub when just by chance, Eddie Samuels walked in.”

There was a sarcasm to Swans words. Spencer could see the anger in his eyes.

“But what about the plain clothed PC outside?”

“Fuck knows, but I’ve got two of my own men on their way now to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Swan took a deep breath then continued.

“Okay, let’s have your report, make it quick as I’ve got some calls to make.”

Spencer spoke quickly. He could see that the Commander was in no mood for waffle.

“His running clothes are from the early eighties and his dental records match exactly. The DNA results came through just a few minutes ago. They match 100 percent. It’s him Sir, there is no doubt whatsoever. It’s Ray Samuels.”

Swan shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, that’s what we thought anyway but we had to be sure before we take the next step.”

Spencer was intrigued.

“What is the next step sir?”

Swan sat back down again and gestured to Spencer to do the same.

“Now that Eddie Samuels is involved we can’t keep this a secret anymore. If we don’t tell the press, he sure as hell will. We need to hold a press conference and let everyone know about the mysterious return of Ray Samuels, it’s going to be a massive story, there will be all sorts of theories, from fucking Alien abduction to time travel, you name it the press will be on it. But first we need to let certain people know, by that I mean his wife and his daughter. We can’t have them reading this in the papers first, that wouldn’t be right. Get hold of his wife and daughter and take them to the Travel lodge, book a few more rooms there if you need to.”

“Okay Sir, I’ll get on it straightaway.”

He was about to leave when Swan called out.

“Spencer, I need everything done by the end of today. Both wife and daughter have to have had time with Ray before we call the press conference.”

“When will that be Sir?”

“Tomorrow at 09.00am here at the station.”

Spencer nodded. Sod it, that only gave him a few hours to get everything done, it was now 17.30, he had to act fast.

As Spencer left the office, Swan was picking up the phone.

“Home Secretary please, it’s Commander Swan, tell him it’s urgent.”


Tom Lucas sat on his own in the Moby Dick pub next to the Travel lodge, he’d taken Ray and Eddie back to room 37 to let them have some time together. Two new men were sitting outside. They looked like the sort of people you didn’t argue with.

Tom had mixed emotions, he was pleased that Ray was finally with his father, but angry at himself for letting down Swan and Spencer. So he was doing what he always did in these situations, he was drinking a large whiskey.

Ray and Eddie sat looking at each other, trying to take it all in. Finally Eddie spoke.

“Your back Ray, back for good, I always knew you would be, just like I told you all those years ago. You thought I was crazy when I told you about the vision and the prophesy. You never believed it, thought I’d made it all up. But it’s come true Ray. All of it. You’re special son, really special.”

Ray shook his head a confused look on his face.

“There’s so much that I don’t understand Dad. Where have I been all these years, what was the point? If I’m so special why didn’t I just keep living my life, why did I have to go away somewhere for 22 years, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Eddie put his arms around his son.

“I’ve got a theory son. I think you needed to learn things, things that take a lifetime to learn. Things that you couldn’t possibly have been able to learn back here in your own time. Things that you need to know if you’re going to do the Lords work.”

Ray turned and looked at his father.

“But what Dad? What am I expected to do?”

Eddie smiled.

“You need to be a leader Ray, a leader of a great number of people. The world is in chaos, war, famine, greed, murder, crime everywhere. Someone needs to take order Ray, the people need someone to follow, that’s you Ray,  you can be that leader.”

Ray shook his head.

“Dad, I’m just Ray Samuels from bloody Romford, how can I do that?”

Eddie was confident.

“You will Ray, you will.”

Ray sat back in the chair and let out a large sigh, he noticed his Dads Bible on the table next to him. He smiled.

“I see you’ve still got the old Bible then. I remember it from all those years ago.”

Ray picked it up and started to flick through it, it looked familiar, very familiar. Not because he recognised it from years back but there was something else, something important about it, he seemed to know it, as though it was part of him, he started remembering things. He remembered a classroom where he was being taught, he knew this Bible.

Eddie Samuels took the Bible from him.

“What is it Ray? What you thinking?”

“It’s the book dad. I feel like I know it. It’s like it’s part of me. That sound crazy?”

Eddie took the Bible from him. He had an idea.

“No Ray, it doesn’t. Listen to me, listen carefully, I’m going to ask you about some parts of this Bible, tell me what you think it says.”

Eddie flicked through the pages and stopped at the Book of John he chose a verse at random.

“Ray, John, chapter seventeen verse one, what does it say?”

Ray closed his eyes and began to speak.

“These words spake Jesus and lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, father, the hour is come, glorify thy son that thy son also may glorify you.”

Ray opened his eyes. He was astonished at what he’d just said, but realised that something amazing had just happened.

“Dad, I know every word, every word of that book, how…?

“Shush Son, not now, now’s not the time, I’m sure all will be revealed soon. The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


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