Missing Years. ( Part 18)


It was 6.00am and DCI Spencer was picking up as many different daily newspapers as he could on his way to see Ray Samuels. The red tops were running the Ray Samuels story on their front pages. Most also had it on pages two and three. Even the Times had it as their main story. The headline of the Sun was “Miracle Man” whilst the Mirror went for “22 Missing Years”. The Tsunami had suddenly become yesterday’s news.

Spencer had heard about the demise of Tom Lucas late the night before. He couldn’t sleep. He kept wondering if it was simply an accident or something more sinister. It seemed too much of a coincidence. Sleep didn’t come and instead he spent the night in his office going over and over the Ray Samuels paperwork. But by 5.00am he still hadn’t come to any conclusions so decided to go home and get changed. He wanted to tell Ray personally about Tom Lucas, he didn’t want him hearing it from some other source.

He arrived at Eddie Samuels’s house just after 7.00am. There were journalists everywhere, none of them yet knowing that the man who found Ray was now dead. He could only imagine what conspiracy theories they would come up with.

He walked past a dozen or so people all asking if he had anything to add to yesterday’s statement, he declined and kept walking. He noticed that on the small grass verge at the end of the street, tents and banners were being erected. One of the banners had been hand painted and in big red letters were written “He has returned, Gods chosen one.”

Ray saw him coming up the path and opened the door. He seemed surprised.

“You’re early Inspector, come to keep an eye on me?”

Spencer stood quiet for a few seconds then replied.

“No Ray, unfortunately I’ve got some bad news. Can I come in?”

Ray could sense that something was wrong. He ushered Spencer into the hallway.

“What is it? What’s happened?”

Spencer blurted it out in one sentence.

“Tom Lucas was killed yesterday, he was involved in a car accident just up a few miles up the road.”

Ray sat down and lowered his head, just as Eddie Samuels walked into the room.

“What’s happened?”

Ray spoke.

“Tom Lucas was killed yesterday in a car accident.”

Eddie put his hands together and said a prayer.

“He was a good and kind man who helped my son, Lord please accept him into your kingdom, amen.”

Although not a religious man, DCI Spencer found himself closing his eyes and saying Amen as well.

Eddie went to the kitchen and came back with three cups of coffee.

“Where did it happen Inspector?”

“Just up the road about a mile away at the roundabout at Gallows Corner. He was on his way to see Ray.”

Eddie was intrigued.

“What was he coming to see Ray about?”

Spencer took a mouthful of coffee and replied.

“Well, after the press conference, we just thought it would be a good idea to make sure you weren’t being pestered. Tom wanted to come over and help in any way he could.”

“So he was coming to protect Ray?”

Spencer nodded.

“I suppose so. Why?”

Eddie put down his coffee.

“I have my own theories Inspector. But I’ll keep them to myself for now.”

Ray had kept quiet up till now.

“I think I know what you mean Dad. Tom was on his way here to protect me and someone or something didn’t want him to. That’s why he had an ACCIDENT.”

There was an element of sarcasm to Ray’s voice. Spencer wasn’t sure what it meant, but wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

“Look Ray, it WAS an accident. You know what that Roundabouts like, even twenty years ago it was a nightmare, traffic coming from all directions, Tom was new to the area, he just misjudged it, that’s all, it was an accident. Nothing more.”

Ray wasn’t convinced.

“Maybe, thanks for letting me know, I’ll be in touch if I need any help in the future. Goodbye Inspector”

Ray stood up. DCI Spencer knew it was time to go, he politely said goodbye and left.

Eddie Samuels sat down next to his son.

“You’re right Ray, we need to be careful from now on. Tom’s death was no accident, I’m sure of that, it’s too much of a coincidence. He was told to protect you and that’s what got him killed. By who? I’m not sure. But we must remember what the good book says. He will come in many forms.”

Ray stood up and went to the window. His whole personality seemed to have changed. It was as if he’d suddenly made up his mind about something.

“Perhaps it’s time I made a proper statement to the press. Let them know the REAL truth. You know, about the Bible and being able to speak new languages. What do you think Dad?”

“Not yet son, but soon.”

Commander Swan received the call about Tom Lucas from Spencer late last night, he too had been unable to sleep, he was sure it was just an accident but something that James had said earlier at the Reform club now had him wondering. He said that we could see some nasty things start to happen and within an hour Tom Lucas was dead. He’d made some calls to find out more about the accident. Tom Lucas had been decapitated. It was difficult to see how being hit by a truck side on could cause such an injury. He was already sitting at his desk. It was just after 07.00am. The phone rang.

“Alan, its James. Sorry it’s early but couldn’t sleep last night after our chat yesterday I’ve been going through a lot of things in my mind.  There was something that we didn’t discuss yesterday, something that you might also want to bear in mind.”

Swan was anxious for the information.

“Go on James, what is it?”

“Well the Bible also says that evil comes in many forms, it will trick us, it says that evil may come with the face of an Angel. In laymen’s terms Ray Samuels may not be a saviour after all, he may be something quite the opposite.”





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