Missing Years. ( Part 27)


There was a knock on Eddie Samuels’s front door. He ignored it. But whoever it was wasn’t giving up. This time the knock was harder and persistent. Eddie opened the door and saw a scrawny middle aged man standing before him dressed in a suit that was obviously too big for him. There was something about his face that Eddie didn’t like. His features looked out of proportion. His ears were bigger than normal, yet he had a small nose and tiny squinty eyes. He looked…weird.

“Look if it’s about an interview with Ray, then I’ve already told you, he’s given his statement and won’t speak again until he’s ready. Now go away!”

The stranger remained silent.

Eddie went to close the door, when Ray shouted out from the kitchen.

“Let him in Dad, he’s a friend.”

Eddie was surprised but did as his son requested. He opened the door up wide and showed the man into the hallway. He felt uneasy around this stranger. He’d always considered himself a good judge of people, instinctively he knew that this was a man not to be trusted. Then there was the smell. A damp smell. Ray shouted out again.

“Bring him into the kitchen Dad”

Eddie did as Ray asked and took the stranger into the kitchen. When Ray saw him, his eyes opened wide. His face seemed to contort into a shape that Eddie had never seen before. Then, in a second he was back to normal. He smiled at the stranger. Eddie was concerned at what he’s seen.

“You okay son? You didn’t look too good there for a second.”

Rays turned to face his father. His voice took on an authoritative tone.

“I’m fine Dad. Now leave us alone for a while, I need to have a few minutes alone with…”

He looked over at the stranger waiting for him to answer. He did.

“Trevor Wilson”

The voice was low and deep, not what Eddie was expecting from this pathetic looking individual. Ray now looked straight at his visitor.

“Yes, Trevor, how are you, nice to see you again after such a long time.”

They both smiled as Ray said the words…after such a long time. As if they were sharing some secret joke that only the two of them knew.

Eddie was confused, how did Ray know this horrible little man. He never remembered him from years ago, he wasn’t one of Ray’s old school or work mates he was sure of that and he’d been with him ever since he got back, so where did he know this guy from? He asked the question.

“How do you know Ray then Mister Wilson?”

Ray turned and faced Eddie. His face full of anger.

“Dad, I told you to give us some time alone, now go!”

His voice filled the room; it was dark, cold and menacing. Never had Eddie ever heard him speak like that, never. He did as he was told, left the kitchen and closed the door. He went into the next room.

He could hear them talking, but not in any language that he recognised. He knew Ray could now speak many languages but this was something different. It was deep, low and guttural. Even though he knew there were only two of them in the room, it sounded as though there were at least six people.

He decided to call Stacey.

“Hi darling, you okay, how’s your Mum doing?”

“Fine thanks Granddad. Is Ray with you?”

“Yes love, he’s with an old mate of his, Trevor Wilson, ring any bells?”

“Never heard of him, Mum kept in touch with some of his old friends for years after he went missing but never heard of a Trevor Wilson, is everything alright Granddad? You seem worried.”

“It’s fine love, don’t worry, I just get a bit concerned about your Dad sometimes that’s all.”

“Look, I’m going to see Mum later, I’ll ask her about Trevor Wilson. See if she remembers anything.”

“Thanks love, let me know, yeh?”

Eddie put down the phone and returned to listening to the voices next door, he put his ear close to the wall. The language was definitely nothing he had ever heard before. There was now another sound, almost like a growl. It reminder Eddie of the sound a dog makes when someone tries to take away his bone. Then it went quiet, the quiet lasted for around thirty seconds before he heard noises again. This time he heard chanting and three words said over and over again.

“Balan, Jezebeth, Pyro”

Eddie jumped away from the wall, his face drained of colour. He knew these words, from years of reading and studying the old Bible, he knew they were names, names of Demons!


DCI Spencer was back in his office at the station. His phone rang. It was Eddie Samuels.

“What can I do for you Mr Samuels?”

“It’s Ray Inspector. I’m worried about him, someone’s turned up. I think he could be in danger, this man, this horrible man is here, they’re talking, I didn’t know who else to call, then I saw your card by the phone, he’s, he’s in trouble I just know it, I know he is, he’s not my Ray, there’s something…”

Eddie was rambling and none of this made any sense to Spencer.

“Mr Samuels, slow down, what’s the problem?”

“There’s a man here, just turned up out of the blue, says he’s an old friend, he’s with Ray now, they’re talking weird, chanting, he’s someone bad, I just know it.”

Once again this made no sense to Spencer.

“Okay, let’s take this one step at a time. An old friend of Ray’s has turned up, is that what you’re saying?”

Eddie continued, speaking quickly.

“But he isn’t an old friend that’s just the point, he says he is but no one knows who he is.”

Spencer took his time. He answered slowly. Trying to calm Eddie down.

“But Ray does?”

It didn’t work. Eddie was still rambling.

“He says he does but he’s lying, I’m sure of it, he’s in trouble Inspector, I’m sure he’s in trouble. There’s something really wrong here.”

Spencer sat back in his chair and took a deep breath.

“Look, Mr Samuels if you want me to help, I need to know exactly what’s going on, so calm down, take your time and tell me what’s happened from the start, can you do that for me?”

For the first time Eddie spoke slowly and relayed the story of Trevor Wilson’s arrival at his home. How he was sure that Ray didn’t know who he was, how he had called Stacey and what she had said. Then he told him about the strange language that he’d heard and then finally about the three demon names. Spencer wrote them down.

“Look, Mr Samuels, this is what I’m gonna do. I’ll run a check on Trevor Wilson and what I can find. You stay with Ray, make sure he’s alright, meet me at 5 o’clock in the Golden Lion opposite the station, can you do that?”

Eddie sounded relieved.

“Thank you Inspector, I’m sure he’s in trouble, I don’t know what it is but something is definitely not right here.”

“Leave it to me Mr Samuels, you take care and I’ll see you at five.”

Eddie didn’t have time to say goodbye. Someone put their hand on the handset and cut him off. He turned round to see both Ray and Trevor standing behind him.

“Who were you talking to Dad?”

Once again Eddie noticed the menace in Ray’s voice, his eyes seemed to have changed colour slightly as well, no longer the clear blue that they once were, but now a deep, darker blue.

“Just the inspector from Romford, he asked me to give him a call today and let him know how Laura was, that’s all”

Ray snapped at him.

“No more calls to them again Dad, understand?”

Eddie found himself shaking.

“Yeh sure Ray. Is everything okay?”

He saw Ray turn to face Trevor. They both turned around and walked back to the kitchen. Ray shouted out.

“Everything’s fine Dad, the old season is over, it’s our time now!”


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