Missing Years. ( Part 28)


Spencer ran a check on Trevor Wilson. He’d been arrested twice, once in Camden, and once in Shoreditch, both times for burglary. He had no fixed abode. Basically he was homeless and living on the street. Divorced from his wife in 1994. He’d been treated for alcoholism in The London Hospital three times in the past 10 years He’d also been admitted for a broken arm and head injuries as a result of fights with other homeless people. There was nothing on record since 2002.

The question had to be asked. Why would an alcoholic, homeless man be claiming to be a friend of Ray Samuels, more to the point why would Ray Samuels pretend to know him?

He called James Conroy.

“Hi James sorry to call you again so soon but I wonder if you can help me with something.”

“Sure, what’s the problem?”

“I’ve just had Eddie Samuels on the phone. He’s worried about his son. Apparently a stranger has turned up at the house claiming to know Ray. Now I’ve done a check on this stranger and he’s a low life living on the streets. But Ray claims to know him and says they’re old friends. Eddie says they’re talking in a strange language and chanting weird names.”

Conroy was intrigued.

“What names”

Spencer shuffled some papers desperately looking for the names he’d written down that Eddie Samuels had told him. He found them.

“I don’t know if I’ve written them down correctly but he said they were Balan, Jezebeth and Pyro, the old man thinks they’re the names of Demons? What do you think?”

There was a slight pause while Conroy took in the information.

“You’re certain he said those name?”

Spencer looked at his papers again.

“Yep. I wrote them down as he told me. He kept repeating them over and over again. Mean anything?”

Conroy was excited. He couldn’t wait to give Spencer the information.

“Very much so. According to various scriptures, Pyro and Jezebeth are both Demons who report directly to Balan. He is their commander in chief. Before any act of evil can commence Balan has to give the command. Apparently even in hell there is a pecking order Inspector!”

Spencer listened but couldn’t help thinking that this was all a bit farfetched.

“So James. Humour me here for a moment. If what Eddie Samuels saying is true…what does it mean?”

Conroy laughed.

“It’s a lot to take in. But if I told you what I was really thinking you’d probably have me locked up and put away somewhere. But my gut feeling is something bad is about to happen.”

“That’s exactly what old Mr Samuels keeps saying, I’ve arranged to meet him at five o’clock tonight in the pub opposite, fancy joining us?”

James Conroy was already excitedly putting on his coat.

“Try stopping me, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.”


The call from her granddad had made Stacey feel uneasy. She decided to call in on him on the way to see her Mum in hospital. She arrived late that afternoon and knocked on the door. Eddie opened up and let her in, she could see that he looked worried.

“Granddad what’s the matter, you look terrible.”

He didn’t want to worry Stacey with his suspicions about Ray.

“Oh I’m okay love, just a bit under the weather, you know, what with everything that’s going on.”

She kissed him on the cheek.

“Where’s Ray, is he in?”

“Yes love he’s in the kitchen with his friend Trevor.”

“I’ll go through and say hello.”

“No, no, don’t do that love, they’re a bit busy, you know, talking about old times.”

“Nonsense, can’t stop by without saying hello”

Before Eddie could stop her, Stacey opened the kitchen door.

She stopped dead in her tracks, what she saw frightened her and she took a step back. For a moment she didn’t recognise her Dad, her Ray. His eyes were different, his face somewhat contorted, he seemed to look up at her as if he’d never seen her before. But there was something else, something more terrifying, she saw hatred in his eyes. Then suddenly it was gone, he was back to being her Ray. She thought maybe she’d imagined it, but there was something, something else, the smell, the damp smell.

Ray spoke as though nothing had just happened.

“Hi darling. How’s your mum?”

Stacey was confused but tried to act normally.

“She’s fine Ray, off to see her now actually, just thought I’d pop in and say hello.”

She looked over at a small, badly dressed, unshaven man, who smiled but said nothing.

“Who’s this then?”

Ray answered her.

“This is an old friend of mine Stacey from a long time ago, his name is Trevor. Trevor Wilson.”

“Pleased to meet you Trevor, glad Ray’s got some company other than me and granddad.”

Stacey smiled, so did Ray.

“Okay if I take granddad with me to see Mum? She’d be grateful for the extra company”

“Sure, Stacey, take him off with you, Trevor and I have a lot to catching up to do.”

Stacey said goodbye and shut the kitchen door.

“Get your coat, Granddad, you’re coming with me.”

Eddie was confused, but got his coat and left the house. Leaving Trevor Wilson and Ray alone.

They began to laugh. The laugh turned into a roar. And then Ray spoke in a low guttural tone.

“Let it be done. Let him see out power. This is our time.”

At exactly that moment, flight 604, a Boeing 737, on its way from Egypt to Paris, fell from the sky and crashed into The Red Sea. Killing all 148 people on board.



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