Missing Years. ( Part 29)


Stacey Samuels drove away until the house was out of sight. She stopped the car and turned to face Eddie.

“Granddad, what the hell’s going on? I saw something, something evil, something’s wrong with Ray. He seemed to change right in front of me and who the hell is that lowlife scumbag with him?”

Although Eddie was upset by the events of the day he was also somewhat relieved that Stacey felt the same way. It was proof that he wasn’t imagining things.

“I know darling. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I’m going to see Inspector Spencer in an hour, I need to talk to him.”

Stacey squeezed his hand tight.

“Okay, but I’m coming with you.”

Eddie looked at her. His bottom lip trembling.

“I’m worried about him love, he’s changed, he doesn’t seem to be my Ray anymore, something’s not right, I just know it.”

Eddie started to cry. She put her arms around him and for the first time in her life she realised how old he was. He suddenly looked weak and frail, not the strong man he’d always been when she was growing up.

“It’s alright Granddad, let’s meet up with the Inspector and find out what’s going on.”

Spencer got to the pub early, he badly needed a beer. The first one went down fast and he was onto his second when he saw James Conroy walk in. James saw him and they sat down together. Spencer was eager for information.

“So then, before he gets here James, what’s your gut feeling about all this?”

James didn’t have time to speak. Eddie and Stacey walked into the pub and joined them.

Spencer noticed that Eddie looked unwell, he seemed to have aged in the last couple of days.

“Is everything okay, Mr Samuels? You look a bit… tired.”

Eddie put his head in his hands. His voice trembling as he spoke.

“I’m worried about him Inspector, really worried, he’s, he’s changed. It’s like he’s not my Ray anymore”

Stacey put her arm around him.

“It’s alright granddad. Just tell them exactly what has happened today.”

Eddie took his time and went through the day’s events. Every detail since Trevor Wilson arrived. He told them about the chanting, the change in Ray, the way that he spoke, the menace in his voice, everything. James Conroy was the first to speak.

“Tell me again, EXACTLY what Ray said to you when he put his hand on the phone and cut you off?”

“He said, the old season is over, this is our time now.”

“That’s exactly what he said?”

Eddie confirmed it once again.

“Yes, word for word, why what does it mean?”

“I’ll come to that in a moment. Now, the chanting you heard, they were definitely saying those three names?”

“Yes, Balan, Jezebeth and Pyro.”

Stacey was hearing all this for the first time. She sat there open mouthed. She just couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Granddad are you sure? I know I said that I thought I saw something but what you’re saying is beginning to really worry me. I just can’t believe that Ray would say such things and to threaten you as well, it’s just not like him.”

“I know love, that’s why I keep saying, he doesn’t seem like my Ray anymore.”

There was a real sadness in Eddie’s voice. Stacey held him tight and kissed his cheek.

Everyone looked at James Conroy waiting for him to speak. Hoping he would make sense of it all. He took a deep breath and then began.

“Look everyone, I can only tell you what I think is going on here, you may have your own thoughts and you may laugh at mine but here goes. When Ray mentioned that the old season is over, he wasn’t talking about a season as we know it. I believe he was talking about a SEASON as is mentioned in the Bible.”

Eddie interrupted.

“Like in the Book of Luke, where the devil tries to tempt Christ?”

Conroy nodded.

“Exactly, the Devil gives up with his temptation and decides to leave for another season. A season in biblical terms is more than a thousand years. So when Ray said that the OLD SEASON is over, he meant that thousands of years have passed and now it’s time for change. Time for a new order. Time for a new power to take control.”

Stacey looked puzzled.

“But what, Mister Conroy?”

“Well if you link that with the calling up of the three Demons, who are Balan, the commander of all things evil, Jezebeth the demon of lies and falsehoods and Pyro the Prince Demon of untruths, then I think that something evil and sinister is about to happen.”

Spencer leaned forward to speak.

“So you think that Ray and this Trevor Wilson are demon worshippers trying to summon up evil spirits?”

James Conroy took a sip of his beer and then sat back in his chair.

“No Inspector, I believe it’s worse than that. I believe that Trevor Wilson and Ray Samuels ARE two demons themselves. Ray is Jezebeth and Trevor Wilson is his assistant Pyro.”

Eddie Samuels clutched his beloved Bible to his chest and looked to the ceiling.

“No, no, please God no. Not my Ray!” He said loudly.


The television behind the bar was on and showing some kind of game show. It was interrupted by a newsflash. It said that an Egyptian airline had crashed into the Red Sea killing all 148 people on board.

Spencer noticed that Conroy was looking intently at the TV. He took a pen and pad from his pocket and started writing notes. Spencer was intrigued.

“What is it James? Something about the plane crash?”

Conroy thought long and hard before he spoke.

“It may be just coincidence. But…in the Bible in the Book of Exodus it says that Moses parted the Red Sea to help the Israelites escape from the Egyptian Army. The Israelites made it to the other side but the Egyptians were all swept away and killed when the waters came back. It was another story of good triumphing over evil. So The Red Sea is symbolic with evil being swept away and the beginning of a new start for good. What if the death of 148 innocent people in exactly the same place is to be the start of something quite the opposite?”



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