Missing Years. ( Part 30)


Stacey and Eddie Samuels, James Conroy and Inspector Spencer were still sitting together in the Golden Lion pub in Romford. James Conroy had just given them his thoughts on Ray Samuels and Trevor Wilson and what the plane crash in The Red Sea might mean. There was an eerie silence until Stacey spoke. Her voice trembling.

“Mister Conroy, are you seriously asking us to believe that Ray, my Dad, is actually a demon called Balan, and that all this time he’s just been pretending to be Ray?”

“Like I said before, I can only give you my views, it’s up to you if you decide to believe them. I know it sounds incredible but I’m giving you my views based on the facts. Think about it for a moment. Is it any more believable to think that Ray has come back twenty two years since going missing, but hasn’t changed in any way whatsoever?”

All this time Eddie had his eyes closed and his head bowed in prayer. He stopped and looked up at his granddaughter.

“I hate to say this love but I think Mister Conroy is right. I’ve felt this way for two days now, I don’t think that man in my house is my Ray. He may look and sound like him but day by day he’s changed. And today when that Trevor Wilson arrived he became a different person. I just don’t think he’s Ray anymore.”

There was a real sadness in his voice, for years he’d prayed that Ray would be found, years he’d been sure that he would return and fulfil his prophecy, but not like this, this wasn’t how it should have happened.

Spencer spoke for the first time.

“If it helps any, I did some background checks on Trevor Wilson. He’s an alcoholic, down and out, been living homeless for ten years, has a criminal record for violence but hasn’t been seen for the past three years.”

Stacey shook her head in disbelief.

“So, Trevor Wilson, this down and out, is also a Demon and he and Ray are planning some kind of evil deed?”

James Conroy took hold of Stacey’s hand.

“Look Stacey, I’ve been studying Religion and the Occult for nearly 30 years now. There are things that I’ve read and witnessed that have amazed and surprised me. Fifteen years ago I witnessed a Catholic Priest perform an Exorcism on a young seventeen year old boy. Up until then I’d read books on demons but never really believed that they existed. But after that exorcism, I did believe and still do. I won’t go into detail but what I saw that night made me realise that there are many things that exist on this earth that we have no knowledge of but they really DO exist. I’m sorry to have to say this but I believe that when your Dad went out for that run in 1982, he died. His body was taken over by Balan, a commander of Demons. He’s bided his time until now and has come back in Rays form just as he was on the day he died. He’s fooled everyone into thinking that he really is Ray Samuels, even his closest family, you and Eddie, but as time passes the demon will become more powerful and will eventually reveal its true self. I think it’s the same for this Trevor Wilson, he probably died some time ago but his body has been taken over by Jezebeth, who is Balans assistant. He is useless without his master, so he’s been wandering this earth waiting for his master to return. Now they both have to wait for Pyro. Once he is here then they can begin their new season.”

Spencer interrupted.

“So where is Pyro then?”

“I don’t know Inspector, but he will appear soon, that’s for sure, they can’t go ahead without him, and if they’re plans begin at two o’clock tomorrow then he must come quickly.”

Spencer leaned forward.

“So if your theory is correct, how do we stop them?”

“At the moment, I’m not sure. I have some thoughts but I’ll keep them to myself for the time being. I need to do some more research first.”


On the other side of London in a large office at the headquarters of the National Criminal Intelligence Service two men were talking.

“Congratulations Colin on your promotion. Commander Swan was an asset to this organisation and I’m sure you’ll continue his good work.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m looking forward to working on the Ray Samuels case. I’d like to start straightaway, get myself over to Romford and see Spencer then go over to meet Ray Samuels. I’ll sort out this mess sir and get to the bottom of what’s happening.”

“Good man.”

The head of NCIS shook Colin Garner’s hand and wished him luck. He’d made a good choice in replacing Swan. Garner was a trusted and loyal member of the force. Even when he’d had that heart attack last year and was officially dead for twelve minutes, he’d made a miraculous recovery and was back at work within weeks. He was the first one to put himself forward after Swans death had been announced. He had only one problem, his hygiene. He always seemed to smell of damp!


A few miles away Ray Samuels was in the kitchen with Trevor Wilson, he suddenly stopped talking, stood up and began to sniff the air. He spoke in a low voice, almost a growl, but with a smile on his face.

“He’s heard us, he’s on his way.”

Trevor Wilson also smiled, but not for long. Ray started walking around the kitchen speaking loudly in an unknown voice. He stopped suddenly and let out a low moan.

“Idiots, what do they think they can do?”

“Master, what is it?”

“They know, they all know!”



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