Missing Years. ( Part 32)


Just a few miles away in Eddie Samuels’s house, Ray and Trevor were sitting quietly staring at the TV. The late news was on and they were talking about the next day’s protests set for two o’clock. It was estimated that more than five million people around the world would stop working for thirty minutes.

They smiled. Trevor went over to the window and looked outside. There were still journalists and a few film crews working late so they could get everything in place for the forthcoming events.

“It’s working, the plan is set, it’s almost time.”

But Ray was frowning and looking up at the ceiling as though he could see something.


He said it over and over again.


Spencer returned to Romford Police Station and sat at his desk awaiting the arrival of Commander Swan’s replacement. While he was with James Conroy earlier that evening he’d received a message to say that Colin Garner was taking over the Samuels case. He knew nothing else apart from that. He didn’t know his rank or position within the force just his name. His desk phone rang.

“Sir, there’s a Mr Colin Garner at reception for you.”

“Thank you sergeant. I’ll be right there.”

Spencer left his office and walked along the corridor to reception. When he got there he was surprised by the look of the person that greeted him, he was expecting someone like Swan, a larger than life character, full of importance, ex-military. What he actually saw in front of him was quite the opposite. Garner was short, no taller than 5ft 9inches, about 60, overweight, scruffy, his grey hair could do with a cut, there was ugliness about him as well, his nose was far too big for his round fat face, in fact this guy had nothing going for him at all.

Spencer held out his hand.

“Mr Garner welcome to Romford Police station, follow me to my office and I’ll bring you up to speed.”

“Thank you Inspector”

He followed Spencer back along the corridor.

“Sorry about the smell sir, I think the drains may be blocked up.”

Garner didn’t reply.

They sat in the small office, Spencer began to speak.

“I’ll tell you everything I know Sir, about Ray Samuels, he…”

Garner interrupted.

“Look Inspector. I know everything already, I’ve read everything that Swan had on file about Ray Samuels, in fact I probably know more than you do. The most important thing is that I get to see him as soon as possible, tonight would be good. We’re running out of time.”

“Well Sir, he’s at his father’s home at the moment and he’s not alone, he seems to have found a friend, a bit of a down and out called Trevor Wilson.”

Spencer noticed the smirk that appeared just for a moment on Garners face.

“Do you know anything about Trevor Wilson Sir?”

“No more than you do Inspector, now if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to get over to the Samuels house right away, can you take me?”

“Of course Sir, we can be there in fifteen minutes.”

The two of them got up and left the office.


Back at the Coach House in Romford, James Conroy had surrounded himself with books. He’d collected his car from the local car park and driven it to the parking spot behind the hotel. All the time he kept looking behind him, he was sure that someone or something was following him. There was also a smell in the air. It reminded him of rotting garbage.

Now safely in his room it was time for research. He always carried a number of reference books, but since his meeting with Swan, his car had become his library. He’d stayed at the travel lodge in London for the past four days and now he was in another hotel. Two days ago he’d ordered a courier to bring him another 20 or so books from his home in Oxford. He was sure that somewhere in this massive pile of knowledge he would find the answer. He had everything from various Bibles, to writings by Aleister Crowley.

One thought kept running through his mind, it was from an Old Catholic Book on demonic possession. It was something that he’d remembered from a long time ago.

“A spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons.”

He hunted for the book amongst the mass of literature on his bed, he found it and read the page out loud.

“A spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons, the devil does not make peace treaties, he knows only war. We must fight the good fight; we cannot run away, surrender is not an option.”

These words came from a Catholic Priest called Father Corrami, in 1764. He went on to say.

“A man that has total faith in God is in a state of holy grace and has nothing to fear from the Devil, constant prayer is important and gives you strength.”

James Conroy thought long and hard, who was the most religious man he knew, who prayed constantly, who carried a Bible with him wherever he went, who had total belief in God. There was only one man AND he could get close to Ray.

It was Eddie Samuels.


Spencer pulled up outside the Samuels house. Garner got out of the car.

“Do you want me to come with you Sir or wait outside?”

Garner dismissed him.

“I’ll take it from here Inspector, you run along. I may be some time.”

Spencer watched as Garner walked through the crowds of people outside the Samuels home. He saw him knock on the door and then go inside. He thought it odd. It was almost as though the occupants were expecting him.


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