Missing Years. ( Part 33)


From a safe distance Spencer watched the Samuels house. It was in total darkness. He thought it strange. Colin Garner had just entered and now all lights are turned off. Why would they do that? What the hell was going on in there? He called James Conroy.

“James it’s Spencer, I’m not sure if this is important or not but I’ve just dropped someone off at the Samuels house, it’s a guy called Colin Garner, he’s Commander Swans replacement. Whoever opened the door to him didn’t seem to ask any questions, he just walked straight in. It was if they were expecting him. And now they’ve turned all the lights off in the house. Oh and one other thing about Garner…he’s got a strange smell about him.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“James, are you still there?”

“Yes sorry Inspector, I was just thinking.”

Spencer wanted to know more.

“And? What do you think?”

“I think that our third person has now arrived.”

Spencer blurted out the words.

“Garner is Pyro?”

Conroy confirmed.

“Yes, I’m sure of it. The group is now complete and we’ll need to act fast. Where are you now?”

“Sitting outside the house, what do you want to do?”

“Go to Stacey and Eddie, give me their address and I’ll meet you there. I have some suggestions but I need to make sure that everyone agrees.”

Spencer gave Conroy the address and headed there himself. Conroy got together a number of books, locked his hotel room door and made his way to the car. Once again he had the feeling he was being watched. He touched the silver crucifix that he wore on a chain around his neck, a gift from his late mother, and for the first time in twenty years he said the Lord’s Prayer.

The Samuels house was in darkness, but there was movement in the large kitchen at the back of the house. Three shapes sat around the table, speaking quietly but in deep low voices.

“There are four of them, they must be taken before we continue, we have come too far to allow anything to stop us now. This is our time, the old season has passed, this is our time now.”

Spencer arrived at Stacey’s house just a few minutes before Conroy. They walked up the long path together. Spencer knocked on the door and Stacey opened it. She was stunned to see them standing there so late at night.

“What? What’s happened?”

The words seemed to tumble out of her mouth, she was nervous and scared. Conroy spoke first.

“I need to speak with you and Eddie, I need to tell you all something. Everything will be fine Stacey, trust me, but we need to act fast!”

Conroy’s voice was forceful yet reassuring. Stacey led them both into the front room where Eddie was sitting down. Conroy took charge.

“Okay, everyone sit down and listen carefully. I believe the third Demon is now at the house, he’s in the guise of an NCIS man called Colin Garner. This means that they’ll be planning for tomorrow, but before they do, I believe they know about us, the four of us, that means that we’re in danger, I’ve had a really bad feeling since we left the pub earlier, almost as though I’m being continually watched.”

Stacey looked at Eddie Samuels.

“That’s what I’ve been saying to Granddad. I feel exactly the same.”

Eddie put his arm around Stacey.

“No harm will come to you Stacey, not while I’m here.”

Conroy Continued.

“I was doing some research tonight, looking through some old religious books and I came across a Catholic book on demonic possession, I know this is not the same as what I witnessed all those years ago and of course none of us are Catholics, but the principle must be the same.”

Spencer interrupted.

“You can say that again, I’ve never been to church in my life, not a religious bone in my body. Up until a few days ago I would have laughed at all of this. I’d have had you all committed.”

Conroy smiled then continued.

“That’s the problem Inspector, in the Demons eyes we are weak, easy prey, apart from Eddie none of us are really god fearing people are we. This could be our downfall, we need someone to take the lead, protect us, and overcome the demons with the one thing they loathe, FAITH!”

Before anyone else could speak, the house fell into darkness, every light that was on in the building suddenly went out. An icy breeze seemed to come into the room from nowhere, as though someone had just opened up a door or a window, then came the smell.

Stacey put her hand over her mouth and nose not wanting to breathe in the foul stench. Dark shapes seemed to fill the room, strange shadows appeared on the walls and ceiling.

Conroy clutched his silver crucifix, stood up, and closed his eyes, expecting the worst. Then he heard a voice, a very loud voice.

“You will not take her tonight, the power of Christ is with me this night in this room, you will not take her, it is in the name of Jesus that’s my salvation, it is in the name of Jesus that gives me this authority, be gone!”

The lights came back on and the shadows disappeared. Conroy opened his eyes. He saw Eddie Samuels with one arm around Stacey and the other holding aloft his beloved Polyglott Bible. There was a look of pure rage in his eyes. He shouted aloud again.

“They may take me but I won’t allow them to take my angel, my Stacey, not while I still have breath left in my body!”

Conroy sat down, he smiled at Eddie.

“You’ve just answered a question I was about to ask, whether you will lead us against them and were you strong enough. From what I just witnessed you’re the man for the job.”

Stacey looked around the room, she was frantic. Eddie held her close.

“What’s the matter love, it’s all okay now, whatever was here has gone.”

“No Granddad, there’s only three of us in the room, the Inspector has gone!”

They all suddenly realised that she was right, Spencer was gone. Taken.



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