Missing Years. ( Part 34)


The three of them frantically searched the house for Spencer. But he was nowhere to be found. His car was still outside, his keys were on the table along with his phone. But he was gone.

Stacey was shaking.

“Mister Conroy, what do you think has happened to him?”

“I’m not sure Stacey, but I do think he’s alive…somewhere. If they’d wanted to kill him they would have done so here and now.”

“But why him, why Spencer?”

“My guess is that he was the weakest of the four of us, your dad’s faith was too strong, that protected him and you. I had on a crucifix that my mother gave me, I suppose that protected me, which just left Spencer, by his own admission he had no faith.”

Eddie Samuels was eager to know how they should proceed.

“So Mr Conroy how do we do this?”

James Conroy had his own thoughts but wanted Eddie to come to the same conclusion. He knew it would be important that Eddie had total belief in what he would be asked to do. He picked up a copy of an early eighteenth century Bible. He started flicking through the pages. He looked at Eddie Samuels.

“I know quite a lot about Exorcism Eddie but this is a bit different. We aren’t talking about possession of living people here, we’re dealing with demons that have entered lifeless bodies, so we need to approach it in a different way. I’m convinced that we’ll find the answer somewhere in the Bible, it may not be straight forward but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. You Eddie, know the Bible better than anyone I’ve ever met before.”

“I’ll do my best Mr Conroy but I can’t think of anything in the great book that tells you how to get rid of the kind of demons that we’re talking about.”

“That’s where I come in Eddie, my job is to interpret the Bible differently than the written word. Let me give you an example, Genesis, chapter six, one of the most misunderstood chapters in the Bible. You know it Eddie?”

“Of course, it’s the chapter where God tells Noah to build an Ark.”

“That’s right Eddie but do you know why?”

Eddie was confident he knew the answer.

“That’s easy, because man had become corrupt and sinned.”

Conroy agreed.

“You’re right Eddie but in verse four the Bible says that there were GIANTS that roamed the earth in those days and daughters of men bore them children, agreed?”

Eddie wasn’t sure about the word GIANTS. He quickly flicked through his beloved Polyglott Bible, he read and looked surprised.

“You’re right. I’d never noticed that before!”

Conroy smiled.

“Not many people do Eddie, we now believe that when the Bible talks of giants they mean Demons, so Demons were among men even in the earliest days, they bred with human women and because of this the world became corrupted, that’s why god demanded that everyone who was not part of Noah’s family blood line be killed in the floods.”

Eddie smiled, he had never thought of that chapter in that way before.

James Conroy continued.

“That’s not all Eddie, also in verse four it says that Giants roamed the earth in those days and ALSO AFTER THAT. That last bit is just as important, it implies that the floods didn’t kill the demons after all, it implies that they were still around afterwards as well. Which means that they have always been amongst us, do you now see what I mean about interpretation?”

Eddie was impressed with James Conroy, he’d read the Bible more times than he cared to remember but this was something else, something really clever.

“Mr Conroy you have just opened up a whole new world for me.”

James was eager to carry on.

“Eddie what do you know about the book of Revelations.”

“It’s the final book of the New Testament, it should be called The Revelation of St. John the Divine, it is the revelation of Jesus Christ and was written to show future events, paths to heaven, overall to give followers an insight into God and Jesus.”

James Conroy smiled and nodded his head.

“Sort of, it mentions The Blood of the Lamb many times, what do you make of that?”

“Well the Lamb is obviously Christ and people can be cleansed by drinking his blood as Catholics do when they drink wine, which is a symbol of Christ’s blood, during Holy Communion.”

“All correct, but it goes much deeper than that. It was Lambs blood that was painted on Jews doors to stop the last plague from killing their first born. It is known as the Passover. The plague literally passed over the doors that had Lambs blood on them. In pagan times Lambs were sacrificed to god to save the people from any harm coming to them. In a similar way Jesus’ blood was spilt when he was crucified, like a sacrificial lamb, and the blood that was spilled was to clean us of our sins.”

Once again Eddie was impressed, then he remembered something.

“Mr Conroy, it is mentioned again in Revelations Chapter Twelve.”

Eddie quickly flicked through his Bible, found the page and read aloud.

“There was war in Heaven, and the great Dragon was cast out, and the serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world was cast out unto the earth and his angels were cast out with him. And they overcame him with The Blood of the Lamb!”

James Conroy smiled, it was exactly what he wanted Eddie to find.

“Do you know what Eddie, we’re almost there.”



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