Missing Years. ( Part 35)


Eddie looked surprised, he understood what James Conroy was saying about The Blood of the Lamb, but it still didn’t make sense.

“But how can we get holy blood, it doesn’t exist… does it?”

“No Eddie, once again it’s not meant literally. Have a look at the book of John chapter one what does John call Jesus?”

Eddie didn’t need to look in his Bible he knew this off by heart.

“In verse twenty nine it says, John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith behold the Lamb of God who hath taken away the sins of the world.”

Conroy nodded.

“Correct, so we know that Jesus is the Lamb of God because it’s written in the scriptures. So the Blood of the Lamb must be the blood of Jesus, correct?

Eddie agreed.

“Yes, without doubt.”

“So we can defeat demons with the blood of the lamb, which means the blood of Jesus.”

Eddie was still confused.

“But once again I have to say where do we get the blood of Jesus?”

James Conroy was keen for Eddie to find the answer himself.

“Eddie, it’s not meant literally, have you heard the expression of Being Under The Blood?”

Eddie nodded.

“Yes of course it means being under gods care and protection.”

“Exactly, it comes from being under the sign of the blood. Which was the blood of a Lamb that was painted on certain doors to stop the plague from killing the firstborn, if you were under the sign of the blood then the angel of death wouldn’t get you, you were protected because you believed in God. So the Blood of the Lamb is Jesus’ blood and if you are under his blood you are protected and can defeat evil. It’s what the Bible tells us time and time again. You Eddie, are under the blood, not me, not Stacey, but you!”

Eddie thought long and hard then it was if a light bulb had been switched on in his head.

“So the word Blood could be replaced with…FAITH?”

Conroy was excited. Eddie Samuels now began to see the answers. But before he could continue Eddie began to doubt.

“But why me, why not any religious man?”

James Conroy had been waiting for this question and was glad that Eddie had asked it.

“Because you’re closest Eddie, tell me what it says in the book of Luke about father and son.”

Eddie didn’t hesitate.

“In Luke, ten, verse twenty two it says, no one knoweth who the son is, but the father, and to him the son will reveal himself.”

James didn’t let Eddie say anymore, he wanted to make a point.

“Think about it Eddie, the Bible is telling us that no one really knows who the son is but the father, then it goes on to say that the father will reveal who the son REALLY is!”

Eddie fell silent while he took in all the information. He’d never thought of that verse in that way, but James was right, it all made sense now.

Stacey had been sitting with them the whole time listening intently, but now she couldn’t stop herself from asking the question.

“James, can you please tell me what the hell you two are talking about?”

“Look Stacey, the Bible is telling us exactly what to do here. We know that the Blood of the Lamb defeats demons both in Heaven and here on earth, the Blood of the Lamb is just a figure of speech, it literally means FAITH in the belief of God, but it has to be total belief and that’s what Eddie has. It also tells us that only the father can truly reveal the son. Add all that up and it’s simple, Eddie has to be the one that confronts the demons.”

She still wasn’t convinced.

“James you say that as if it’s no big deal, exactly HOW do we do it?”

“Eddie has to go back to the house and confront them.”

Stacey was shocked.

“No way James, he’s seventy four, let me do it, I’ve always had faith!”

Conroy shook his head.

“But not total faith Stacey, when your Dad was missing, I bet there were times that you doubted, wondered why God had taken him, questioned if there was a god at all. I guarantee it. But Eddie never did, he always believed that God had taken him for a purpose and he never questioned it, because it was Gods will, he’s always had total faith.”

Stacey went quiet, James was right, there had been times when she’d hated God for taking her Dad, questioned her faith.  Eddie looked up and smiled.

“It’s okay sweetheart, James is right, only I can do this. The Bible tells me so. Tell me what to do James and I’ll do it but I have a feeling we have to be quick.”

Stacey moved over to her granddad and gave him a hug.

“I love you granddad, please be careful, come back to me…… please.”

Stacey left the two of them and went into the kitchen, where she dropped to her knees sobbing and praying all at the same time.

James went over and sat next to Eddie.

“There are certain words and phrases that you need to say Eddie, these may or may not be familiar to you but when you say them you must say them with complete authority.”

“Okay James, let’s get on with it and then I’ll leave. Perhaps there’s still time to help the Inspector.”

James smiled at Eddie and put his arm around him.

“Don’t think you’re getting all the fun on your own Eddie, I’m coming with you!”

Eddie was surprised, but also relieved.

“Thanks James.”

A few miles away, behind closed curtains, a very low voice was heard to say.

“We have to be prepared, they will be coming soon, but he’s old, he’ll be no match for our power!”




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