Missing Years. ( Part 36)


James Conroy and Eddie Samuels were getting ready to return to Eddie’s house. James knew it was important to prepare Eddie for the confrontation that was ahead of them.

“We must be prepared for everything Eddie, remember, deception will be their biggest weapon, they will make you doubt your actions, but you must be strong, when you speak it has to be a command, just as you did when they came to the house earlier.”

“I’m fine James. I just want all this to be over, what started out as a celebration has quickly turned into a nightmare.”

James Conroy put his arm around Eddie.

“I understand Eddie, not long now.”

Eddie grabbed his beloved Bible and kissed it before putting it into his inside pocket. Stacey gave him a hug, then looked at James, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

“Please bring him back safe Mr Conroy.”

James smiled and whispered back “I will, don’t worry Stacey, he’s stronger than you think.”

The short journey back to Eddie’s house was spent in silence. Both men apprehensive about what would confront them when they returned. As they pulled in to the turning, all was quiet. It was three fifteen in the morning. The journalists outside were asleep in their cars and the house was in darkness. James parked his car well away from the house and walked with Eddie up the pathway. Eddie turned the key in the lock and they both walked into the dark and silence. The damp smell was still there, James could see there was a small light on in the kitchen. Eddie took a deep breath and pushed open the kitchen door, closely followed by James.

There, sitting at the kitchen table was Ray Samuels, a cup of coffee in his hand and a warm smile upon his face.

“Hello Dad, wasn’t sure if you were coming back tonight. Is Stacey okay?”

Eddie was taken aback, this was his old Ray, the son he dearly loved, gone was the monster that he’d seen earlier in the day, that had frightened him to the core.

Eddie and James sat down at the table.

“Yeh, she’s fine Ray, you all alone, where’s the others?”

“Oh, Mr Garner, the Policeman, left some time ago and Trevor’s in the spare room. I hope that’s okay Dad? I felt a bit sorry for him, he said he had nowhere else to go.”

“That’s fine Ray. Just remind me… how do you know Trevor?”

Ray shrugged his shoulders.

“If I’m honest Dad I’m not sure, I just do, maybe I met him while I was away, whatever it was, I feel close to him, like a brother, doesn’t really make much sense does it?”

Eddie was starting to relax, this was his Ray again, softly spoken, kind, considerate, polite, all the things that Eddie recognised. Maybe, just maybe, he and James had got this whole situation completely wrong.

“Lots of things don’t make sense anymore Ray, that’s why I think it’s important that we talk. That’s why I’ve brought along my friend James Conroy. He’s sort of a specialist in this kind of thing. I thought he might be able to understand what’s going on. Is that okay Ray?”

Ray smiled and gently squeezed his fathers hand.

“Nice to meet you Mister Conroy, although I’m not too sure if I can help. But I’ll try.”

Eddie took the Bible out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Ray sat back in his chair, he suddenly looked uncomfortable.

“Still carrying that old thing about then Dad?”

James and Eddie noticed a change in Ray’s voice, the tone was different, the words he spoke were full of sarcasm. Eddie didn’t react he just continued to speak in his usual soft manner.

“You know me Ray, it’s never far from my side. You should never be too far away from the word of God.”

Ray’s face became a rich red colour, it was if a great rage was building inside him. His words were mocking his father.

“Oh yes, your beloved God, the thing that you’ve spent your whole life worshipping. Was it all worth it Dad? He took Mum away from you before her time didn’t he, yet you still pray to him? You should have gotten rid of him when she went, you loved her Dad didn’t you, yet he still took her, took her away for no reason, maybe he’s not so good after all?”

Eddie was surprised at the words that were coming out of Ray’s mouth. In seconds he’d changed from the softly spoken boy that he loved so much to a person full of venomous hatred. A person he no longer recognised. Eddie looked at him, it was as if he was now speaking to a stranger.

“Why do you hate him so much? You weren’t even here when she passed. Why are you so angry at him?”

Ray stood up from the table and looked at the ceiling.

“Because he’s a liar, a thief that comes in the night and takes people away yet you all still follow him, you’re all being betrayed but none of you can see it, what do they call it Blind Faith?”

Rays voice was getting louder and taking a lower pitch. Conroy wanted to keep the momentum going.

“Yes Ray that’s what it’s called and your Dad has it, he has complete and utter faith in his god and God’s love, he is protected by the blood of the lamb.”

Rays eyes started to bulge in his head, he banged the table hard with his fists.

“He is a weak old man, that’s all. He is no match for us!”

The light in the kitchen went out and the room was plunged into darkness, both Eddie and James were aware of shapes within the room. Eddie stood up, took hold of his bible and shouted at the top of his voice.

“Show yourselves, I command you, show yourselves or are you too scared of this old man and his love of Christ?”

The room became light again and there in front of Eddie were three figures, Ray Samuels, Trevor Wilson and Colin Garner, their faces distorted in anger, their jaws protruded and madness in their eyes. They seemed to have grown taller than they were before. The damp smell was now so strong that James eyes started to water and sting. The three of them looked like a pack of wolves that were about to pounce on their prey.

James Conroy took a step back, he feared for his life, he picked up a carving knife from the draining board and held it out like a weapon for protection.

Garner threw back his head and started to laugh, it was a horrible sound like someone scraping their nails down a blackboard, the screech became a wail.

“Your weapon will do you no good here Conroy.”

As he said these words, the knife slipped out of James’s hand backwards, gouging a deep cut into his palm, blood begun to pour from the wound.

This time the other two joined in the screaming laugh. Eddie shouted.

“It is he that commands you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, be gone, I command you in the name of Jesus, it is he that commands you, it is he that wants you gone, now go.”

The three demons stood their ground but the wailing had stopped and there was silence.

Eddie kept on, saying the words over and over again.

“I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, be gone, leave this place.”


Eddie said the same thing for over five minutes, until he ran out of breath, his chest felt heavy, he was exhausted. Then there was a sound, a woman’s voice softly speaking from behind him.

“It’s okay darling, it’s fine, Rays back now, he loves you, just as I do, I miss you Ted.”

The only person that ever called him Ted was his late wife Edith. He recognised the voice.

“Edith, is that you?”

Eddie was staring at the kitchen door.

“Of course Ted, take my hand, come with me, we’ll be together again for always, you me and Ray just like old times.”

Conroy grabbed Eddie’s arm.

“It’s not her Eddie, it’s just deception, like we talked about.”

Eddie wasn’t convinced.

“But I can see her, it’s my Edith, it’s definitely her.”

Conroy was shouting.

“No Eddie it’s not, it’s them they’re trying to confuse you, you must carry on, come on Eddie we’re so close!”

Eddie had tears rolling down his face, he missed his wife so much and had dreamed of being re-united with her, but he knew James was right he had to continue. Once again he raised his Bible.

“It is the power of Christ that commands you, the power of his love and the faith that we have in him as our redeemer, it is in his name that we command you, be gone.”

He said it loud, over and over again. Every light bulb in the house exploded at the same time, the windows began to shake, the whole house seemed to vibrate. James held on tightly to the table until he could stand no more, he felt as though he was on a roller coaster. Eddie fell to the floor totally exhausted.

James was the first to gather himself, Eddie was lying a few feet away, lifeless, but still holding his beloved Bible tightly to his chest. James crawled over to Eddie.

“Eddie, Eddie can you hear me, come on Eddie, keep with me, please keep with me.”

Eddie Samuels was on his side, he eyes were closed and his head was bleeding from the fall.

“Come on Eddie, I made Stacey a promise, come on, please Eddie.”

James Conroy was covered in blood, he wasn’t sure if it was his or Eddies. He gently shook him. Very slowly Eddie opened his eyes.

“What’s….what’s…happened…..is it over?”

“I think so Eddie, for now anyway.”

James heard a noise coming from the room next door; he picked up the carving knife and moved slowly. Eddie was weak, too weak to stand.

“Be careful James, there’s a torch in the cupboard behind you.”

James grabbed the torch from the cupboard then opened the kitchen door, moved slowly in the blackness along the hallway and entered the living room. He was aware of someone crouching by the fireplace.  He shone the torch.

“Who’s there?”

A voice answered.

“James? It’s Spencer.”


“Yes, Ray Samuels is dead.”

James Conroy could see Spencer in the light of the torch, he was crouching beside the body of a man, he recognised the body…it was Ray Samuels.


Missing Years. ( Part 35)


Eddie looked surprised, he understood what James Conroy was saying about The Blood of the Lamb, but it still didn’t make sense.

“But how can we get holy blood, it doesn’t exist… does it?”

“No Eddie, once again it’s not meant literally. Have a look at the book of John chapter one what does John call Jesus?”

Eddie didn’t need to look in his Bible he knew this off by heart.

“In verse twenty nine it says, John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith behold the Lamb of God who hath taken away the sins of the world.”

Conroy nodded.

“Correct, so we know that Jesus is the Lamb of God because it’s written in the scriptures. So the Blood of the Lamb must be the blood of Jesus, correct?

Eddie agreed.

“Yes, without doubt.”

“So we can defeat demons with the blood of the lamb, which means the blood of Jesus.”

Eddie was still confused.

“But once again I have to say where do we get the blood of Jesus?”

James Conroy was keen for Eddie to find the answer himself.

“Eddie, it’s not meant literally, have you heard the expression of Being Under The Blood?”

Eddie nodded.

“Yes of course it means being under gods care and protection.”

“Exactly, it comes from being under the sign of the blood. Which was the blood of a Lamb that was painted on certain doors to stop the plague from killing the firstborn, if you were under the sign of the blood then the angel of death wouldn’t get you, you were protected because you believed in God. So the Blood of the Lamb is Jesus’ blood and if you are under his blood you are protected and can defeat evil. It’s what the Bible tells us time and time again. You Eddie, are under the blood, not me, not Stacey, but you!”

Eddie thought long and hard then it was if a light bulb had been switched on in his head.

“So the word Blood could be replaced with…FAITH?”

Conroy was excited. Eddie Samuels now began to see the answers. But before he could continue Eddie began to doubt.

“But why me, why not any religious man?”

James Conroy had been waiting for this question and was glad that Eddie had asked it.

“Because you’re closest Eddie, tell me what it says in the book of Luke about father and son.”

Eddie didn’t hesitate.

“In Luke, ten, verse twenty two it says, no one knoweth who the son is, but the father, and to him the son will reveal himself.”

James didn’t let Eddie say anymore, he wanted to make a point.

“Think about it Eddie, the Bible is telling us that no one really knows who the son is but the father, then it goes on to say that the father will reveal who the son REALLY is!”

Eddie fell silent while he took in all the information. He’d never thought of that verse in that way, but James was right, it all made sense now.

Stacey had been sitting with them the whole time listening intently, but now she couldn’t stop herself from asking the question.

“James, can you please tell me what the hell you two are talking about?”

“Look Stacey, the Bible is telling us exactly what to do here. We know that the Blood of the Lamb defeats demons both in Heaven and here on earth, the Blood of the Lamb is just a figure of speech, it literally means FAITH in the belief of God, but it has to be total belief and that’s what Eddie has. It also tells us that only the father can truly reveal the son. Add all that up and it’s simple, Eddie has to be the one that confronts the demons.”

She still wasn’t convinced.

“James you say that as if it’s no big deal, exactly HOW do we do it?”

“Eddie has to go back to the house and confront them.”

Stacey was shocked.

“No way James, he’s seventy four, let me do it, I’ve always had faith!”

Conroy shook his head.

“But not total faith Stacey, when your Dad was missing, I bet there were times that you doubted, wondered why God had taken him, questioned if there was a god at all. I guarantee it. But Eddie never did, he always believed that God had taken him for a purpose and he never questioned it, because it was Gods will, he’s always had total faith.”

Stacey went quiet, James was right, there had been times when she’d hated God for taking her Dad, questioned her faith.  Eddie looked up and smiled.

“It’s okay sweetheart, James is right, only I can do this. The Bible tells me so. Tell me what to do James and I’ll do it but I have a feeling we have to be quick.”

Stacey moved over to her granddad and gave him a hug.

“I love you granddad, please be careful, come back to me…… please.”

Stacey left the two of them and went into the kitchen, where she dropped to her knees sobbing and praying all at the same time.

James went over and sat next to Eddie.

“There are certain words and phrases that you need to say Eddie, these may or may not be familiar to you but when you say them you must say them with complete authority.”

“Okay James, let’s get on with it and then I’ll leave. Perhaps there’s still time to help the Inspector.”

James smiled at Eddie and put his arm around him.

“Don’t think you’re getting all the fun on your own Eddie, I’m coming with you!”

Eddie was surprised, but also relieved.

“Thanks James.”

A few miles away, behind closed curtains, a very low voice was heard to say.

“We have to be prepared, they will be coming soon, but he’s old, he’ll be no match for our power!”



Missing Years. ( Part 34)


The three of them frantically searched the house for Spencer. But he was nowhere to be found. His car was still outside, his keys were on the table along with his phone. But he was gone.

Stacey was shaking.

“Mister Conroy, what do you think has happened to him?”

“I’m not sure Stacey, but I do think he’s alive…somewhere. If they’d wanted to kill him they would have done so here and now.”

“But why him, why Spencer?”

“My guess is that he was the weakest of the four of us, your dad’s faith was too strong, that protected him and you. I had on a crucifix that my mother gave me, I suppose that protected me, which just left Spencer, by his own admission he had no faith.”

Eddie Samuels was eager to know how they should proceed.

“So Mr Conroy how do we do this?”

James Conroy had his own thoughts but wanted Eddie to come to the same conclusion. He knew it would be important that Eddie had total belief in what he would be asked to do. He picked up a copy of an early eighteenth century Bible. He started flicking through the pages. He looked at Eddie Samuels.

“I know quite a lot about Exorcism Eddie but this is a bit different. We aren’t talking about possession of living people here, we’re dealing with demons that have entered lifeless bodies, so we need to approach it in a different way. I’m convinced that we’ll find the answer somewhere in the Bible, it may not be straight forward but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. You Eddie, know the Bible better than anyone I’ve ever met before.”

“I’ll do my best Mr Conroy but I can’t think of anything in the great book that tells you how to get rid of the kind of demons that we’re talking about.”

“That’s where I come in Eddie, my job is to interpret the Bible differently than the written word. Let me give you an example, Genesis, chapter six, one of the most misunderstood chapters in the Bible. You know it Eddie?”

“Of course, it’s the chapter where God tells Noah to build an Ark.”

“That’s right Eddie but do you know why?”

Eddie was confident he knew the answer.

“That’s easy, because man had become corrupt and sinned.”

Conroy agreed.

“You’re right Eddie but in verse four the Bible says that there were GIANTS that roamed the earth in those days and daughters of men bore them children, agreed?”

Eddie wasn’t sure about the word GIANTS. He quickly flicked through his beloved Polyglott Bible, he read and looked surprised.

“You’re right. I’d never noticed that before!”

Conroy smiled.

“Not many people do Eddie, we now believe that when the Bible talks of giants they mean Demons, so Demons were among men even in the earliest days, they bred with human women and because of this the world became corrupted, that’s why god demanded that everyone who was not part of Noah’s family blood line be killed in the floods.”

Eddie smiled, he had never thought of that chapter in that way before.

James Conroy continued.

“That’s not all Eddie, also in verse four it says that Giants roamed the earth in those days and ALSO AFTER THAT. That last bit is just as important, it implies that the floods didn’t kill the demons after all, it implies that they were still around afterwards as well. Which means that they have always been amongst us, do you now see what I mean about interpretation?”

Eddie was impressed with James Conroy, he’d read the Bible more times than he cared to remember but this was something else, something really clever.

“Mr Conroy you have just opened up a whole new world for me.”

James was eager to carry on.

“Eddie what do you know about the book of Revelations.”

“It’s the final book of the New Testament, it should be called The Revelation of St. John the Divine, it is the revelation of Jesus Christ and was written to show future events, paths to heaven, overall to give followers an insight into God and Jesus.”

James Conroy smiled and nodded his head.

“Sort of, it mentions The Blood of the Lamb many times, what do you make of that?”

“Well the Lamb is obviously Christ and people can be cleansed by drinking his blood as Catholics do when they drink wine, which is a symbol of Christ’s blood, during Holy Communion.”

“All correct, but it goes much deeper than that. It was Lambs blood that was painted on Jews doors to stop the last plague from killing their first born. It is known as the Passover. The plague literally passed over the doors that had Lambs blood on them. In pagan times Lambs were sacrificed to god to save the people from any harm coming to them. In a similar way Jesus’ blood was spilt when he was crucified, like a sacrificial lamb, and the blood that was spilled was to clean us of our sins.”

Once again Eddie was impressed, then he remembered something.

“Mr Conroy, it is mentioned again in Revelations Chapter Twelve.”

Eddie quickly flicked through his Bible, found the page and read aloud.

“There was war in Heaven, and the great Dragon was cast out, and the serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world was cast out unto the earth and his angels were cast out with him. And they overcame him with The Blood of the Lamb!”

James Conroy smiled, it was exactly what he wanted Eddie to find.

“Do you know what Eddie, we’re almost there.”


Missing Years. ( Part 33)


From a safe distance Spencer watched the Samuels house. It was in total darkness. He thought it strange. Colin Garner had just entered and now all lights are turned off. Why would they do that? What the hell was going on in there? He called James Conroy.

“James it’s Spencer, I’m not sure if this is important or not but I’ve just dropped someone off at the Samuels house, it’s a guy called Colin Garner, he’s Commander Swans replacement. Whoever opened the door to him didn’t seem to ask any questions, he just walked straight in. It was if they were expecting him. And now they’ve turned all the lights off in the house. Oh and one other thing about Garner…he’s got a strange smell about him.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“James, are you still there?”

“Yes sorry Inspector, I was just thinking.”

Spencer wanted to know more.

“And? What do you think?”

“I think that our third person has now arrived.”

Spencer blurted out the words.

“Garner is Pyro?”

Conroy confirmed.

“Yes, I’m sure of it. The group is now complete and we’ll need to act fast. Where are you now?”

“Sitting outside the house, what do you want to do?”

“Go to Stacey and Eddie, give me their address and I’ll meet you there. I have some suggestions but I need to make sure that everyone agrees.”

Spencer gave Conroy the address and headed there himself. Conroy got together a number of books, locked his hotel room door and made his way to the car. Once again he had the feeling he was being watched. He touched the silver crucifix that he wore on a chain around his neck, a gift from his late mother, and for the first time in twenty years he said the Lord’s Prayer.

The Samuels house was in darkness, but there was movement in the large kitchen at the back of the house. Three shapes sat around the table, speaking quietly but in deep low voices.

“There are four of them, they must be taken before we continue, we have come too far to allow anything to stop us now. This is our time, the old season has passed, this is our time now.”

Spencer arrived at Stacey’s house just a few minutes before Conroy. They walked up the long path together. Spencer knocked on the door and Stacey opened it. She was stunned to see them standing there so late at night.

“What? What’s happened?”

The words seemed to tumble out of her mouth, she was nervous and scared. Conroy spoke first.

“I need to speak with you and Eddie, I need to tell you all something. Everything will be fine Stacey, trust me, but we need to act fast!”

Conroy’s voice was forceful yet reassuring. Stacey led them both into the front room where Eddie was sitting down. Conroy took charge.

“Okay, everyone sit down and listen carefully. I believe the third Demon is now at the house, he’s in the guise of an NCIS man called Colin Garner. This means that they’ll be planning for tomorrow, but before they do, I believe they know about us, the four of us, that means that we’re in danger, I’ve had a really bad feeling since we left the pub earlier, almost as though I’m being continually watched.”

Stacey looked at Eddie Samuels.

“That’s what I’ve been saying to Granddad. I feel exactly the same.”

Eddie put his arm around Stacey.

“No harm will come to you Stacey, not while I’m here.”

Conroy Continued.

“I was doing some research tonight, looking through some old religious books and I came across a Catholic book on demonic possession, I know this is not the same as what I witnessed all those years ago and of course none of us are Catholics, but the principle must be the same.”

Spencer interrupted.

“You can say that again, I’ve never been to church in my life, not a religious bone in my body. Up until a few days ago I would have laughed at all of this. I’d have had you all committed.”

Conroy smiled then continued.

“That’s the problem Inspector, in the Demons eyes we are weak, easy prey, apart from Eddie none of us are really god fearing people are we. This could be our downfall, we need someone to take the lead, protect us, and overcome the demons with the one thing they loathe, FAITH!”

Before anyone else could speak, the house fell into darkness, every light that was on in the building suddenly went out. An icy breeze seemed to come into the room from nowhere, as though someone had just opened up a door or a window, then came the smell.

Stacey put her hand over her mouth and nose not wanting to breathe in the foul stench. Dark shapes seemed to fill the room, strange shadows appeared on the walls and ceiling.

Conroy clutched his silver crucifix, stood up, and closed his eyes, expecting the worst. Then he heard a voice, a very loud voice.

“You will not take her tonight, the power of Christ is with me this night in this room, you will not take her, it is in the name of Jesus that’s my salvation, it is in the name of Jesus that gives me this authority, be gone!”

The lights came back on and the shadows disappeared. Conroy opened his eyes. He saw Eddie Samuels with one arm around Stacey and the other holding aloft his beloved Polyglott Bible. There was a look of pure rage in his eyes. He shouted aloud again.

“They may take me but I won’t allow them to take my angel, my Stacey, not while I still have breath left in my body!”

Conroy sat down, he smiled at Eddie.

“You’ve just answered a question I was about to ask, whether you will lead us against them and were you strong enough. From what I just witnessed you’re the man for the job.”

Stacey looked around the room, she was frantic. Eddie held her close.

“What’s the matter love, it’s all okay now, whatever was here has gone.”

“No Granddad, there’s only three of us in the room, the Inspector has gone!”

They all suddenly realised that she was right, Spencer was gone. Taken.


Missing Years. ( Part 32)


Just a few miles away in Eddie Samuels’s house, Ray and Trevor were sitting quietly staring at the TV. The late news was on and they were talking about the next day’s protests set for two o’clock. It was estimated that more than five million people around the world would stop working for thirty minutes.

They smiled. Trevor went over to the window and looked outside. There were still journalists and a few film crews working late so they could get everything in place for the forthcoming events.

“It’s working, the plan is set, it’s almost time.”

But Ray was frowning and looking up at the ceiling as though he could see something.


He said it over and over again.


Spencer returned to Romford Police Station and sat at his desk awaiting the arrival of Commander Swan’s replacement. While he was with James Conroy earlier that evening he’d received a message to say that Colin Garner was taking over the Samuels case. He knew nothing else apart from that. He didn’t know his rank or position within the force just his name. His desk phone rang.

“Sir, there’s a Mr Colin Garner at reception for you.”

“Thank you sergeant. I’ll be right there.”

Spencer left his office and walked along the corridor to reception. When he got there he was surprised by the look of the person that greeted him, he was expecting someone like Swan, a larger than life character, full of importance, ex-military. What he actually saw in front of him was quite the opposite. Garner was short, no taller than 5ft 9inches, about 60, overweight, scruffy, his grey hair could do with a cut, there was ugliness about him as well, his nose was far too big for his round fat face, in fact this guy had nothing going for him at all.

Spencer held out his hand.

“Mr Garner welcome to Romford Police station, follow me to my office and I’ll bring you up to speed.”

“Thank you Inspector”

He followed Spencer back along the corridor.

“Sorry about the smell sir, I think the drains may be blocked up.”

Garner didn’t reply.

They sat in the small office, Spencer began to speak.

“I’ll tell you everything I know Sir, about Ray Samuels, he…”

Garner interrupted.

“Look Inspector. I know everything already, I’ve read everything that Swan had on file about Ray Samuels, in fact I probably know more than you do. The most important thing is that I get to see him as soon as possible, tonight would be good. We’re running out of time.”

“Well Sir, he’s at his father’s home at the moment and he’s not alone, he seems to have found a friend, a bit of a down and out called Trevor Wilson.”

Spencer noticed the smirk that appeared just for a moment on Garners face.

“Do you know anything about Trevor Wilson Sir?”

“No more than you do Inspector, now if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to get over to the Samuels house right away, can you take me?”

“Of course Sir, we can be there in fifteen minutes.”

The two of them got up and left the office.


Back at the Coach House in Romford, James Conroy had surrounded himself with books. He’d collected his car from the local car park and driven it to the parking spot behind the hotel. All the time he kept looking behind him, he was sure that someone or something was following him. There was also a smell in the air. It reminded him of rotting garbage.

Now safely in his room it was time for research. He always carried a number of reference books, but since his meeting with Swan, his car had become his library. He’d stayed at the travel lodge in London for the past four days and now he was in another hotel. Two days ago he’d ordered a courier to bring him another 20 or so books from his home in Oxford. He was sure that somewhere in this massive pile of knowledge he would find the answer. He had everything from various Bibles, to writings by Aleister Crowley.

One thought kept running through his mind, it was from an Old Catholic Book on demonic possession. It was something that he’d remembered from a long time ago.

“A spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons.”

He hunted for the book amongst the mass of literature on his bed, he found it and read the page out loud.

“A spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons, the devil does not make peace treaties, he knows only war. We must fight the good fight; we cannot run away, surrender is not an option.”

These words came from a Catholic Priest called Father Corrami, in 1764. He went on to say.

“A man that has total faith in God is in a state of holy grace and has nothing to fear from the Devil, constant prayer is important and gives you strength.”

James Conroy thought long and hard, who was the most religious man he knew, who prayed constantly, who carried a Bible with him wherever he went, who had total belief in God. There was only one man AND he could get close to Ray.

It was Eddie Samuels.


Spencer pulled up outside the Samuels house. Garner got out of the car.

“Do you want me to come with you Sir or wait outside?”

Garner dismissed him.

“I’ll take it from here Inspector, you run along. I may be some time.”

Spencer watched as Garner walked through the crowds of people outside the Samuels home. He saw him knock on the door and then go inside. He thought it odd. It was almost as though the occupants were expecting him.

Missing Years. ( Part 31)


At 8.00pm Eddie and Stacey decided to leave the pub and head home. Stacey put her arm around Eddie.

“Granddad I think it’s best if you come home with me.”

Eddie looked relieved.

“Thanks love, I never thought I’d say this but I don’t feel safe in my own home anymore.”

Stacey took out her mobile and made a call. She tried to speak as naturally as possible.

“Hi Ray, it’s Stacey, Granddads going to stay with me tonight. We’ve just left mum at the hospital and it’s getting a bit late. I’ll take him home and give him some dinner, we’ll see you tomorrow. Big day tomorrow!”

There was silence on the other end for a few seconds then she heard Ray’s voice. It was deep and he spoke very slowly.

“Is everything….. okay.……. Stacey?”

Once again Stacey was calm.

“Yeh, everything’s fine Ray, he’s getting old and he gets a bit tired that’s all, so best he comes home with me.”

Stacey didn’t have a chance to say anything else, Ray put the phone down.

Spencer stood up and shook Eddie’s hand.

“I think it’s important that we all keep in touch over the next twenty four hours, I’ll call you in the morning.”

“Sure Inspector, thank you.”

Eddie and Stacey said goodbye to Spencer and James Conroy and left the pub. Spencer went to the bar and bought two more pints. When he returned he looked anxious, it was obvious to James that he wanted to ask more questions.

“Look James, you mentioned earlier about the exorcism you were involved in, now the other two have gone, can you tell me more about it?”

Conroy took a mouthful of his beer, sat back in his chair and began.

“It was a seventeen year old boy. I attended with a catholic priest and I was there simply to document what went on. I was convinced that the boy was in some way mentally disturbed, but then something happened that changed my mind. The priest was going through his ritual when the boy turned to me and asked me if I missed Stephanie. He laughed as he said it. Then he looked straight at me and said YOU WILL. Stephanie was a girl I went out with at University, we were together for about a year and then we broke up. I was devastated for a while because I really liked her. She moved away and I never heard from her again. I always wondered what happened to her. There was no way the boy could have possibly known that. I showed no emotion just let the priest get on with the ritual. The boy looked at me again and told me that my mother screamed in pain when she died and that she hated me because I wasn’t with her at the end. I lost my temper, jumped up and went for him, as I did so I knocked over a candle on the bedside table, the sheets caught fire and the demon, not the boy, started to scream, within a second the priest and I witnessed a ball of flame appear above the bed, then it simply vanished. We put out the fire and the boy was unmarked, not a burn on him. The possession was over and the boy was back to his normal self.”

Spencer couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“And was he right about your Mum?”

Conroy nodded.

“Yes. I always regretted that I wasn’t there when she died, I got a call from the hospital saying she’d taken a turn for the worst, I was about thirty minutes away by car, but by the time I got there she’d already gone. It’s something that I’ll never forgive myself for, I should have been there.”

Spencer was intrigued.

“So you’re saying that the fire got rid of the demon, I don’t see how that helps us, I mean we can’t just go round there and set them all on fire, can we?”

Conroy smiled.

“If I’m honest, I don’t know myself yet. This was a minor demon that had taken over a young boy. We’re dealing with much more powerful forces here. I’ll do some more research tonight and then we’ll meet again in the morning. Listen, I’d like to keep close by if that’s all right with you Inspector, I checked out of the Travel Lodge on the A40 earlier today, is there somewhere round here you could recommend?”

Spencer pointed in the direction of the town centre.

“The Coach House is just a five minute walk from here. I stay there a lot these days, just say you’re a friend of mine, they’ll sort you out a good room at a reasonable rate. I’ll meet you there in the morning for breakfast about 8.30?”

Conroy thanked him and they shook hands. Just as he was about to walk to his car Spencer spoke.

“Did you ever find out what happened to Stephanie?”

Conroy turned and nodded.

“Yes. She died in a car crash on the very day I was attending the exorcism.”

Spencer shook his head in disbelief.



Missing Years. ( Part 30)


Stacey and Eddie Samuels, James Conroy and Inspector Spencer were still sitting together in the Golden Lion pub in Romford. James Conroy had just given them his thoughts on Ray Samuels and Trevor Wilson and what the plane crash in The Red Sea might mean. There was an eerie silence until Stacey spoke. Her voice trembling.

“Mister Conroy, are you seriously asking us to believe that Ray, my Dad, is actually a demon called Balan, and that all this time he’s just been pretending to be Ray?”

“Like I said before, I can only give you my views, it’s up to you if you decide to believe them. I know it sounds incredible but I’m giving you my views based on the facts. Think about it for a moment. Is it any more believable to think that Ray has come back twenty two years since going missing, but hasn’t changed in any way whatsoever?”

All this time Eddie had his eyes closed and his head bowed in prayer. He stopped and looked up at his granddaughter.

“I hate to say this love but I think Mister Conroy is right. I’ve felt this way for two days now, I don’t think that man in my house is my Ray. He may look and sound like him but day by day he’s changed. And today when that Trevor Wilson arrived he became a different person. I just don’t think he’s Ray anymore.”

There was a real sadness in his voice, for years he’d prayed that Ray would be found, years he’d been sure that he would return and fulfil his prophecy, but not like this, this wasn’t how it should have happened.

Spencer spoke for the first time.

“If it helps any, I did some background checks on Trevor Wilson. He’s an alcoholic, down and out, been living homeless for ten years, has a criminal record for violence but hasn’t been seen for the past three years.”

Stacey shook her head in disbelief.

“So, Trevor Wilson, this down and out, is also a Demon and he and Ray are planning some kind of evil deed?”

James Conroy took hold of Stacey’s hand.

“Look Stacey, I’ve been studying Religion and the Occult for nearly 30 years now. There are things that I’ve read and witnessed that have amazed and surprised me. Fifteen years ago I witnessed a Catholic Priest perform an Exorcism on a young seventeen year old boy. Up until then I’d read books on demons but never really believed that they existed. But after that exorcism, I did believe and still do. I won’t go into detail but what I saw that night made me realise that there are many things that exist on this earth that we have no knowledge of but they really DO exist. I’m sorry to have to say this but I believe that when your Dad went out for that run in 1982, he died. His body was taken over by Balan, a commander of Demons. He’s bided his time until now and has come back in Rays form just as he was on the day he died. He’s fooled everyone into thinking that he really is Ray Samuels, even his closest family, you and Eddie, but as time passes the demon will become more powerful and will eventually reveal its true self. I think it’s the same for this Trevor Wilson, he probably died some time ago but his body has been taken over by Jezebeth, who is Balans assistant. He is useless without his master, so he’s been wandering this earth waiting for his master to return. Now they both have to wait for Pyro. Once he is here then they can begin their new season.”

Spencer interrupted.

“So where is Pyro then?”

“I don’t know Inspector, but he will appear soon, that’s for sure, they can’t go ahead without him, and if they’re plans begin at two o’clock tomorrow then he must come quickly.”

Spencer leaned forward.

“So if your theory is correct, how do we stop them?”

“At the moment, I’m not sure. I have some thoughts but I’ll keep them to myself for the time being. I need to do some more research first.”


On the other side of London in a large office at the headquarters of the National Criminal Intelligence Service two men were talking.

“Congratulations Colin on your promotion. Commander Swan was an asset to this organisation and I’m sure you’ll continue his good work.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m looking forward to working on the Ray Samuels case. I’d like to start straightaway, get myself over to Romford and see Spencer then go over to meet Ray Samuels. I’ll sort out this mess sir and get to the bottom of what’s happening.”

“Good man.”

The head of NCIS shook Colin Garner’s hand and wished him luck. He’d made a good choice in replacing Swan. Garner was a trusted and loyal member of the force. Even when he’d had that heart attack last year and was officially dead for twelve minutes, he’d made a miraculous recovery and was back at work within weeks. He was the first one to put himself forward after Swans death had been announced. He had only one problem, his hygiene. He always seemed to smell of damp!


A few miles away Ray Samuels was in the kitchen with Trevor Wilson, he suddenly stopped talking, stood up and began to sniff the air. He spoke in a low voice, almost a growl, but with a smile on his face.

“He’s heard us, he’s on his way.”

Trevor Wilson also smiled, but not for long. Ray started walking around the kitchen speaking loudly in an unknown voice. He stopped suddenly and let out a low moan.

“Idiots, what do they think they can do?”

“Master, what is it?”

“They know, they all know!”